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Road number colours Spain

Last updated 14-8-2016

Main roads
European roads E-[0-9]<2,3>
Motorways (Autopistas) Radial roads R-[1-5]
Other roads AP-[0-9]<1,2>
National roads Radial roads N-(I<1-3>|IV|V|VI)
Other roads N-1[0-6][0-9]
Motorways (Autopista) and expressways (Autovía) have blue signs and appear in white text in blue rectangles.
Local autovías tend to have provincial abbreviations. Sections that do not have Autovía standard appear in red shields instead of blue.
Non-motorways generally have white signs.
National roads appear in white on red.
Regional roads (subordinate to comunidades) often have two sub classes, with the main ones appearing in black on orange and the rest in white on green. These also contain the old carreteras comarcales from the 1941 system, some of which still exist, mostly in Cataluña (to be distinguished from the lower C-numbers which appear in red), Extremadura and the Balearic and Canary islands.
Provincial roads usually have yellow shields with black text.
There are many exceptions. One of the most important is that in Andalucia, main comunal roads have green instead of orange numbers and secondary comunal roads have yellow instead of green shields.
In Galicia, some expressways do not only have green numbers but also green signs.
For simplicity, in the table below, in some cases comunal roads appear in the provincial columns, if the importance of the roads in question is similar to provincial roads elsewhere, and the other way round, which can be assumed to be expressed by the colours used.
Similarly, 2-digit C roads in Cataluña could be classified as main comunidad roads, but because of their red shields, they appear one column further left.
Province code Provincia Island Autovía Other (local) main road Main comunidad Secondary comunidad Main provincial Secondary provincial
Comarcal * = obsolete
Andalucia 04 Almería
AL-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> AL-[0-9]<3,4> AL-P-[0-9]<3,4>
11 Cádiz CA-[0-9]<2> CA-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> CA-[0-9]<3,4> CA-P-[0-9]<3,4>
14 Córdoba CO-[0-9]<2> CO-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> CO-[0-9]<3,4> CH-[0-9]; C[PV]-[0-9]<2,3>
18 Granada A-92 A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> GR-[0-9]<3,4> {GR-}[NS][EO]-[0-9]<1,2>*; GR-V-[0-9]<4>
21 Huelva H-[0-9]<2> H-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> HU-[0-9]<3,4> H[FV]-[0-9]<4>; H-[0-9]<4>*
23 Jaén J-[0-9]<2> J-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> JA-[0-9]<3,4> J[FHMPV]-[0-9]<3,4>; J-[0-9]<3,4>*
29 Málaga MA-[0-9]<2> MA-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> MA-[0-9]<3,4>
41 Sevilla
SE-[0-9]<2> A-[0-9]<3> A-[0-9]<4> SE-[0-9]<3,4>
Aragon 22 Huesca A-[12][0-9]<2> A-1[0-9]<3> A-2[0-9]<3>; HU-[0-9]<3> H[FV]-[0-9]<4>; HU-V-[0-9]<4>
44 Teruel TE-[0-9]<2> TE-[0-9]<2> A-[12][0-9]<2> A-1[0-9]<3> A-2[0-9]<3>; TE-[0-9]<3,4> TE-V-[0-9]<1,4>; VF-TE-[0-9]<2>
50 Zaragoza Z-[0-9]<2>; ARA-A1 Z-[0-9]<2> A-[12][0-9]<2> A-1[0-9]<3> A-2[0-9]<3>; CV-[0-9]<3>; Z-[0-9]<3> CP-[0-9]<1,2>; Z-[AFPV]-[0-9]<3,4>)
Asturias 33 formerly Oviedo AS-I<1,2>; O-1[0-9] AS-I<1,2>; O-1[0-9] AS-[0-9]<1-3> AS-2[0-9]<2> AS-3[0-9]<2> (C[ELNPV]|G[IOT]|IA|LL|MI|S[IL]|PV|TI)-[0-9]<1,2>
Cantabria 39 Santander S-[0-9]<2> S-[0-9]<2> CA-1[0-9]<2> CA-2[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<3,4> CA-[3-8][0-9]<2>; S-[0-9]<3,4>* S[PV]-[0-9]<4>; CM-[0-9]<2>/[0-9]<2>
Castilla - La Mancha 02 Albacete CM-[0-9]<3> AB-[0-9]<3-4> CV-[AL]-[0-9]<1,3>; L-[0-9]; A-[0-9]<4>; ABR-0[1-7]
13 Ciudad Real CM-[0-9]<2> CM-[0-9]<2> CM-[0-9]<3> CM-[0-9]<4> CR-[0-9]<3,4> CR-P-[0-9]<3,4>
16 Cuenca CM-[0-9]<3> CM-[0-9]<4> CU-[0-9]<3,4> CU-V-[0-9]<4>
19 Guadalajara CM-[0-9]<3> CM-[0-9]<4> GU-[0-9]<3,4>
45 Toledo CM-[0-9]<3> CM-[0-9]<4> TO-[0-9]<3,4> TO-[0-9]<4>-V; TO-V-[0-9]<3,4>
Castilla y León 05 Ávila CL-[0-9]<3> AV-[0-9]<3> AV-{V}P-[0-9]<3>
09 Burgos BU-[0-9]<2> BU-[0-9]<2> CL-[0-9]<3> BU-[0-9]<3,4> BU-[PV]-[0-9]<4>
24 León LE-[0-9]<2> LE-[0-9]<2> CL-[0-9]<3> LE-[0-9]<3> CV-[0-9]<3>/[0-9]<1,2>
34 Palencia CL-[0-9]<3> P[0-9]<3,4> PP-[0-9]<4>
37 Salamanca SA-[0-9]<2> SA-[0-9]<2> CL-[0-9]<3> SA-[0-9]<3> DSA-[0-9]<3>; SA-C[MPU]-[0-9]<2,3>; SA-[LV]-[0-9]<2,4>
40 Segovia SG-[0-9]<2>
CL-[0-9]<3> SG-[0-9]<3> SG-[PV]-[0-9]<4>
42 Soria SO-[0-9]<2> SO-[0-9]<2> CL-[0-9]<3> SO-[0-9]<3> SO-[PV]-[0-9]<4>
47 Valladolid VA-[0-9]<2> VA-[0-9]<2> CL-[0-9]<3> VA-[0-9]<3> VP-[0-9]<4>; VA-V-[0-9]<4>
49 Zamora CL-[0-9]<3> ZA-[0-9]<3> ZA-[LPV]-[0-9]<4>
Cataluña 08 Barcelona B-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> B-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<3,4> B-[0-9]<3-4>{[A-Za-z]} B[PV]-[0-9]<4>
17 Girona C-[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<3,4> GI-[0-9]<3> GI[PV]-[0-9]<4>
25 Lleida LL-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> LL-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<3,4> L-[0-9]<3> L[VP]-[0-9]<3,4>
43 Tarragona T-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> T-[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<3,4> T-[0-9]<3> T[PV]-[0-9]<4>
Comunidad Valenciana 03 Alicante CV-[0-9]<2> CV-[0-9]<3>; A-[0-9]<3> obsolete
12 Castelló CV-[0-9]<2> CV-[0-9]<3>; CS-[0-9]<3> obsolete
46 Valencia V-[0-9]<2> V-[0-9]<2> CV-[0-9]<2> CV-[0-9]<3>; V-[0-9]<3> obsolete
Extremadura 06 Badajoz EX-A2; BA-[0-9]<2> EX-A2; BA-[0-9]<2> EX-1[0-9]<2> EX-2[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<3,4> EX-[35][0-9]<2>; BA-[0-9]<3> BA-{V-}[0-9]<4>
10 Cáceres EX-A1 EX-A1 EX-1[0-9]<2> EX-2[0-9]<2>; C-[0-9]<3,4> EX-[35][0-9]<2>; CC-[0-9]<3> (CV|CC{-V})-[0-9]<1,3>{\.[0-9]}; CG-[0-9]
Galicia 15 A Coruña
AG-[0-9]<2>; SC-[0-9]<2>
AG-[0-9]<2>; SC-[0-9]<2> AC-[0-9]<3> AC-[0-9]<3> AC-[0-9]<3> CP-[0-9]<3,4>; DP-[0-9]<4>
27 Lugo [AC]G-[0-9]<2>; CRG-[0-9]<2> [AC]G-[0-9]<2>; CRG-[0-9]<2>; LU-[0-9]<2> LU-[0-9]<3> LU-[0-9]<3> LU-[0-9]<3>
DP-[0-9]<4> LU-P-[0-9]<4>
32 Ourense (Orense) OU-[0-9]<2>{D} OU-[0-9]<2>{D} O[RU]-[0-9]<3> C-[0-9]<3> OU-[0-9]<4> CV-[0-9]<3>; OUR-C[PUV]-[0-9]<1-3>
36 Pontevedra
AG-[0-9]<2>; PO-[0-9]<2>
PO-[0-9]<2> PO-5[0-9]<2> C-[0-9]<3>; PO-[0-9]<3> PO-[0-9]<3,4>
CP-[0-9]<4>; CF-[0-9]<3>
Islas Baleares 07 Islas Baleares Mallorca Ma-[0-9]<1,2>; PM-[0-9]<1,2> Ma-[0-9]<1,2>; PM-[0-9]<1,2> Ma-[0-9]<1,2> Ma-[0-9]<4> PMV-[0-9]<3>-[0-9]
Menorca Me-[0-9]<1-2>;RC2 Me-[0-9]<1-2>;RC1 Cf-[1-9];RM (Ronda de Mahon)
Ibiza E-[0-9]<2> C-73[13] PM-[0-9]<3> PM-V-[0-9]<3>-[0-9]
Islas Canarias 35 Las Palmas Gran Canaria GC-[0-9]<1,2> GC-[0-9]<1,2> C-81[0-9]; GC-[0-9]<2>0 GC-[0-9]<2>[1-9] CI-[0-9]<1,2>-[0-9]<1,2>; (CV|HI|LP)-[0-9]<1,4>
Fuerteventura FV-[1-9] FV-[1-9] FV-[0-9]<2> FV-[0-9]<3>
Lanzarote LZ-[1-9] LZ-[1-9] LZ-[0-9]<2> LZ-[0-9]<3>
38 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tenerife TF-[125] TF-[125] TF-[0-9]<2> TF-[0-9]<3>
La Gomera TF-71[0-9]
La Palma LP-[1-9] LP-[0-9]<2,3> TF-81[0-9]
El Hierro HI-[1-9] HI-[0-9]<2> TF-91[0-9] HI-[0-9]<3>
La Rioja 26 Logroño LO-[0-9]<2> LO-[0-9]<2> LR-1[0-9]<2> LR-2[0-9]<2> LR-[34][0-9]<2> LR-5[0-9]<2>
Madrid 28 M-[0-9]<2> M-[0-9]<2> M-[1-7][0-9]<2> M-[89][0-9]<2>
Murcia 30 MU-[0-9]<2>; CT-[0-9]<2>; RM-[1-9] MU-[0-9]<2> MU-[0-9]<3> C-[0-9]<3,4>;
RM-[A-F]-[0-9]<1,2>; MU-[0-9]-(A|CR)
Navarra 31 Pamplona PA-[0-9]<2> NA-[0-9]<2> NA-[0-9]<3> NA-[0-9]<4>
Pais Vasco 01 Álava A-[0-9]<3> A-2[0-9]<3> A-3[0-9]<3> A-4[0-9]<3>
20 Guipúzcoa GI-[0-9]<3> GI-2[0-9]<3> GI-3[0-9][0-9]0 GI-3[0-9][0-9][1-9]
48 Vizcaya (Bilbao) BI-6[0-9]<2>
BI-2[0-9]<3> BI-3[0-9]<3> BI-4[0-9]<3>
African exclaves Melilla ML-[0-9]<3>
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