km sections Croatia

Km 16 on the A4 to Hungary

On newer signs the road number is indicated.

On expressways they are blue. Other roads have white signs which always show the road number.

Km 1 on section 2 of the D20

These roads have relatively short sections which appear at the top right.


Coverage: motorways and expressways and some expressway like sections of D roads

Resolution 1 km

Unit 1 km

Accuracy: 80 % are within 25 m and 90 % within 50 m with 95 % confidence.

A1 Zagreb - Bosiljevo


A2 Zagreb - Border Slovenia A4

Increasing from 0 at Zagreb to 60.8 at the border with Slovenia (A4)

A3 Border Slovenia A2 - Border Serbia A3

Increasing from 0 at the border with Slovenia (A2) to 306.4 at the border with Serbia (A3)

A3 krak13 Ivanja Reka - Zagreb

Increasing from 0 at the beginning of the parallel carriageway on the A3 in the Ivanja Reka interchange to 5 in Zagreb

A4 Border Hungary M7 - Zagreb


A5 Osijek - Border Bosnia Hercegovina A1

Increasing from 31 at Osijek to 88 at the border with Bosnia Hercegovina (A1)

The border crossing is not yet open and the motorway stops at km 86.

A continuation to the Hungarian border is also under construction.

A6 Bosiljevo - Orehovica

Increasing from 0 at Bosiljevo to 81 at Orehovica

A7 Border Slovenia G6 - Mali Dol

Increasing from 0 at the border with Slovenia (G6) to 44 at Mali Dol

There are no signs east of km 27 and the values up to 44 are obtained by extrapolation.

A8 Kanfanar - Pazin

Increasing from 0 at Kanfanar to 19 at Pazin

B8 Pazin - Matulji

Increasing from 19 at Pazin to 65 at Matulji

A9 Plovanija - Pula


A10 Border Bosnia Hercegovina A1 - Mali Prolog

Increasing from 0 at the border with Bosnia Hercegovina (A1) to 8 at the Croatian A1 in Mali Prolog

The section from km 3 to 8 was originally planned as A1, which was supposed to continue southeast at km 3, and the A10 would only have been 3 km long. Now the A1 is planned to continue further south.

A11 Zagreb - Sisak

Increasing from 0 at the A3 in Zagreb to 29 near Lekenik.

Planned to continue to Sisak

D1 Brnaze - Split

Increasing from 14 at Brnaze to 21 at Split

D2 Hrašćica - Turčin

Increasing from 22 at Hra\š\ćica to 33 at Tur\čin

D8 Šibenik - Omiš


D8 krak2 Šibenik - Dubrava kod Šibenika

Increasing from 0 at the D8 in Šibenik to 2 at Dubrava kod Šibenika

D10 Sveta Helena - Križevci


D12 Vrbovec - Farkaševac

Increasing from 0 at Vrbovec to 10.2 at Farkaševac

D33 Drniš - Dubrava kod Šibenika

Increasing from 25 at Drni&#353 to 28 at Dubrava kod Šibenika

D66 Pula - Loborika

Increasing from 3 at Pula to 5 at Loborika

D76 Baška Voda - Zagvozd

Increasing from 0 at Baška Voda to 9 at Zagvozd

D102 Kraljevica - Krk

Increasing from 0 at Kraljevica to 4 at Krk

D424 Zadar - Zemunik Gornji

Increasing from 0 at Zadar to 18 at Zemunik Gornji

D425 Karamatići - Ploče

Increasing from 0 at Karamatići to 9 at Ploče

D528 Turčin - A4

Increasing from 0 at Turčin to 3 at A4

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