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Area code 34 Common abbreviation E Last updated 1-5-2015
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
European road E-[0-9]<2-3> Europe See Europe
Motorway (Autopista) AP-[0-9]<1-2> national 1-d Bounded by radial N roads Parallel or integrated Exit numbers: sequential/by kilometers
Expressway (Autovía) A-[0-9]<1-2> national 1-d
Radial motorway R[1-5] national along national roads all under construction
National road (Carretera Nacional) N-`Roman`{a};N-[0-9]<3>{a} national Radial spider-web Exit numbers by kilometers on motorway-like roads
Regional road (Carretera Comarcal) C-[0-9]<3-4>{a} national
Community road see region table Community see region table
Provincial road (Carretera Provincial) Province 1/2-d
Local road Only in certain provinces
General description:
Motorways and expressways:
AP1-AP6/A1-A6 radiate in clockwise order from Madrid, and are derived from the corresponding national roads NI-NVI, AP7-AP9/A7-A9 are main coastal highways.
Autopistas and autovias generally form an integrated network, with motorway sections (AP) alternating with expressway sections (A). There are some exceptions: the A2 runs parallel to the AP2 between Fraga and Barcelona. It is in fact the upgraded NII. Similarly the A4 near Jerez de la Frontera is an upgraded section of the NIV running parallel to the AP4. Numbers AP/A70-92 are not according to a zone system and are assigned more or less sequentially.
For a route list, see AP/A roads.
New toll motorways with R numbers have been built around Madrid. These are parallel to the radial national roads with the same number (e.g. R-3 runs along N-III).
National roads:
`Roman` are roman numerals I-VI. These roads radiate in clockwise order from the Plaza Puerta del Sol in Madrid.
The radial highways divide Spain into six zones, each of which bears the number of the road bounding it upon the left, facing outwards from the centre. Each road commencing in any particular zone is given a number beginning with that zone numeral, and retains this number throughout its entire length irrespective of the zone in which it terminates. Dual carriageway N-roads with motorway characteristics sometimes have exit numbers determined by kilometers.
Regional roads:
Zones correspond to those defined by 'N' numbers. Zones for islands are as follows (see also the region table):
Baleares: Mallorca C71[0-9] Canarias: Gran Canaria C81[0-9]
Menorca C72[0-9] Tenerife C82[0-9] All changed to TF numbers
Ibiza C73[0-9] La Palma C83[0-9]
Provincial roads:
1- and 2-digit numbers are usually motorways, but in some provinces, for example Asturias and Castelló de la Plana, two-digit numbers are used for minor roads also.
In most provinces, a system similar to that of the national zones is adopted. The numbers consist of a provincial abbreviation and up to 4 digits. However, these systems are constructed in such a way that usually the numerical part of the number does not change when one crosses a provincial boundary. For example, the P 912 in Palencia is joined to the VA 912 in Valladolid, here 'P' stands for Palencia while 'VA' means Valladolid. Unfortunately, there are many exceptions, and a provincial highway may be joined to a carretera comarcal or even a carretera nacional in a bounding province. Also note that community roads are not necessarily more important than provincial roads. There are only a few provinces that have both.
Currently many provinces are replacing all of their provincial numbers by community numbers.
There are also (less important) provincial roads with other identifiers, often obtained by adding a letter, typically P or V, to the standard abbreviation. Examples are HV for Huelva (H > HV) and CP for Cordoba (CO > CP).
Note that the prefix 'A' may have the following meanings: Autovía (Expressway), Community of Andalucia, Community of Aragón, Province of Álava, Province of Alicante, Minor road in Murcia (zone 4). Since motorway numbers are always below 70, their numbers cannot be confused with local road numbers, which always have three or four digits, except the Andalucian A92 and Murcia minor roads. Similarly, Catalonian route numbers have two digits, while the Carreteras Comarcales always have three or four digits. AV can be a provincial road in Ávila, or a lower class provincial road in Álava. There are other examples of prefixes with more than one meaning. There are road numbers that occur several times, e.g. A129. However, there are no provinces in a community with the same code.
Road signs: Between the class identifier (E, A etc.) and the numeral, one always writes a dash ('-'), even in European route numbers, which is not customary in most other countries. In the region table, these dashes are omitted.
Road/destination type Background Text Road numbers
Class Type Background Text
Motorway Blue White A/provincial Rectangle Blue White
Other road White/Yellow Black N Rectangle Red White
C Rectangle Green White
Other Rectangle Yellow White
Local destinations Green White
Picture from 1992
The N and C numbers were introduced in 1941. In the 1980's, provincial road numbers were introduced. The system became more and more complicated as other local road numbers were added. Recently, it has become more systematic as the trend seems to be to use community road numbers for main roads.
In 2001, many main roads in Catalonia have been given 2-d C numbers (community roads). See the Generalitat de Catalunya website. The E9 in Barcelona now has the number C16 (it did not have a Spanish number before).
Initially, all A roads were motorways. From around 1990, A numbers were also assigned to dual carriageways with motorway characteristics built to a lower standard (so-called Autovías). Their number increased steadily and by 2000, the majority of A roads were autovias rather than autopistas.
In 2003, a new class AP reserved exclusively for motorways was introduced. In some cases, an old N road was upgraded to an A road (e.g. A2 became AP2 and NII became A2 between Fraga and Barcelona).
Various regions and provinces have recently changed their system, e.g. Albacete in April 2014.
In Andalusia, road numbers have been changed several times. Overview:
Section Old number (1990) 1997 (Michelin) 2002 (Mapa Oficial de Carreteras) 2004 (Michelin) 2007 (Michelin)
Bailén - Sevilla NIV NIV NIV NIV A4
Jerez de la Frontera - San Fernando NIV NIV NIV A4
San Fernando - Cádiz NIV NIV NIV CA33
Sevilla - Jerez de la Frontera A4 A4 A4 A4 AP4
National roads
Ubeda - Jaén N321 A316 A316 A316 A316
Torredonjimeno - Alcaudete A316 A316 A316 A316
Alcaudete - Loja N321 A333 A333 A333
Loja - Villanueva de Cauche A359 A359 A359 A92M
Córdoba - Malaga N331 N331 N331 N331 A45
Bailén - Motril N323 N323 N323 N323 A44
El Carpio - Torredonjimeno N324 A422 A306 A306 A306
Jaén - Huelma N324 A324 A324 A324
Huelma - Moreda A401 A301 A301 A401
Moreda - Darro A401 A340 A340 A308
Guadix - Almería N324 A92 A92 A92
Almería - Níjar N332 N344 N340 N340 A7
Écija - Arahal N333 A443 A364 A364 A364
Arahal - Utrera A443 A364 A364 A394
Sevilla - Antequera N334 A92 A92 A92 A92
San Fernando - Tarifa N340 N340 N340 N340 A48
Algeciras - Fuengirola N340 N340 N340 A7
Málaga - Motril N340 N340a N340a N340
Motril - Almería N340 N340 N340 A7
Almería - Tabernas N340 A92 A92 A92
Tabernas - Sorbas A370 A370 N340A N340
Jerez de la Frontera - Villamartín N342 A382 A382 A382 A382
Villamartín - Algodonales A382 A382 A382 A384
Algodonales - Olvera N342 A382 A382 A384
Olvera - Antequera A382 A382 A382 A384
Antequera - Guadix A92 A92 A92 A92
spur Santa Fé - Granada N342 A329 A329 A92G
Guadix - Puerto Lumbreras A92 A92N A92N A92N
Sevilla - Sanlúcar la Mayor N431 N431 A422 A422 A8076
Sanlúcar la Mayor - San Juan del Puerto N431 A472 A472 A472
San Juan del Puerto - Huelva N431 A472 A472 A5000
Former Carreteras Comarcales
Baena - Cabra C327 A316 A316 A316 A318
Cabra - Lucena A340 A340 A340 A318
Montoro - Espejo C329 A423 C329 A309 A309
Espejo - Aguilar de la Frontera A423 C329 A309 A307
Aguilar de la Frontera - Puente Genil A423 C329 A309 A304
Lucena - Iznájar C334 C334 A331 A331 A331
Monturque - Cabra C336 C336 A342 A342 A342
Cabra - Alcalá la Real A340 A340 A340 A339
Iznalloz - Bogarre A340 A340 A340 A308
Puente Genil - Lucena C338 A340 A340 A340 A318
Algodonales - Ronda C339 A473 A376 A376 A374
Ronda - Marbella A473 A376 A376 A397
Granada - Alhama C340 C340 A338 A338 A338
Alhama - Viñuela C340 A335 A335 A402
Viñuela - Colmenar C340 A356 A356 A356
Colmenar - Villanueva de Cauche C340 C340 C340 A7204
Ecija - Osuna C430 A441 A351 A351 A351
Córdoba - Lora del Río C431 C431 A431 A431 A431
Lora del Río - Villaverde del Río C431 A431 A431 A436
Villaverde del Río - Sevilla C431 A431 A431 A8006
Fuente del Arco (BA) - Guadalcanal C432 C432 A432 A432 A433
Guadalcanal - Cazalla de la Sierra C432 SE432 C432 A8200
Cazalla de la Sierra - Constantina C432 A455 A455 A455
Constantina - Lora del Río C432 A455 A455 A455
Lora del Río - Carmona C432 A457 A457 A457
Carmona - Alcalá de Guadaíra C432 A392 A392 A398
Alcalá de Guadaíra - Granja Asumesa C432 C432 C432 C432
Granja Asumesa - Utrera A473 A376 A376 A376
Utrera - Algodonales A473 A376 A376 A375
Jerez de la Frontera - Algeciras C440 A381 A381 A381 A381
Estepa - Puente Genil C3310 A340 A340 A340 A318
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Region table

Index of communities:
  1. Andalucia
    1. Almería
    2. Cádiz
    3. Córdoba
    4. Granada
    5. Huelva
    6. Jaén
    7. Malaga
    8. Sevilla
  2. Aragon
    1. Huesca
    2. Teruel
    3. Zaragoza
  3. Asturias
  4. Cantabria
  5. Castilla - La Mancha
    1. Albacete
    2. Ciudad Real
    3. Cuenca
    4. Guadalajara
    5. Toledo
  6. Castilla y León
    1. Ávila
    2. Burgos
    3. León
    4. Palencia
    5. Salamanca
    6. Segovia
    7. Soria
    8. Valladolid
    9. Zamora
  7. Cataluña
    1. Barcelona
    2. Girona (Gerona)
    3. Lleida (Lerida)
    4. Tarragona
  8. Comunidad Valenciana
    1. Castelló
    2. Valencia
    3. Alicante
  9. Extremadura
    1. Badajoz
    2. Cáceres
  10. Galicia
    1. A Coruña (La Coruña)
    2. Lugo
    3. Orense (Ourense)
    4. Pontevedra
  11. Islas Baleares
    1. Palma de Mallorca
      1. Mallorca
      2. Menorca
      3. Ibiza
  12. Islas Canarias
    1. Gran Canaria
      1. Fuerteventura
      2. Lanzarote
    2. Tenerife
      1. La Gomera
      2. La Palma
      3. El Hierro
  13. La Rioja
  14. Madrid
  15. Murcia
  16. Navarra
  17. Pais Vasco
    1. Alava
    2. Guipúzcoa
    3. Vizcaya (Bilbao)
Index of provinces and islands:
  1. A Coruña (La Coruña)
  2. Alava
  3. Albacete
  4. Alicante
  5. Almería
  6. Asturias
  7. Ávila
  8. Badajoz
  9. Barcelona
  10. Bilbao = Vizcaya
  11. Burgos
  12. Cáceres
  13. Cádiz
  14. Cantabria
  15. Castelló
  16. Ciudad Real
  17. Córdoba
  18. Coruña (La)
  19. Cuenca
  20. El Hierro
  21. Fuerteventura
  22. Girona (Gerona)
  23. Gomera (La)
  24. Gran Canaria
  25. Granada
  26. Guadalajara
  27. Guipúzcoa
  28. Hierro (El)
  29. Huelva
  30. Huesca
  31. Ibiza
  32. Jaén
  33. La Coruña
  34. La Gomera
  35. La Palma
  36. La Rioja
  37. Lanzarote
  38. León
  39. Lleida (Lerida)
  40. Lugo
  41. Madrid
  42. Málaga
  43. Mallorca
  44. Menorca
  45. Murcia
  46. Navarra
  47. Orense (Ourense)
  48. Palencia
  49. Palma de Mallorca
  50. Palma (La)
  51. Pontevedra
  52. Rioja (La)
  53. Salamanca
  54. Segovia
  55. Sevilla
  56. Soria
  57. Tarragona
  58. Tenerife
  59. Teruel
  60. Toledo
  61. Valencia
  62. Valladolid
  63. Vizcaya
  64. Zamora
  65. Zaragoza
Community/ Comunidad Community roads Province Expressways (Main) provincial roads Other roads Remarks
syntax system/remarks
Andalucia A92{N}; A[0-9]<3-4>

Zones corresponding to zones for N and C roads.
In addition, there are numbers
A20[0-9]<2> in Cádiz,
A7[0-9]<3> in Malaga
and A80[0-9]<2> in Sevilla.
The A92N branches off the A92 from Guadix to Murcia

Almería AL[0-9]<2> AL[0-9]<3-4> Zones: ALP[0-9]<3>
1 South of A370 (former N340) and N340
4 West of N324
6 Only AL610 and AL620 in the northeast
7 North of A92N
8 Between N324, A370, N340 and A92N
Cádiz CA[0-9]<2> CA[0-9]<3-4> Zones: CAP[0-9]<3-4>;CA[39][0-9]<3> All C roads have been changed into A roads
2 East of NIV and south of A381
4 East of NIV, north of A382 and A376
5 Between A381, A382 and A376
6 West of NIV
Córdoba CO[0-9]<3-4> Zones: CP[0-9]<2-3>


(No zones)

Most CO numbers have recently been replaced by CP numbers
1 North of NIV, west of N432
2 South of NIV, east of N331
4/9 North of NIV, east of N432
5 North and east of Montoro
7 South of NIV, west of N331
Granada A92G GR[0-9]<3>; [NS][EO][0-9]<1-2> Zone Numbers
West of N323, south of A92 GR1[0-9]<2>;SO[0-9]<1-2> SO=sudoeste
West of N323, north of A92 GR2[0-9]<2>;NO[0-9]<1-2> NO=noroeste
East of N323, south of A92 GR4[0-9]<2>;SE[0-9]<1-2> SE=sudeste
East of N323, north of A92-A92N GR7[0-9]<2>;NE[0-9]<1-2> NE=nordeste
Between A92 and A92N GR8[0-9]<2>;SE[0-9]<1-2> SE=sudeste
Huelva H[0-9]<3-4>
Zone Numbers
Between N431, N433 and N435 H1[0-9]<2-3>;HV1[2-4][0-9]<2>;HV[79]0[0-9]<2>
North of N433 and west of N435 H2[0-9]<2>;HV21[0-9]<2>
North of N433 and east of N435 HV3[18][0-9]<2>
South of N431, west of Huelva H4[0-9]<2>;HV41[0-9]<2>
Between A472 (former N431), N435 and N433 H5{1}[0-9]<2>;HV5[01][0-9]<2>
South of A472, east of Huelva H6{2}[0-9]<2>;H[FV]62[0-9]<2>;H90[0-9]<2>
Jaén J[0-9]<3-4>
Zone Numbers
South of NIV and west of N323 J2[0-9]<2-3>;JV2[1-3][0-9]<2>;JA2322
East of N323, south of N322 and A315 J3[02][0-9]<2>;JV3[12][0-9]<2>;JH31[0-9]<2>;CJ322
North of NIV J5{0}[0-9]<2>;JV50x[0-9]<2>
East of NIV, north of N322 J6{[013]}[0-9]<2>;JV60[0-9]<2>
South of N322, east of A315 JV7[01][0-9]<2>;J[FH]70[0-9]<2>
Málaga MA[0-9]<3> Zones: All remaining C roads have recently been changed into A roads.
1 South of A92, east of N331
2 North of A92, east of N331
4 South of A92, west of N331, east of A376
5 Southwest of A376
7 North of A92, west of N331
Sevilla SE[0-9]<2> SE[0-9]<3>; SE90[0-9]<2> Zones:
1 North of NIV, east of N630 Isolated number SE9028
2 South of NIV (to Madrid), north of A92
3 West of N630, north of N433
4 East of NIV (to Cadiz), south of A92
5 West of N630, south of N433, north of A472 (former N431)
6 West of NIV, south of A472 Also numbers SE90[0-9]<2>
Aragon Carreteras autonomicas


A[12][0-9]<2> Regional

A1[0-9]<3> Comarcal

A2[0-9]<3> Local

Huesca HU[0-9]<3> Almost all numbers have been changed into A numbers. The only known HU numbers left are HU520, HU521 and HU941
Teruel TE[1389][0-9]<2-3>; TEV[0-9]<4> Zones: VF-TE[0-9]<2> Almost all TE numbers have been changed into A numbers.
1 North of N234, N420
3 South of N234, N420
8 North of N234, south of N420
9 West of N234, N330
Zaragoza Z[0-9]<2> Many Z numbers have been changed into A numbers. Classes:
Confederación Hidrografica del Ebro CHE[01][0-9]<3>
Asturias AS1 AS[1-3][0-9]<1-2> In the west, all 3-digit numbers begin with 2. In the east, various numbers occur.
Cantabria CA[0-9]<3> Santander S[0-9]<2> S[0-9]<3> (obsolete) Zones: All S numbers except for expressways have been changed into CA numbers, not keeping the numerical part of the number.
2 South of N634, west of N611
4 North of N634
5 South of N634, east of N623
6 South of N634, between N611 and N623
Castilla - La Mancha CM[0-9]<3-4>

Zones for CM roads are the same as for N and C roads. They do not apply to numbers over 9000.




Isolated number: CM610

Albacete AB[0-9]<3-4> Most AB numbers were replaced by CM numbers, but in 2014 lower class AB numbers were introduced. [ABCLR][0-9]<1-2>
CV-A[0-9]<2-3>, new: ABR0[1-9]
All C roads except the C424 have been changed into CM roads.
Ciudad Real CM[0-9]<2> CR[0-9]{-P-}<3-4>




Many 3-d CR numbers have been replaced by CM numbers. Zones for CR numbers:
1 East of NIV, north of N430
2 Between NIV, N401 and N430
4 West of N420, south of N430
5 Between NIV, N420 and N430
6 East of NIV, south of N430
7 West of N401, north of N430
Cuenca CU[0-9]<3-4> All CU numbers have been replaced by CM numbers. CUV[0-9]<4>
Guadalajara GU[0-9]<3-4> Zones: Many GU numbers have been replaced by CM numbers.
1 Nortwest of NII
4 East of NII, north of N211
9 Southeast of NII, south of N211 Isolated number CM404
Toledo TO[0-9]<3-4>{-V} Most TO numbers have been replaced by CM numbers.
Castilla y León CL[0-9]<3>

Zones for CL roads are the same as for N and C roads.

Ávila AV[0-9]<3> Zones evolve around Ávila:
1 North of N110, south of N501
3 North of N110, east of N403
5 South of N110, east of N403
8 North of N501, west of N403
9 South of N110, west of N403
Burgos BU[0-9]<3-4> Zones evolve around Burgos: Local numbers: BU[PV][0-9]<4>;L131
1 Southwest, between NI and N620
4 West, between N120 and N620
5 Northeast, between NI and N623
6 Northwest, between N120 and N623
7 East, between NI and N120
8 Southeast, between N120 and N234
9 Southeast, between NI and N234
León LE[0-9]<3> Zones: Isolated numbers: P1, P2
1 South of NVI, east of N120
2 East: south of N621, north of CL231
3 East of N630, north of N621
4 North of NVI, west of N630, east of C631
5 East of N630, south of CL231, west of N120/N601
6 South of NVI, north of N120
7 North of NVI, west of C631
9 Bounded by CL231, N120 and N601 (east)
Palencia P[0-9]<3> Zones: Local numbers: PV[0-9]<4>
1 South of N620
2 North of N120, west of N611
4 East of N611, south of N120, north of N620
6 East of N611, north of N120
9 South of N120, west of N611 and N620
Salamanca SA[0-9]<3> Zones evolve around Salamanca:
1 South of N501, east of N630
2 South of N620, west of N630
3 West of N630, north of N620
6 East of N630, north of N620
8 East: between N501 and N620
Segovia SG[0-9]<3> Zones: Local numbers: SG-[PV]-[0-9]<4>
1 East of NI
2 West of NI, north of N110, east of CL601
3 West of CL601, north of N110
6 South of N110, west of NI, east of N603
7 South of N110, west of N603
Soria SO[0-9]<3> Zones: Local numbers: SO-P-[0-9]<4>
1 West of N111, south of N122
3 East of N111, south of N122, north of NII
4 South of NII
6 East of N111, north of N122
8 West of N111, north of N234
9 West: between N122 and N234
Valladolid VA[0-9]<3> Zone Numbers Local numbers: VP[0-9]<4>
South of N620, north of N122 VA1[0-9]<2>;VP3[0-9]<3>
South of N122, north of CL601 VA2[0-9]<2>;VP2[0-9]<3>
South of CL601, east of N601 VA3[0-9]<2>;VP1[0-9]<3>
West of N601, south of N620 (N122), east of NVI VA4[0-9]<2>;VP9[0-9]<3>
East of NVI, north of N620 (N122), west of N601 VA5[0-9]<2>;VP5[0-9]<3>
North of N620, south of N122 VA6[0-9]<2>;VP7[0-9]<3>
South of NVI, north of N122 VA7[0-9]<2>;VP6[0-9]<3>
West of NVI, east of N620 VA8[0-9]<2>;VP8[0-9]<3>
North of N601, west of N620 VA9[0-9]<2>;VP4[0-9]<3>
Zamora ZA[0-9]<3> Zones: Local numbers: ZAP[0-9]<4>
1 West of N630, south of NVI, north of N631
3 West of N630, south of N122
5 North of NVI
6 East of N630, south of N122
7 East of N630, north of N122, south of NVI
9 North of N122, west of N630, south of N631
Cataluña C[0-9]<2>{[B-E]}


C1[0-9] Main north-south

C2[0-9] Main west-east

C3[0-9] Main southwest- northeast

C[4-6][0-9] Main southeast- northwest

C[1-3][0-9][B-E] branches and connections

Barcelona B[0-9]<2> B[0-9]<3-4>{[A-Za-z]}; B[PV][0-9]<4> Zones:
1 North of NII, west of N152 and south of N141
2 South of NII
3 North of N141, west of C1410
4 North of N141, east of C1410, west of N152
5 East of N152, west of NII
6 East of NII
Girona (Gerona) GI[0-9]<3> Zones:
4 West of N152
5 Between NII and N152
6 East of NII
Lleida (Lerida) LL[0-9]<2> L[0-9]<3>; LV[0-9]<4> Zones:
2 East: between NII and N240
3 Northeast: between NII and C1313
5 North of N260/C1412, northwest of C1313
7 South of NII and N240
8 West: between NII and N240
9 North of N240, west of C1313 and C1412, south of N260
Tarragona T[0-9]<2> T[0-9]<3>; T[PV][0-9]<4> Zones:
2 East of N240
3 South of N420 Local road numbers near Salou: AP[0-9]
7 West of N240, north of N420
Comunidad Valenciana CV[0-9]<2-4>


2-d numbers generally increase in southbound direction.

Zones for 3- and 4-digit numbers (numbers do cross provincial borders):
Area Numbers
Castelló North of CV20 CV1{[79]}[0-9]<2> All CS numbers and many C numbers have been replaced by CV numbers.
South of CV20 CV2[0-9]<2>
Valencia V[0-9]<2> North of A3 CV3{9}[0-9]<2> Most V numbers have recently been replaced by CV numbers. 2-digit numbers V15 and V30 are motorways.
South of A3, west of N430 CV4{[46]}[0-9]<2>; CV5[0-9]<2>
East of N430, south of CV50 CV6[0-9]<2>
Alicante Provincial: A213 CV[7-9][0-9]<2> Most A numbers have been replaced by CV numbers.
Extremadura EX[1-3][0-9]<2> (no zones)


first digit 1

first digit 2

first digit 3

Badajoz EXA2 BA[0-9]<2-3>; BAV[0-9]<4> Zones (BA numbers only): Most provincial numbers have recently been replaced by EX numbers.
1 South of N432, east of N630
2 South of NV, west of N432, west of N435
3 South of N432, east of N435, west of N630
5 North of NV, west of N630
6 South of NV/N430, east of N630, north of N432
7 East of NV, north of N430
8 North of NV, east of N630
9 Between NV, N432 and N630
Cáceres EXA1 CC[0-9]<2-3> Zones:
2 North of N521, west of N630
5 South of N521, west of N630
7 East of NV
8 East of N630, south of N521, west of NV
9 East of N630, north of N521, west of NV
Galicia [CV]G[0-9]<1-2>{.[0-9]} A Coruña (La Coruña) AG[0-9]<2> AC[0-9]<3> Zones: LC changed to AC in 1999 (replacement of Spanish by local language)

Local numbers CRG11, VRG11

1 North of NVI
2 South of NVI, east of N550
4 South of NVI, west of N550
Lugo CG[0-9]<2> LG[0-9]<3> Zones: Local number CRG22
1 North of NVI, west of N640
2 South of NVI, west of N540
6 South of NVI, east of N540
7 North of NVI, east of N640
Orense (Ourense) OU[0-9]<3> Zones: OR changed to OU (replacement of Spanish by local language)
1 South of C536, east of N525
2 North of N120, west of N540
3 West of N525, east of N540
4 West of N540, south of N120
6 North of C536, east of N540
Pontevedra AG[0-9]<2> PO[0-9]<3-4>
Zones: NE7


2 North of N120, east of N550
3 West of N550
4 South of N120, east of N550
Islas Baleares PM8[0-9]<2>
Only left on Ibiza and Formentera
Palma de Mallorca Island Zones for 4-digit numbers There are no European, A (motorway) or N numbers.
Mallorca Old road oparallel to motorway MaX has number MaXA Ma[0-9]<1-2;4>


1 West of Ma11
2 Between Ma11 and Ma13
3 Between Ma13 and Ma15
4 East of Ma14, south of Ma15
5 Between Ma14, Ma15 and Ma19
6 South of Ma17
Menorca Me[0-9]<1-2> Classes: green and yellow
R[MC][1-9] Classes: green and yellow
Ibiza (including Formentera) C73[13];PM8[012][0-9] Local number E20
Islas Canarias No community roads, European, A (motorway) or N numbers Gran Canaria Island Expressways C roads Provincial Local
Gran Canaria GC[0-9]<1-2> C81[0-9] GC[0-9]<2-3> CI[0-9]<2>-[0-9]<1-2>
Fuerteventura None None None FV[0-9]<1-3>
Zones 1-6 increase from northeast to southwest.
Lanzarote None None, all replaced by LZ LZ[0-9]<1-3>
Classes: Interes Regional, 1-d
2nd class, 2-d
3rd class, 3-d
Zones for 3-d numbers: 1 around Arrecife, 2-7 increase from northeast to southwest.
Tenerife Tenerife TF[125] Formerly C82[0-9] changed to TF TF[1-6][0-9]<1-2>
La Gomera None None TF71[0-9]
La Palma None C83[02] TF81[0-9]
El Hierro None None TF91[0-9]
La Rioja LR[1-4][0-9]<2> Logroño LO[0-9]<2> None
Madrid M[0-9]<2-4> M[0-9]<2> All C roads have been changed into M roads. Classes:
M[0-9]<3> Principal highways Zones same as for N and former C roads.
Classes can not be distinguished but per zone, lower numbers tend to be for higher class roads.
Secondary highways
Local roads
M8[1-6][0-9] Branch/link roads The second digit corresponds to the zone number
M9[0-9]<2> Access roads The second digit corresponds to the zone number but in zone 6, it can be 6, 7, 8 or 9.
Murcia MU[0-9]<3> MU[0-9]<2>


Zone Numbers (community, MU and local, RM-[A-F])
East of N301, south of N340 MU3[0-9]<2>; F[0-9]<1-2>
East of N301, north of N340 MU4[0-9]<2>; A[0-9]<1-2>
West of N301, north of C415 and C330 MU5[0-9]<2>; B[0-9]<1-2>
North of N340, south of C415 and C330 MU5[0-9]<2>; C[0-9]<1-2>
South of N340, west of MU603 MU6[0-9]<2>; D[0-9]<1-2>
Between N301, N340 and MU603 MU6[0-9]<2>; E[0-9]<1-2>
Navarra NA[0-9]<3-4>


Pamplona PA[0-9]<2> Zones: Numbers beginning with 1 appear everywhere in the community.
2 North of N240, east of N121A
3 South of N232, east of N121C
4 North of A15, west of N121A
5 East of N121, between N232 and N240
6 South of N111, west of N121/N121C
7 North of N111, west of A15
Pais Vasco No community roads. Provincial numbers continue at the borders (e.g. BI2632 meets GI2632) Álava National roads are locally designated as 'carreteras de interés preferente'. Classes for provincial roads:
Carretera de red basica Basic road A[16][0-9]<2>
Carretera comarcal Regional road A2[16][0-9]<2>
Carretera local Local road A3[0-369][0-9]<2>
Carretera vecinal Municipal road A4[0134][0-9]<2>
Guipúzcoa GI[16][0-9]<2>; GI[23][0-9]<3> Classes: 3-d, 4-d 4-digit numbers west of the NI begin with 26, 32, 33, 35 or 37. East of the NI they begin with 21, 34 or 36. Formerly SS (San Sebastián)
Vizcaya (Bilbao) BI[0-9]<3> (not exclusive) National roads are locally designated as 'carreteras de interés preferente'. Classes for provincial roads:
Carretera de red basica Basic road BI6[23][0-7]
Carretera complementaria/ urbana Complementary/ urban road BI64[1-7];BI7[1-4][1-7]
Carretera comarcal Regional road BI2[1-7][0-5][0-8]
Carretara local Local road 1st class BI3[1-579][0-9]<2>
Local road 2nd class BI4[1-579][0-9]<2>
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