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Area code 62 Common abbreviation RI Last updated 28-2-2016
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
Asian highway A[0-9]<2> Asia See Asia
National road (Jalan Nasional) [0-9]<1-2> island sequential
Provincial road (Jalan Provinsi) [0-9]<1-2> province sequential
General description: Lower numbers tend to be more important routes. Highway 1 is the main west-east route on Sumatra, Java and Bali from Banda Aceh to Merak and then via Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya to Ketapang, and the southern main east-west route on Bali.
Odd numbers generally run east-west and even numbers north-south.
Despite their name, national roads are numbered per island. For example, highway 2 is Jakarta - Bogor on Java but also Singaraja - Mengwi on Bali. More or less by coincidence, highway 1 can be seen as one road with ferries between the islands.
Road signs: Green with white text.
Since the national and provincial numbering was introduced recently, the numbers are not indicated yet on most signs. When they are, they appear as a white hexagon with black digits.
Since around 2015, Asian highways are signposted in a white rectangle.
History: The system was probably introduced around 2007.
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