Description of sections Czechia

Last updated 3-12-2017 (and spelling errors 4-8-2023)


Accuracy: About 90 % within 50 m and 80 % within 25 m.

Coverage: all motorways and expressways and selected other roads partly with motorway-like sections.

Unit: km

Resolution: 1 km

Number of points: 1982

Created using, Google streetview and pictures from various websites.

Last updated: 2017-12-03

D0 Ring Praha

A complete ring is planned and partly under construction. It iwll be 82.55 km long. The start point is at a seemingly random point in the south.


1 Ring west

Increasing from 0.0 at Jesenice u Prahy to 28.5 at highway 7

2 Ring east

Increasing from 58.0 at highway 10 to 62.8 at Šterboholská spojka

km 62 on the D0  

 Before the D0 was introduced, this part had its own kilometerage beginning at 0. 2 was where 61.25 is now.

3 Ring south

Increasing from 77.0 at Praha ring south to 82.55 at Jesenice u Prahy (0.0 = 82.55)

D1 Praha - Poland (- Gliwice)

The northern half of the missing part near Přerov is under construction and expected to open around 2020. The other half is planned to be built later.


1 Praha - Přerov

Increasing from 0.0 at Praha to 272.2 at Přerov

2 Lipník nad Bečvou - Poland

Increasing from 296 at Lipnĺk nad Bečvou to 376.5 at the border with Poland (A1)

D2 Brno - Slovakia (Bratislava)

Increasing from 0 at Brno to 60.5 at the border crossing with Slovakia (also D2 to Bratislava).

The distance from km 60 to 60.5 is only about 450 m.

D3 Praha - České Budějovice


1 Praha - Veselí nad Luznicí

Increasing from 62.1 at Mezno to 109 at Veselí nad Luznicí

2 České Budějovice bypass

Increasing from 127.5 at Borek near České Budějovice to 130 east of České Budějovice on highway 34

D4 Praha - Drhovle


1 Praha - Príbram

Increasing from 0 at the Praha ring road to 45.5 at Príbram

2 Mirotice - Drhovle

Increasing from 78 south of Mirotice to 85 at the junction with highway 20 north of Drhovle

D5 Praha - Germany (Nürnberg)

Increasing from 0.0 at the Praha ring road to 151.0 at the border wuth Germany (A6 to Nürnberg)

km 0 is at the point where the ramps from the D0 end.

Sign at the border with Germany

km 149.5

Construction work between km 48 and 46

An old km sign on the old former highway 5, now 605

D6 Praha - Cheb


1 Praha - Stochov

Increasing from 0.5 at Praha to 32 at Nové Strašecí

Exit 12 at km 11.5  

2 Lubenec - Bošov

Increasing from 79.7 west of Lubenec to 83.5 at Bošov

3 Karlovy Vary - Cheb

Increasing from 124 at the junction with highway 13 in Karlovy Vary to 170 near Cheb

In 2008, the R6 (now D6) ended shortly after Cheb coming from the west

Combination of km sign and bridge number

Route 7 Praha - Chomutov

Highway 7 is partly a motorway and partly an expressway but most of it is an ordinary two-lane road. Unlike other roads the kilometerage is consistent between motorway/expressway and other sections.

Increasing from -1 at Praha airport where it is a continuation from the western ring road (D0) to 88 west of Chomutov

The Slaný bypass, a single carriageway part to be upgraded to motorway

km 27

D8 Praha - Germany (Dresden)

Increasing from -3 at Praha to 92.2 at the border with Germany (A17 to Dresden)

This road has the highest negative value that appears on signs (-2). This probably has to do with changed plans for the ring road D0.

The distance from km 0 to 1 is only about 940 m. Similarly 66 is only 900 m from 65.

D10 Praha - Turnov

Increasing from 0 at Praha to 73 at Turnov

The junction with the ring road D0 is at km 1. Strangely, km 0 is at a seemingly random point further west.

Sometimes the decimal appears higher

At km 51.0 the 0 is on the baseline

Route 11 Praha - Ostrava

Highway 11 is a motorway on the first part and has some expressway sections near Ostrava. Kilometerage on the expressways is only known on the section between Opava and Ostrava.


1 Praha - Hradec Králové

Increasing from 0 east of the Praha ring road to 90.2 at Hradec Králové

km 0 is at the point where the ramps from the D0 end. An extension of this motorway to the Polish border is planned. This would mean the D11 would not follow the old highway 11 which goes to Ostrava and the Slovak border.

Distance sign at km 76 showing that the start of the motorway at the D0 is 15 km from the city centre

Exit 8

2 Opava - Ostrava

Increasing from 262.0 at Opava to 272.5 at Ostrava

Route 13 Karlovy Vary - Teplice

Highway 13 has some expressway parts which are not classified as R roads (Rychlostnĺ silnice).


1 Karlovy Vary - Ostrov

Increasing from 0 at D6 in Karlovy Vary to 12 in Ostrov

2 Ostrov - Teplice

Increasing from 13 near Ostrov to 98 at Teplice

Route 35 Hrádek nad Nisou - Lipnik nad Becvou

Highway 35 has some motorway and expressway sections but most of it is an ordinary road, which has some km signs.


1 Hrádek nad Nisou - Turnov

Increasing from 11.5 at Hrádek nad Nisou to 42.2 at the D10 in Turnov

Kilometer values on this section were changed between 2014 and 2015. km 41.5 in 2014 corresponds to 40.0 in 2017.

2 Hradec Králové bypass

Increasing from 125.5 at the junction with the D11 to 129.5 at highway 37

3 Hradec Králové - Svitavy

Increasing from 128 at Hradec Králové to 158 at Zámrsk

This section is planned to be replaced by a continuation of the D35 from the bypass. Currently it is one of the rare cases with a duplication between 128 and 129.

km 153

4 Mohelnice - Olomouc

Increasing from 234 at Mohelnice to 263.8 at Olomouc

A shortcut is planned between the two sections that currently meet at a roundabout west of Olomouc. Because this will be shorter, there is currently an overlap of about 2 km but no km signs appear on the temposary sections which will probably be donwgraded to ramps eventually. The start/end values are obtained by extrapolation.

5 Olomouc - Lipník nad Bečvou

Increasing from 261.7 at Olomouc to 296.2 at Lipnik nad Becvou

The kilometer values are almost consistent with the D1, which continues at the end of the D35, but there is a discrepancy of 120 m (the km values on the D35 should be 120 m higher).

Route 37 Hradec Králové - Chrudim


1 Hradec Králové - Pardubice

Increasing from 31 at Hradec Králové to 45.0 at highway 36 in Pardubice

2 Pardubice bypass (highway 36)

On this section highways 36 and 37 follow the same route with kilometerage for highway 36. Increasing from 22.2 at the junction with highway 36 coming from the west to 25 at the junction with highway 36 continuing to the east.

3 Pardubice - Chrudim

Increasing from 45.0 at highway 36 in Pardubice to 57 east of Chrudim.

A continuation of this section is under construction.

Route 38 Mlada Boleslav - Znojmo


1 Mlada Boleslav - Nymburk

Increasing from 37 south of Mlada Boleslav to 59.5 north of Nymburk.

The signs for 57 and 59 are about 60 m too far apart.

2 Nymburk - Jihlava

Increasing from 58.5 on the Nymburk bypass to 158 north of Jihlava.

Because the Nymburk bypass is longer than the old road through the city, there is a duplicated section. This does not appear on signs. 

3 Jihlava - Znojmo

Increasing from 156.5 north of Jihlava to 240 in Znojmo.

Because the new section around the D1 in Jihlava is longer than the old road, there is a duplicated section. The distance between km 161 and 171 is about 400 m too short.

Route 43 Brno - Svitavy

This road has a short expressway part between Brno and km 5.

Increasing from 7 at highway 42 in Brno to 39 at Svitávka

The 0 point would be at the junction of the D1 and D2.

D46 Vyškov - Olomouc

Increasing from 0 at Vyškov to 40 in Olomouc

km 0 is at the point where the ramps from the D1 end.

D48 Hranice - Český Těšín

Highway 48 begins as a motorway at the D1 and after a few km switches to a 4-lane expressway without separated carriageways.

Near Příbor there is a motorway section. In Frýdek - Místek it has some level crossings. Further east it is a motorway up to Česky Těšín, where it has a short expressway part. Close to the border there is a roundabout.


1 D48 Hranice - Bělotín

Increasing from 0 at the D1 north of Hranice to 3 at Bělotín

km 0 is at the point where the ramps from the D1 end.

2 Highway 48 Bělotín - Příbor

Increasing from 0.8 at Bělotín to 27.7 at Příbor

This is a 4-lane expressway without separated carriageways. The kilometer values are probably derived from the original shorter route through Starojická Lhota.

3 D48 Příbor - Česky Těšín

Increasing from 30.0 at Příbor to 72.0 at Česky Tešín

A bypass of Frýdek - Místek is under construction which will probably lead to changes in the kilometerage.

D52 Brno - Pohořelice

Increasing from 0 at the southern ring road 42 in Brno to 26.5 at Pohořelice

The first part is an expressway not classified as R road. An extension of the expressway to the border with Austria is planned.

D55 Olomouc - Otrokovice


1 Olomouc - Přerov

Increasing from 3 at Olomouc to 17 at Přerov

A new motorway between Olomouc and Přerov is planned to open in 2023. This will have km values 0 to 15 between the D35 and Přerov. This will remove the current duplication of km values between 15 and 17 of the old highway 55 and the new D55.

Some signs are inaccurate: km 9.5 is about 80 m too far from km 7 (i.e. 2580 m instead of 2500 m).

2 Hulín - Otrokovice

Increasing from 15.0 at the junction with the D1 at Hulín to 31.5 at highway 49 east of Otrokovice

D56 Ostrava - Frýdlant

A bypass of Frýdek - Místek is under construction. This will eliminate the current gap between the two sections which has some level crossings. Sections:

1 Ostrava - Frýdek-Místek

Increasing from 36 at Ostrava - to 52.5 at Frýdek-Místek

The first part in Ostrava is an expressway not classified as R road, further south it is a motorway.

2 Frýdek-Místek - Frýdlant

Increasing from 53 at Frýdek-Místek to 65 at Frýdlant

This road has two lanes and some grade separated junctions.

R63 Teplice - Řehlovice

Increasing from 0 at the old highway 8 near Teplice to 7.5 at the junction with the D8 at Řehlovice

This road has no km signs which is unusual for an expressway with numbered exits based on km values.

MO Praha Městský Okruh

Increasing from Šterboholská spojka to 22.5 at highway 8 in Praha

The western part is mostly in tunnels. This road has no numbered exits even though km values are generally signposted.

The negative (counterclockwise) direction appears with suffix A

km 6.5 on the negative direction

The positive (clockwise) direction appears with suffix B

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