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Area code 994 Common abbreviation AZ Last updated 3-11-2011
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
European road E[0-9]<3> Europe See Europe
Asian highway AH-[0-9]<1-2> Asia See Asia
Main road M[1-4] national spider-web
Regional road R[0-9]<1-2> national clustering
General description:
M: The M1, M2 and M3 are the main roads from Baku. The only other known number so far is the M4.
R: Numbers occur in clusters but there are no zones. Numbering starts near Baku and generally increases to the west. The highest known number is A77 near Nachicevan'.
New European numbers and Asian highway numbers have been assigned. The numbers are in the same range but the only Asian highways are A5, A8 and A81.
Road signs: Old Soviet signs are blue with white text (no other information available).
History: The new system was introduced in the 1990's, a few years after the country became independent. For the old Soviet system, see CIS. New European road numbers were introduced around 2000 and Asian highway numbers were defined in 1994.
Around 2008, 1- and 2-digit A numbers were replaced by R numbers. Before this change, it was confusing that A numbers could indicate either regional roads or Asian highways.
The table below lists old and new numbers of various classes:
Section Old national New national Obsolete Soviet European Old Asian New Asian
Baku - Aran M1 M4 M27
Aran - Kazach - Georgia (M4) M1 M2 M27 A67 A5
Baku - Kuba - Russia (M29) M2 M1 M29 E119 A5 A8
Baku - Aljat M3 M2 A322 E119 A70 A5, A8
Aljat - Astara - Iran M3 M3 A322 E119 A70 A8
Aljat - Kazi-Magomed M4 M2 A324 E002 A67 A5
Kazi-Magomed - Jevlach - Aran M4 M2 R... A67 A5
Kazi-Magomed - Bachramtepe A24 M6 A324 E002 A81
Bachramtepe - Goradi - Armenia (Megri) A33 M6 A324 E002 A81
Nachicevan - Armenia (Yerevan) A73 M7 A325 E117 A79 A81
Nachicevan - Armenia (east) A75 R49 A317 E117
Nachicevan - Dzulfa A73 M8 A325 E002 A79 A81
Dzulfa - Ordubad A73 M8 A324 E002 A81
Ordubad - Armenia (Megri) A74 M8 A324 E002 A81
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