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General description:

Motorways:  'A' numbers are used only for some short sections. Most motorways have a national (RN) number. All numbers begin with 0: the highest known number is A029. Since numbers are assigned sequentially, it seems unlikely that there will ever be more than 100 numbers so the first digit will always be zero. Many of the roads are not motorways, one is even unpaved.

National roads: Numbers 1 - 14 denote main routes from/to Buenos Aires, increasing in counterclockwise direction. Numbers 15-31 are for east-west routes, numbered from north to south, and 32-40 for north-south routes, numbered from east to west. The RN40 is the main western north-south route. North of Mendoza it is the RN40N, south of Mendoza it is the RN40S (these suffixes were introduced recently).

Special numbers are RN1V09 (which is a motorway parallel to RN9) and RN1V07 (near RN7). Also, RNV66 branches off RN66.

Autopistas: In Buenos Aires, AU is used as prefix. Rosario - Santa Fe is numbered AP01, but sometimes appears on signs as AP1 or AUP1.<br>

Provincial roads: Most provinces have 1- and 2-digit numbers and some also have 3-digit numbers (these are usually less important but there are exceptions, see <a href="">region table</a>. The province Tierra del Fuego, Antartida e Islas del Atlantico Sur does not have provincial roads. Instead, there are special national roads with numbers beginning with 24C and others with only a letter A-K. Formerly, these were numbered just lowercase a-k (e.g. RNb was replaced by RN24CB).

Road signs: Green with white text. Road number shields white with black text. Shape for national numbers: pentagon (as in Hungary and Cambodia, for provincial numbers: rectangle.

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