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Route lists

Last updated 27-1-2019

  1. Africa
  2. Asia
  3. Australia and New Zealand
  4. Europe
    1. Germany
    2. Netherlands
  5. North America
  6. South and Central America
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Algeria National roads Wikipedia
Angola National roads Marcel Monterie
Botswana A roads Marcel Monterie
B roads
Burkina Faso National roads Marcel Monterie
Regional roads
Departmental roads
Ethiopia National roads Marcel Monterie Based on data from www.era.gov.et/Portals
Link roads
Main Access roads
Collector roads
Feeder roads
Ghana National roads Wikipedia
Interregional roads Wikipedia
Regional roads Wikipedia
Ivory Coast A roads Marcel Monterie
B roads
Mali National routes Marcel Monterie
Nigeria A roads Marcel Monterie Based on lawsofnigeria
F roads
South Africa Main roads Marcel Monterie
National roads routes.co.za
Regional roads routes.co.za
Metropolitan roads routes.co.za
Togo National roads Marcel Monterie
Tunisia Motorways and national roads Wikipedia
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Afghanistan National highways mopw.gov.af pdf
Armenia Main highways Marcel Monterie
Azerbaijan Main highways Marcel Monterie
Asia Asian highways Marcel Monterie
Asian highways with history Rudi Longueville
Bangladesh Main roads Marcel Monterie
China National highways Wikipedia
Expressways Wikipedia
Georgia Main roads Wikipedia
India National highways Wikipedia
National highways old vs. new Marcel Monterie
Tamil Nadu Major District Roads Highways Department, Government of TamilNadu
Indonesia National roads on Java Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Darat Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia Page 6-8
Iraq All numbered roads Marcel Monterie
Israel Highways Wikipedia
Japan Main and secondary roads Marcel Monterie
Kazakhstan Main roads Marcel Monterie based on mid.gov.kz
Malaysia Expressways and highways Wikipedia
Various lists of federal roads Ministry of Works Malaysia
Main numbers
700 series numbers
Institutional roads
Mashreq Mashreq international roads Agreement on international roads in the Arab Mashreq
Arab Mashreq international road network Rudi Longueville
Mongolia National roads Wegenwiki
Pakistan National Highways: N, S and E Wikipedia
South Korea Expressways Wikipedia
National Highways Wikipedia
Sri Lanka A roads Wikipedia
AA, AB, AC and B roads Road Development Authority
Tajikistan Main roads Marcel Monterie
Minor roads
Thailand National highways Wikipedia in Thai
Turkey Devlet yollari Marcel Monterie
United Arab Emirates E roads Marcel Monterie
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Australia National routes Ozroads
New South Wales administrative numbers 1928 Roads and Maritime Services New South Wales pdf
Queensland A roads Marcel Monterie
Western Australia Wikipedia
Tasmania gazette.tas.gov.au 2013 pdf
New Zealand State highways Wikipedia
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Andorra CG and CS roads Wikipedia
Austria A, S and former B roads Bundesstraßengesetz 1999
B, L and P roads Burgenland Burgenländische Landesregierung
Hauptstrassen B in Wien Stadt Wien
Landesstrassen Marcel Monterie
Belarus National highways Wikipedia
Local roads in Minsk oblast based on law text
Access roads in Minsk oblast
Belgium A, R, N and T roads Erwin Gavic
A, R, N and T roads Leukedinges.Be
A, B and R roads Marcel Monterie
1- and 2-digit numbers before 1986 Rien van de Wall
Bosnia and Herzegovina All roads Erwin Gavic
Srpska roads Putevi Republike Srpske (Road authority)
Croatia Motorways poslovniforum
Državne ceste
Županijske ceste
Local roads
Drzavne ceste Wikipedia
Main roads Marcel Monterie
Czech Republic Main roads class I (1- and 2-d numbers) Wikipedia
Main roads class II (3-d numbers) Wikipedia
Denmark Motorways with exit lists Vejdirektoratet
Primary highways (1- and 2-digit numbers) Wikipedia
The old A numbers Wikipedia
M numbers Marcel Monterie
Estonia All roads Estonian road administration from Excel sheet
Europe E roads Marcel Monterie
Old and new numbers Rudi Longueville pdf
Finland Valtatie/ Kantatie/ Maantie Marcel Monterie
France Motorways Marcel Monterie
Routes Nationales
Germany Motorways Marcel Monterie
Motorway numbers until 1974 Henning Maruhn Based on Shell-Atlas 1974/75, Continental-Atlas 1973/74, Bauleistungskarte 1972
Motorways in the GDR (DDR) Robert Schoder
Bundesstraßen Rainer Prigge Including history
Bundesstraßen Carsten Wasow Including history
Bundesstraßen BAST Including destinations on road signs
Roads in Bayern Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern
Landesstrassen Hessen Wikipedia
Landesstrassen Niedersachsen Wikipedia
Local roads in Saarland Wikipedia
Staatsstrassen Sachsen Wikipedia
Exit name changes on motorways 1963-2003 Marcel Monterie
Greece Motorways Wikipedia
Main roads Marcel Monterie
Hungary 1- to 3-digit numbers Marcel Monterie
Iceland All numbered roads Wikipedia
Ireland Regional roads Marcel Monterie
Local roads
SN roads
National routes 1977 Irish Statute Book
Regional routes 2006 Irish Statute Book
Former trunk roads Wikipedia
Carlow local roads OSM
Cork local roads Contains links to lists
Kildare local roads
Laois local roads
Wexford local roads
Italy Motorways Eugenio A. Merzagora A
Link roads D and R
Main roads Marcel Monterie
Strade Nazionale Wikisource 1923
Latvia Latvian State Roads Latvian state roads
Regional Roads
Local Roads
Lithuania Main roads Marcel Monterie
All numbered roads Lithuanian Road Administration pdf
Luxembourg Motorways, national and local roads Erwin Gavic
All numbered roads Administration des Ponts et des Chaussées pdf
Macedonia New numbering 2011 Official website http://www.slvesnik.com.mk pdf, see pages 3-7
Malta Main roads Marcel Monterie
Moldova Main roads lex.justice.md
Regional roads lex.justice.md
Local roads Marcel Monterie Based on lex.justice.md
Montenegro M and R number changes Marcel Monterie
Netherlands All roads Marcel Monterie Updated 2002
All roads Erwin Gavic
Letter routes 1937-1957 Marcel Monterie
1957 numbering system Wikipedia
Norway Main roads Marcel Monterie
Poland Autostrady (motorways) Wikipedia
Drogi Krajowe
Drogi wojewódzkie
Portugal A, IP and IC roads Originally from Estradas de Portugal
ER roads: Norte Estradas de Portugal
ER roads: Centro
ER roads: Lisboa e Vale do Tejo
ER roads: Alentejo
ER roads: Algarve
Romania Motorways Wikipedia
National roads Wikipedia
Russia Renumbering 2010-2017 Marcel Monterie based on law text
Serbia M numbers Erwin Gavic System of former Yugoslavia 1987
R numbers
New numbering 2013 Putevi Srbije
Slovakia 1- and 2-digit numbers Marcel Monterie 2009
All numbers Slovenska Sprava Ciest
III class (4-digit) numbers Wikipedia New numbers 2015
Slovenia All roads Direkcija RS za ceste
Spain Autopistas and autovias Wikipedia
Carreteras Comarcales Wikipedia
Sweden National roads (1- and 2-digit numbers) Wikipedia
Primary County roads Wikipedia
Secondary County roads Wikipedia
Numbers until 1962 Wikipedia
Switzerland Nationalstrassen Durchgangsstrassenverordnung, Bundesrecht For administration only
Hauptstrassen 1912 - 1937 Marcel Monterie based on Société Suisse du numérotage des routes map
Hauptstrassen 1937 - 1974 Marcel Monterie
Cantonal routes Marcel Monterie preliminary version
Ukraine M roads euro2012highway.blogspot.com
N roads
R roads
All numbered roads Law text
United Kingdom A roads Marcel Monterie Including Man and Jersey
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Canada - Ontario Provincial Highways Christopher J Bessert Includes history
County roads Wikipedia Project page with links to many unfinished pages
Canada - Québec Autoroutes MADITUC
Routes Wikipedia
Jamaica A and B roads Wikipedia
Mexico Federal highways Marcel Monterie
United States Interstate highways Federal Highway Administration
US highways (1997) Marcel Monterie
US highways Robert V. Droz Including history
Country/area Class(es) Source Format/remarks
Argentina National roads Wikipedia
National roads A Marcel Monterie
Brazil Federal highways Ministério dos Transportes Select Localização das Rodovias Federais
Espirito Santo Rodovias estaduais DER-ES
Minas Gerais Rodovias estaduais Wikipedia
Minas Gerais Rodovias estaduais de ligação Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem de Minas Gerais
Minas Gerais Rodovias estaduais de acesso Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem de Minas Gerais
Parana state highways Wikipedia
Rio de Janeiro Rodovias estaduais
Rio Grande do Sul Rodovias estaduais
Santa Catarina state highways Marcel Monterie
São Paulo Rodovias estaduais Wikipedia
Central America Central American Highways Rudi Longueville
Colombia Main national routes Marcel Monterie
Local roads Juriscol
Costa Rica Primary highways Marcel Monterie
Ecuador Main national routes Marcel Monterie
National routes Wikipedia
Guatemala CA highways Marcel Monterie
National roads
Departmental roads
Nicaragua NIC highways Marcel Monterie
Marcel Monterie
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