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Area code 505 Common abbreviation NIC Last updated 17-11-2013
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
Central American highway CA[1-6] Central America See Central America
National road NIC-[0-9]<1-2>{[A-D]{[12]}} national 1-d spider-web
Departmental road [A-Z]<2>-[0-9]<1-2> department sequential
General description: Central American highway 1 is national road 1 between Managua and Honduras and national road 2 between Managua and Costa Rica.
Departmental roads have a two-letter department abbreviation. They normally do not appear on signs.
All Central American highways also have a national number. Usually only one of the numbers is indicated on signs, but this can either be the CA number or the national number.
There is an administrative system with 11 character codes explained in Red Vial 2012 from the Division General de Planificacion on page 152:
The first two digits indicate the (national) road number the road is derived from or that the section lies on.
The third character indicates the department.
The fouth character indicates the municipality.
The fifth and sixth characters are a numerical code for the first branch directly linked to the national road (00 for the national road itself)
The seventh and eighth character are a numerical code for the secondary branch.
The last three digits indicate third and fourth order branches.
For example, the section of NIC-15 through the municipality of Dipilto in the department Nueva Segovia has code 15ND0000000.
A section of departmental road 11 in the same municipality has 15ND0602000.
Road signs: Green with white text.
The NIC-2 from Managua to the south appears as CA-2 on signs, though it is in fact the CA-1.
Departmental roads are rarely indicated on signs.
History: No information available
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