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Area code 52 Common abbreviation MEX Last updated 24-1-2016
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
Federal highway (carretera federal) MEXICO[0-9]<1-3>{D} national Suffix D is for toll roads grid
State highway (carretera estatal) [A-Z]<2-4>{[DEY1-9]<1-2>-}[0-9]<1-3> state
Urban road (Eje Vial / Metropolitano) {Eje}[0-9]<1-4> city
Local roads E-[0-9]<1-4> state
General description:
Federal highways: Odd numbers generally denote north-south routes, while even numbers denote east-west routes. Numbers increase in eastbound and southbound direction respectively. Toll motorways have the suffix D. They are usually parallel to the old road with the same number, e.g. MEX180D is parallel to MEX180. Exit numbers are sequential (only on some roads).
Signs show the word MEXICO, but on maps and in texts it is customary to abbreviate this to MEX.
Since the shape of Mexico is not much like a rectangle, the grid is not very straight MEX1 is the main north-south route on the Baja California peninsula. MEX15 Nogales-Mexico is an east-west route roughly between Guadalajara and Mexico. Other main north-south routes are MEX45 Ciudad Juaréz-Mexico, MEX57 Piedras Negras-Mexico and MEX95 Mexico-Acapulco. MEX180 is the main coast road along the Gulf of Mexico, between Matamoros and Cancún. MEX200 runs along the Pacific coast between Tepic and Guatemala.
State highways: State codes are as follows:
AGS Aguascalientes
BC Baja California
BCS Baja California Sur
CAMP Campeche
CHIS Chiapas
CHIH Chihuahua
COAH Coahuila
COL Colima
DF Distrito Federal
DGO Durango
GTO Guanajuato
GRO Guerrero
HGO Hidalgo
JAL Jalisco
MEX México On federal highways the word MEXICO appears in full (without accent on the E) while México state highways have a different shield and the abbreviation MEX.
MICH Michoacán
MOR Morelos
NAY Nayarit
NL Nuevo León
OAX Oaxaca
PUE Puebla
QRO Querétaro
Q.ROO Quintana Roo
SLP San Luis Potosí
SIN Sinaloa
SON Sonora
TAB Tabasco
TAM Tamaulipas Sometimes indicated as TAMPS on maps
TLAX Tlaxcala
VER Veracruz
YUC Yucatán
ZAC Zacatecas
In Monterrey, a new system of local roads was introduced, see long-tree.com.mx. There are also rural numbered local roads.
Road signs: green with white text, road number shields: white with black text
Federal highways
State highways
History: There was possibly a spider-web system with 1- and 2-digit numbers but the current system was already in place in 1956.
Sources and links: Various maps and atlases

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