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Area code 30 Common abbreviation GR Last updated 31-3-2019
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
European road E[0-9]<2-3> Europe See Europe
Motorway A[0-9]<1-3> national 1-d Grid Sequential exit numbers
2-d determined by first digit
3-d Only known number 642
National road (EO)[0-9]<1-2>{[AB]} national 1-d Grid
Provincial road (EP)[0-9]<1-4>{[AB]} provincial Sequential
General description:
Motorways: The A1 is the main north-south route replacing most of national route 1. The A2 is the so-called Via Egnatia, the main east-west route from Igoumenitsa to the Turkish border. In general, odd numbers denote north-south routes, and even numbers denote east-west routes. 2-digit numbers are derived from 1-digit numbers by adding a digit at the end. Because there are not enough odd numbers beginning with 2, route 20 is a north-south route.
Exit numbers are unique throughout the country. Number ranges are assigned to each motorway, but new exits are numbered sequentially which leads to discontinuities.
A numbers can also be used for single carriageway expressways, even with level crossings. Then the number sometimes (but rarely) appears in a blue shield, with the same shape as the green motorway shields, see example from 2008.
National roads: Odd numbers generally denote north-south routes, and even numbers denote east-west routes, but there are some exceptions. Route 1 is the (old) main road linking Athens (Athina) to Macedonia. The parts of it that are of motorway standard have now been reclassified as A1. 3 and 5 are main north-south routes in the northwest and 7 and 9 are in the southwest. Route 2 is the main east-west road from Florina to Thessaloniki and along the Aegean coast to Turkey, which is now being replaced by the A2. 4, 6 and 8 are other main east-west routes (with numbers increasing to the south).
Odd 2-digit numbers increase to the east, even numbers increase to the south. Thus, for example, 12 is an east-west route in the north and 95 is a north-south route in the east.
EO stands for Ethniki Odos (Εθνική Οδός).
Provincial roads are for administration only and never appear on signs. They are numbered sequentially from 1.
Sometimes a 2-digit province code is added which leads to 4-digit numbers (e.g. 5307 with 53 for Imathia).
The P is written in Greek as π.
Road signs: On main roads, signs are both in the Roman alphabet and in Greek. Green signs are used on motorways and blue signs on other roads, including expressways.
When an E road runs along a national road, the number is in general indicated in blue.
Road numbers are rarely indicated on national roads. Sometimes very many destinations are indicated.
Road type Background Text Road numbers
Greek Roman Shape Background Text
Motorways Green Yellow White Green White
Other roads Blue Rectangle Blue Yellow
History: The national road numbering system was introduced in 1963. Motorway numbers were introduced around 2002.
On 21 December 2015 some motorway numbers were changed:
Section Old number New number Remarks
Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania A25 A24 Not signposted; northern A25 unchanged
Koropi - Athina Airport A62 A64 Swapped
Athina - Gialou A64 A62
Vrilissia (A6) - Stavros (A62) A642 A621 Changed because of A62, odd because north-south
In addition, the A9 was changed to A5 in 2019. However, no signs were adjusted.
Sources and links: various maps and atlases

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