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Area code 356 Common abbreviation M Last updated 23-7-2017
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System
Gozo Malta
Arterial road [1-9] national 1, 2-4 1, 6-9 sequential
Distributor road [1-3][0-9] national 10-15 16-31
Secondary road [0-9]<3> national 101-113 114-142
General description: Route 1 is the main arterial road on Malta and Gozo (linked by a ferry). Other roads are numbered sequentially per sub class determined by the number of digits, always beginning in the northwest on Gozo and ending in the southeast on Malta.
There are no motorways and only a few grade separated crossings.
Arterial and distributor roads are together also referred to as primary roads. The network of primary roads is about 300 km long. Secondary roads (also called access roads) are not numbered.
Road signs: Blue with white text. Arterial road numbers appear in white text on blue, distributor roads in black text on yellow rectangles. Indirect references appear in plain text between brackets.
History: The system was probably introduced around 2000, possibly only when Malta joined the European Union in 2004.
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