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Area code 371 Common abbreviation LV Last updated 10-9-2008
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
European road E[0-9]<2-3> Europe See Europe Only E67
Main road (autocela) A[0-9]<1-2> national spider-web Highest number A15
First class road P[0-9]<1-3> national sequential with clustering Highest number P131
Second class road V[0-9]<1-4> national
General description: A1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 radiate in clockwise order from Riga. The A3 branches off the A2 37 km outside Riga and is between A1 and A2 (which violates the clockwise order). The A4 is the eastern Riga bypass linking A2 and A6, and the A5 is the southern bypass linking A6 and A10. Other A roads are further away from Riga: the A11 is the coast road from Liepaja to the Lituanian border, the A12 branches off the A6 at Jekabpils to Rezekne and continues to the Russian border where it meets the M9. The A13 links Rezeknene and Daugavpils and continues to the Lithuanian border. The A14 is the Daugavpils western bypass and the A15 is the Rezekne western bypass.
There is no clear zone system for P numbers, but numbers appear in clusters. Numbering starts with P1 near Riga, numbers increase to the east and then further south, then west. The highest number used to be P131, Tukums-Kolka (along the coast). Recently the R132 and R133 have been added.
Second class road numbers rarely appear on maps.
Road signs: Old Soviet signs are blue with white text (no other information available).
History: Latvia is one of the few countries in the world that have had four different road numbering systems (like Estonia). After Soviet occupation, the system was changed and after independence, a new national system was introduced. The Soviet system was also changed once. The former main road to Moscow is not an A road in the new system: between Riga and Varaklani it has several P numbers. The main route to Moscow is now via the A6 to Jekabpils and further via the A12.
The years in the table below are estimated:
System > Old national Old Soviet New Soviet New national
Route 1930-1940 1940-1980 1980-1995 1995-present
Riga-Jelgava 1 21 A216 A8
Riga-Cesis 1 unknown A212 A2
Cesis-Estonia (-Pskov) 6 unknown A212 A2
Riga-Daugavpils 4 24 A215 A6
Riga-Madona-Varaklani 5 11 M9 P4/P81/P37/P84
Riga-Ainazi (-Tallinn) 7 21 M12 A1
Riga-Ventspils 8 unknown A220 A10
Riga-Bauska 10 unknown M12 A7
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