Description of sections Germany

Fixed some errors 2023-04-08


Accuracy: At least 90 % within 25 m.

Coverage: all motorways and some other roads with motorway-style km posts.

When carriageways are more than 50 m apart, separate km values are provided.

Unit: km

Resolution: 1 km

Number of points: 13324 

Created using and Google streetview, and pictures from various websites.

Last updated: 2018-02-24

A1 Fehmarn - Saarbrücken


1 Heiligenhafen - Hamburg

Decreasing from 124.8 at Heiligenhafen to 6.6 at Kreuz Hamburg-Ost

2 Kreuz Hamburg-Ost - border Hamburg-Niedersachsen

Increasing from 140 at Kreuz Hamburg-Ost to 159.7 at border between Hamburg and Niedersachsen

3 Hamburg - Blankenheim

Increasing from 9.7 at border between Hamburg and Niedersachsen to 480 at Blankenheim

4 Kelberg - Saarbrücken

Increasing from 68 at Kelberg to 207 in Saarbrücken

A2 Oberhausen - Berlin


1 Oberhausen - Berlin

Decreasing from 473.0 at OB to -1 at Dreieck Werder

Around Kreuz Bad Oeynhausen the two directions are more than 100 m apart.

Damaged sign for 375.5 km

A3 Emmerich - Passau


1 Border with the Netherlands - Kreuz Oberhausen

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (A12) to 65.5 at Kreuz Oberhausen where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Kreuz Oberhausen - Dreieck Heumar

Increasing from 65.5 at Kreuz Oberhausen to 140.855 at Dreieck Heumar.

Border between sections at Dreieck Heumar

3 Dreieck Heumar - Border with Austria

Increasing from 0.0 at Dreieck Heumar to 628.0 at the border with Austria (A3).

A4 Aachen - Görlitz


1 Border with the Netherlands - Aachen

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (A76) to 11 at Kreuz Aachen where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Aachen - Köln

Increasing from 11 at Kreuz Aachen to 80.0 at Dreieck Heumar. After this the road has a multiplex with the A3 up to Kreuz Köln-Ost.

3 Köln - Kreuztal

Increasing from 85.0 at Kreuz Köln-Ost to 153.0 at Kreuztal

4 Kirchheim - Herleshausen

Decreasing from 366.5 at Kirchheim to 314.2 at Herleshausen

5 Herleshausen - Magdala

Decreasing from 282.5 at Herleshausen to 184.0 at Magdala

Realignment of the road caused a discontinuity near Magdala.

6 Magdala - Dresden

Decreasing from 183.0 at Magdala to 0.0 at Dresden

7 Dresden - Border with Poland

Increasing from 0.0 at Dresden to 96.5 at border with Poland (A4)

A5 Hattenbach - Basel


1 Hattenbach - Heppenheim

Increasing from 372.2 at Hattenbach to 550.2 at the border between Hessen and Baden-Württemberg near Heppenheim

2 Heppenheim - Basel

Increasing from 552.1 at the border between Hessen and Baden-Württemberg near Heppenheim to 814 at the border with Switzerland (A2)

A6 Saarbrücken - Waidhaus


1 Border with France - Viernheiner Dreieck

Decreasing from 687.0 at F to 556.0 at Viernheiner Dreieck where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Viernheiner Dreieck - Border with Czech Republic

Increasing from 556.0 at Viernheiner Dreieck (A67) to 908.2 at the border with Czech Republic

Until the A6 was completed in 2008, km values were separate on the section near the Czech border and continued to 1000, the highest km value in Germany. Picture of km 993 taken in 2006.

A7 Flensburg - Füssen


1 Border with Denmark - Fleestedt

Increasing from 0.0 at DK to 175.0 at Fleestedt

2 Fleestedt - Horster Dreieck

Decreasing from 7.0 at Fleestedt to 2.5 at Horster Dreieck

3 Horster Dreieck - Hannover

Increasing from 17.2 at Horst to 142.5 at Kreuz Hannover-Ost

4 Hannover - Bad Hersfeld

Increasing from 150.5 at Kreuz Hannover-Ost to 366.4 at Bad Hersfeld

5 Bad Hersfeld - Border with Austria

Increasing from 521.5 at HEF to 962.3 at border with Austria (B179)

A8 Luxembourg - Salzburg


1 Border with Luxembourg - Saarlouis

Decreasing from 91.5 at the border with Luxembourg (A13) to 53.917 at Dreieck Saarlouis where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Saarlouis - Zweibrücken

Decreasing from 54.0 at Dreieck Saarlouis to 0.0 at Zweibrücken

3 Zweibrücken - Pirmasens

Increasing from 100 at Zweibrücken to 120 at Dreieck Pirmasens (A62)

4 Karlsruhe - Gruibingen

Decreasing from 267.0 at Dreieck Karlsruhe to 160 at Gruibingen

Realignment of the road caused a discontinuity near Gruibingen.

5 Gruibingen - Hohenstadt

Decreasing from 159 at Gruibingen to 151.5 at Hohenstadt

The other direction is 600 m shorter and has no discontinuity at Hohenstadt.

6 Hohenstadt - Ulm

Decreasing from 151.0 at Hohenstadt to 111.8 at the border between Bayern and Baden-Württemberg (the second time this border is passed, east of Kreuz Ulm/Elchingen).

7 Ulm - München

Decreasing from 111.9 at the border between Bayern and Baden-Württemberg to 0 at München-West

There is a duplication of about 200 m with the previous section.

8 München - Salzburg

Increasing from -0.812 at München-Perlach to 125.1 at the border with Austria

Negative value 0.812 in München

A9 Berlin - München


1 Berlin - München

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Potsdam (A10) to 530 at München-Schwabing

Between Denkendorf and Greding and between Schnaittach and Hormersdorf the two carriageways are far apart.

A10 Berliner Ring


1 Kreuz Barnim - Potsdam - Dreieck Havelland

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Barnim in clockwise order via Potsdam to 155 at Dreieck Havelland where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Dreieck Havelland - Barnim

Increasing from 155 at Dreieck Havelland via the northern ring to 195.5 at Kreuz Barnim

A11 Szczecin - Berlin

Decreasing from 110 at the border with Poland (A6) to 0 at Kreuz Barnim (A10)

km 86.5 northbound

A12 Berlin - Frankfurt Oder

Increasing from -1 at Dreieck Spreeau (A12) to 58 at the border with Poland near Frankfurt Oder.

A13 Berlin - Dresden


1 Berlin - Dreieck Spreewald

Increasing from 0 at Schönefelder Kreuz (A10/A113) to 62 at Dreieck Spreewald where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Dreieck Spreewald - Dresden

Increasing from 62 at Dreieck Spreewald to 151 at Dreieck Dresden-Nord.

A14 Wismar - Nossen


1 Wismar - Schwerin

Decreasing from 59 at Wismar to 0 at Kreuz Schwerin

2 Schwerin - Ludwigslust

Decreasing from 363 at Kreuz Schwerin to 349 at Ludwigslust

3 Gross Warnow - Karstädt

Decreasing from 337.4 at Gross Warnow to 326.5 at Karstaedt

4 Colbitz bypass

Decreasing from 224 at Colbitz to 219 at Wolmirstedt

5 Magdeburg - Nossen

Decreasing from 208 at Dahlenwarsleben to -1 at Dreieck Nossen

A15 Spreewald - Forst

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Spreewald to 64 at the border with Poland (DK18)

A17 Dresden - Ústí nad Labem

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Dresden-West to 44.7 at the border with the Czech Republic (D8)

A19 Rostock - Wittstock

Decreasing from 123 at Rostock-Überseehafen to 0.0 at Dreieck Wittstock (A24)

A20 Bad Segeberg - Gramzow


1 Bad Segeberg - Kreuz Lübeck

Increasing from 227 east of Bad Segeberg to 250 at Kreuz Lübeck (A1)

There are no km signs on this section and values are approximate.

2 Kreuz Lübeck - Kreuz Uckermark

Increasing from 7.2 at Kreuz Lübeck to 329 at Kreuz Uckermark

A21 Kiel - Bargteheide


1 Kiel - Bornhöved

Increasing from 20.5 at KI to 29.0 at Bornhöved

2 Bornhöved - Bargteheide

Increasing from 29.5 at Bornhöved to 71.6 at Kreuz Bargteheide

There is a gap of 500 m south of Bornhöved.

A23 Heide - Hamburg

Decreasing from 95 at Heide-West to 0 at Dreieck Hamburg-Nordwest

A24 Hamburg - Berlin


1 Hamburg - Wittstock

Increasing from 0.5 at HH to 174 at Dreieck Wittstock where the road has a TOTSO.

2 Wittstock - Berlin

Increasing from 174 at Dreieck Wittstock to 237 at Dreieck Havelland (A10)

A25 Hamburg - Geesthacht

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Hamburg-Südost to 18 at Geesthacht

A26 Stade - Hamburg

Increasing from 0 at STD to 17 at Jork

A27 Cuxhaven - Walsrode

Decreasing from 162 at Cuxhaven to 0 at Dreieck Walsrode

A28 Leer - Stuhr

Increasing from 24.5 at Leer to 121 at Dreieck Stuhr

The road used to start at the border with the Netherlands which was km 0.

A29 Wilhelmshaven - Ahlhorner Heide

Decreasing from 94.5 at Wilhelmshaven to 0 at Dreieck Ahlhorner Heide

A30 Bad Bentheim - Bad Oeynhausen


1 Border with the Netherlands - Loehne

Increasing from 0 at the border with the Netherlands (A1) to 126 at Kreuz Loehne

2 Bad Oeynhausen - Kreuz Bad Oeynhausen

Increasing from 130 at Bad Oeynhausen to 133 at Kreuz Bad Oeynhausen

A31 Emden - Bottrop


1 Emden - Leer

Decreasing from 35 at Emden to 4 at Dreieck Leer

2 Leer - Bottrop

Decreasing from 209.0 at LER to 0 at Kreuz Bottrop

A33 Osnabrück - Wünnenberg


1 Osnabrück - Borgholzhausen

Increasing from 63 at Osnabrück-Schinkel to 91 at Borgholzhausen

2 Bielefeld - Wünnenberg

Decreasing from 51 at Bielefeld to 0 at Kreuz Wünnenberg-Haaren

A36 Braunschweig - Bernburg

Increasing from 0.0 at Kreuz Braunschweig-Süd to 36 at Dreieck Bad Harzburg

Formerly A395 and B6. New kilometerage TBD.

A37 Burgdorf - Hannover


1 Burgdorf - Hannover

Decreasing from 27 at Burgdorf to 17.8 at Hannover-Misburg

2 Laatzen - Dreieck Hannover-Süd

Decreasing from 4.0 at Hannover-Messegelände to 0 at Dreieck Hannover-Süd

The two sections have consistent kilometerage but there are two sections of B3 and B6 in between with their own kilometer values.

A38 Göttingen - Leipzig


1 Göttingen - Dreieck Halle-Süd

Increasing from 0.0 at GÖ to 153.5 at Dreieck Halle-Süd

2 Dreieck Halle-Süd - Dreieck Parthenaue

Increasing from 153.7 at Dreieck Halle-Süd to 220 at Dreieck Parthenaue

There is a gap of around 150 m at Dreieck Halle-Süd.

A39 Hamburg - Salzgitter


1 Hamburg - Lüneburg

Increasing from 0 at Maschener Kreuz to 31 at Lüneburg

2 Wolfsburg - Salzgitter

Increasing from 136 at Weyhausen to 205 at Dreieck Salzgitter (A7)

A40 Venlo - Dortmund


1 Border with the Netherlands - Gelsenkirchen

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (A67) to 65.5 at Gelsenkirchen

2 Gelsenkirchen - Dortmund

Increasing from 0.0 at Gelsenkirchen to 25 in Dortmund

A42 Kamp Lintfort - Dortmund

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Kamp-Lintfort to 58.3 at Dortmund-Bodelschwingh

A43 Münster - Wuppertal

Decreasing from 92.433 at Kreuz Münster-Süd to 0 at Kreuz Wuppertal-Nord

A44 Aachen - Eisenach


1 Border with the Belgium - Jackerath

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with Belgium (A3) to 45.5 at Kreuz Jackerath

2 Holz - Mönchengladbach

Increasing from 52 at Kreuz Holz to 54 at Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen

3 Mönchengladbach - Ratingen

Increasing from 67 at Mönchengladbach-Ost to 105 at Kreuz Ratingen-Ost

4 Velbert - Essen

Increasing from 6 at Heiligenhaus-Hetterscheidt to 17.6 at Essen-Heisingen

5 Dortmund - Kassel

Decreasing from 148 at Kreuz Dortmund/Unna to 0 at Dreieck Kassel-Süd

6 Kassel - Eisenach

or appear like this:

but these values are inconsistent: from 29.9 to 40.8 is only about 8.3 km.

A45 Dortmund - Aschaffenburg

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Dortmund-Nordwest to 256.5 at Seligenstädter Dreieck

A46 Heinsberg - Brilon


1 Heinsberg - Neuss

Increasing from 18.4 at Heinsberg to 66 at Kreuz Neuss-West. After this the road has a multiplex with the A57. Though that number is higher, the road has continuing kilometer values and exit numbers for historical reasons.

The road continues as B56 to the border with the Netherlands, but due to small changes in the planned route, the border crossing would be at 0.7 (but the B56 has no integrated kilometerage).


2 Neuss - Wuppertal

Increasing from 70.8 at Kreuz Neuss-Süd to 115.5 at Kreuz Wuppertal-Nord

3 Hagen - Iserlohn

Increasing from -1 in Hagen to 15.5 at Hemer.

0 is at Kreuz Hagen (A45).

3 Arnsberg - Brilon

Increasing from 53.0 at Arnsberg-Neheim (continuation of A445) to 87.6 at Bestwig

A48 Vulkaneifel - Dernbach

Decreasing from 79 at Dreieck Vulkaneifel to 0 at Dernbacher Dreieck

A49 Kassel - Neuental

Increasing from 122.4 at Kassel to 167.5 at Neuental

A52 Roermond - Marl


1 Border with the Netherlands - Düsseldorf

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (N280) to 46.0 at Büderich

2 Düsseldorf - Essen

Increasing from 54 in Düsseldorf to 83 at Dreieck Essen-Ost

3 Gelsenkirchen - Marl

Increasing from 3 in Gelsenkirchen to 23.0 at Kreuz Marl-Nord

A57 Goch - Köln

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (A77) to 116 at Köln-Ehrenfeld

The value at the border used to be 8.7, based on the distance to knooppunt Rijkevoort (A73/A77) in the Netherlands. This is inconsistent with the Dutch kilometerage though, which ends at 11.1. This is because the 8.7 km were measured from the end of the ramp from the south at knooppunt Rijkevoort.

A59 Dinslaken - Bonn


1 Dinslaken - Kreuz Duisburg-Süd

Increasing from 1.3 at Dinslaken to 25 at Kreuz Duisburg-Süd

2 Düsseldorf - Leverkusen

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Düsseldorf-Süd to 19.5 in Leverkusen

3 Dreieck Heumar - Kreuz Bonn-Ost

Increasing from 6 at Dreieck Heumar to 32 at Kreuz Bonn-Ost

A60 Winterspelt - Rüsselsheim


1 Border with Belgium - Wittlich

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with Belgium (A27) near Winterspelt to 67 at Kreuz Wittlich

2 Bingen - Rüsselsheim

Decreasing from 46.3 at Kreuz Nahetal to 1 at Dreieck Rüsselsheim

A61 Venlo - Hockenheim


1 Border with the Netherlands - Dreieck Erfttal

Increasing from -1.3 at the border with the Netherlands to 79 at Dreieck Erfttal from which the road has a TOTSO with the A1.

This section has the highest known negative value.

2 Kreuz Bliesheim - Hockenheim

Increasing from 149 at Kreuz Bliesheim to 389 at Dreieck Hockenheim

A62 Nonnweiler - Pirmasens

Increasing from 161.0 at Nonnweiler to 239.0 at PS

The km value seems derived from the A1 but it deviates from it by about 1.5 km.

A63 Mainz - Kaiserslautern

Increasing from 0 in Mainz to 72 at Dreieck Kaiserslautern

A64 Luxembourg - Trier

Increasing from 0.0 at the order with Luxembourg (A1) to 14 at Trier where it continues as B52.

A65 Ludwigshafen - Wörth

Increasing from 100 at Dreieck Ludwigshafen (B9) to 159 at Wörther Kreuz where it continues as B10.

A66 Wiesbaden - Fulda


1 Wiesbaden - Eschborn

Decreasing from 35.6 at Wiesbaden-Frauenstein to 3.2 at Eschborn

2 Eschborn - Frankfurt

Increasing from 100.0 at Eschborn to 107 at Frankfurt-Miquelallee

3 Frankfurt - Hanau

Increasing from 112.2 at Frankfurt-Bergen-Enkheim to 131 at Hanauer Kreuz

4 Langenselbold - Bad Soden-Salmünster

Increasing from 135 at Langenselbolder Dreieck to 167.15 at Bad Soden-Salmünster

5 Bad Soden-Salmünster - Fulda

Increasing from 167 at BadSoden to 203 at Dreieck Fulda-Süd

There is a duplication of about 150 m near Bad Soden-Salmünster.

The new tunnel in Neuhof is longer than the old route and therefore the kiloneterage is incorrect between Neuhof and Eichenzell.

A67 Mönchhof-Dreieck - Viernheim

Increasing from 1 at Mönchhof-Dreieck to 59.5 at Viernheimer Dreieck

A70 Schweinfurt - Bayreuth

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Schweinfurt/Werneck to 120 at Dreieck Bayreuth/Kulmbach

A71 Sangerhausen - Schweinfurt


1 Sangerhausen - Heldrungen

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Südharz to 16 at Heldrungen

2 Heldrungen - Sondheim

Increasing from 16.5 at Heldrungen to 165.4 at the border between Thüringen and Bayern near Sondheim

About 500 m are missing at Heldrungen.

3 Sondheim - Schweinfurt

Increasing from 165 at the border between Thüringen and Bayern near Sondheim to 220 at Dreieck Werntal

About 500 m are duplicated at the border.

A72 Hof - Leipzig

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Bayerisches Vogtland to 150 near Borna

A73 Suhl - Feucht


1 Suhl - Nürnberg

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Suhl to 154.2 at Nürnberg/Feucht and continuing as Frankenschnellweg whcih has its own kiloneterage.

2 Nürnberg - Feucht

Decreasing from 12.3 at Nürnberg-Hafen-Ost to -1 at Dreieck Nürnberg/Feucht

A81 Würzburg - Singen


1 Würzburg - Stuttgart

Increasing from 452 at Dreieck Würzburg-West to 584 at Dreieck Leonberg, from which the road has a TOTSO with the A8. This section is about 8 km, while the gap is only 4 km because the road used to be planned along a shorter direct route between Dreieck Leonberg and Kreuz Herrenberg.

2 Stuttgart - Singen

Increasing from 588 at Kreuz Stuttgart to 731.7 at Gottmadingen

A92 München - Deggendorf

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck München-Feldmoching to 134.3 at Deggendorf-Mitte where the road continues as B11.

A93 Hof - Kufstein


1 Hof - Dreieck Holledau

Increasing from 22.5 at Dreieck Hochfranken to 265.6 at Dreieck Holledau

2 Dreieck Inntal - Border with Austria

Increasing from 0 at Inntal to 25.2 at the border with Austria (A12)

A94 München - Passau


1 München - Pastetten

Increasing from 0 at München-Steinhausen to 27 at Pastetten

2 Heldenstein - Mühldorf

Increasing from 60.2 at Heldenstein to 66 at Mühldorf-West

3 Mühldorf - Burghausen

Decreasing from 106.6 at Mühldorf-West to 74 at Burghausen

4 Malching bypass

Increasing from 15.2 west of Malching to 19.9 east of Malching

A95 München - Garmisch Partenkirchen

Increasing from 0 at München-Sendling-Süd to 68.8 south of Eschenlohe

A96 Lindau - München

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with Austria near Lindau to 172 at München-Sendling

A98 Weil am Rhein - Stockach


1 Weil am Rhein - Dreieck Hochrhein

Increasing from 1 at Dreieck Weil am Rhein to 17 at Dreieck Hochrhein

2 Murg - Laufenburg

This section has no motorway kilometerage (only per section betwen exits). The last section has 0 to 1.8.

3 Waldshut-Tiengen - Lauchringen

Increasing from 94.2 at Waldshut-Tiengen to 100.2 at Lauchringen

4 Singen - Stockach

Increasing from 120.0 at Kreuz Hegau to 133.2 at Stockach-Ost

A99 Ring München

Increasing from 0.0 at Dreieck München-Südwest to 54 at Kreuz München-Süd, continuing as A995

A100 City ring Berlin

Increasing from 0 at Seestrasse to 20.5 at Grenzallee

Between Spandauer Damm and Dreieck Funkturm the carriageways are almost 100 m apart.

A103 Berlin: Schöneberg - Steglitz

Increasing from 0 in Schoeneberg to 3.7 in Steglitz

A104 Berlin: Wilmersdorf - Steglitz

Increasing from 0 in Wilmersdorf to 2.2 in Steglitz

The road lost its status as a separately numbered road and the number is no longer signposted.

A111 Oranienburg - Berlin

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Oranienburg to 22.6 at Dreieck Charlottenburg

A113 Berlin - Schönefeld

Decreasing from 19.1 at Dreieck Neukölln to 0.0 at Kreuz Schoenefeld (A10/A13)

A114 Abzweig Pankow

Increasing from 0 at Abzweig Pankow to 8 at Pasewalker Strasse

A115 Nuthetal - Berlin


1 Dreieck Nuthetal - Zehlendorf

Increasing from -1 at Dreieck Nuthetal to 15.6 at the border between Brandenburg and Berlin near Zehlendorf

2 Zehlendorf - Funkturm

Increasing from 16.25 at the border between Brandenburg and Berlin near Zehlendorf to 28 at Dreieck Funkturm

At the border between Berlin and Brandenburg there is a gap of about 650 m.

A117 Treptow - Waltersdorf

Decreasing from 4.8 at Treptow to 0 at Waltersdorf

This used to be the A113 before it was extended to Dreieck Neukölln.

A143 Ring Halle west

Decreasing from 9 at Halle-Neustadt to 0 at Dreieck Halle-Süd

A210 Rendsburg - Kiel


1 Rendsburg - Kiel

Increasing from 0 at Schacht-Audorf to 24 at Kreuz Kiel-West

2 Zubringer Mettenhof

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Kiel-West to 1.8 at Kiel-Mettenhof

A215 Kiel - Bordesholm

Decreasing from 22.5 at Kel-Westring to 0 at Dreieck Bordesholm

A226 Bad Schwartau - Siems

Increasing from 0.8 at Dreieck Bad Schwartau to 5.0 at Lübeck-Siems

A252 Hafenspange Hamburg

Increasing from 0 at Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg to 1.5 at Kreuz Hamburg-Süd

A253 Hamburg: Wilhelmsburg - Harburg

Decreasing from 5 at Wilhelmsburg to 0.6 at Wilstorf

A255 Hamburg: Abzweig Veddel

Decreasing from 2.4 at Hamburg-Veddel to 0 at Kreuz Hamburg-Süd

A261 Hamburg - Buchholz

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Hamburg-Südwest to 10 at Buchholzer Dreieck

A270 Bremen: Farge - Ihlpohl

Decreasing from 10.5 at Farge to 0 at Ihlpohl

A280 Nieuweschans - Bunde

Increasing from 0.0 at the border with the Netherlands (A7) to 4.5 at Dreieck Bunde

Used to be part of the A28 and has kilometerage consistent with it.

A281 Bremen-Burg-Grambke - Airport


1 Dreieck Bremen-Industriehäfen - Bremen-Burg-Grambke

Increasing from 0.0 at Dreieck Bremen-Industriehäfen to 1.8 at Bremen-Burg-Grambke

2 Bremen-Strom - Airport

Increasing from 6.5 at Bremen-Seehausen to 15 at Bremen Airport

A293 Ring Oldenburg west

Decreasing from 9 south of Rastede(continuation of B211) to 0 at Dreieck Oldenburg-west

A352 Mellendorf - Hannover

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Hannover-Nord to 18 at Dreieck Hannover-west

A391 Ring Braunschweig west

Decreasing from 13.5 at Braunschweig-Wenden BS to 1 at Dreieck Braunschweig-Südwest

A392 Watenbüttel - Braunschweig

Decreasing from 22.5 at Braunschweig-Watenbuettel to 18.6 at Braunschweig-Hamburger Strasse

A445 Werl - Arnsberg

Increasing from 0.7 at Werl-Nord to 14.7 at Arnsberg-Neheim, continues as A46

A448 Bochum - Dortmund


1 Ring Bochum

Increasing from 0.0 at Dreieck Bochum-West to 5 at Bochum-Süd

2 Bochum - Dortmund

Increasing from 3.5 at Bochum to 12.8 at Kreuz Dortmund/Witten

This section is signposted as A44 until the opening of the section near Bochum in 2019.

A480 Wetzlar - Reiskirchen


1 Wetzlar - Blasbach

Increasing from 67.8 at WZ to 71 at Blasbach

2 Wettenberg - Reiskirchen

Increasing from 83 at Wettenberg to 98 at Reiskirchener Dreieck

The missing part will never be built and the first section may be downgraded.

A485-B3 Gießen - Langgöns


1 Link between A480 and A485/B3 in Gießener Nordkreuz

Increasing from 0 at A480 to 2 at A485/B3

2 Gießen - Langgöns

Decreasing from 30 north of Staufenberg to 5.6 at Langgöns

At both ends continues as B3, in the north as a motorway-like road but without kilometerage.

A516 Zubringer Oberhausen

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Oberhausen to 5 at Oberhausen-Eisenheim

A524 Duisburg - Breitscheid

Increasing from 8 at Kreuz Duisburg-Süd to 15 at Kreuz Breitscheid (A52)

A535 Velbert - Wuppertal

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Velbert to 13.5 at Wuppertal-Sonnborner Kreuz

A540 Grevenbroich bypass

Increasing from 0 at exit Jüchen of the A46 to 7 at Grevenbroich-Süd

To be downgraded to B59.

A542 Monheim - Langenfeld

Increasing from 3.2 at Leverkusen-Hitdorf to 8.8 at Dreieck Langenfeld

A544 Zubringer Aachen

Decreasing from 5.3 at Aachen-Europaplatz to 0 at Kreuz Aachen

A553 Bliesheim - Brühl

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Bliesheim to 13.2 at Brühl-Nord

A555 Köln - Bonn

Increasing from 0 at Verteilerkreis Köln to 20 at Verteilerkreis Bonn

A559 Köln - Porz

Increasing from 0.7 in Köln to 8.5 at Dreieck Porz

Consistent with A59 which has a TOTSO at Dreieck Porz.

A560 St Augustin - Hennef

Increasing from 0.0 at Dreieck St Augustin-West to 13.2 at Hennef-Ost

A562 Ring Bonn south

Increasing from 13.4 in Bonn-Bad Godesberg to 18 at Kreuz Bonn-Ost

A565 Bonn - Meckenheim

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Bonn-Nordost to 26 at Gelsdorf

A571 Abzweig Sinzig

Decreasing from 2 at Ehlingen to -0.5 at Dreieck Sinzig

A573 Abzweig Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Decreasing from 3 at Dreieck Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler to 0 at Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

A602 Trier - Moseltal

Increasing from 2.7 at Verteilerkreis Trier to 12.7 at Dreieck Moseltal

A620 Saarlouis - Saarbrücken

Decreasing from 31.118 at Dreieck Saarlouis to 0 at SB

A623 Friedrichsthal - Saarbrücken

Decreasing from 8.5 at Friedrichsthal to 0.0 at Dreieck Saarbrücken

A643 Wiesbaden - Mainz

Decreasing from 300 at Wiesbaden-Dotzheim to 291.5 at Dreieck Mainz

A648 Eschborn - Frankfurt


1 Eschborn - Rödelheim

Decreasing from 3 at Eschborner Dreieck to 0 at Westkreuz Frankfurt

2 Rödelheim - Frankfurt

Decreasing from 100 at Westkreuz Frankfurt to 97.7 at Frankfurt-Katharinenkreisel

A650 Bad Dürkheim - Ludwigshafen

Decreasing from 14.0 at Friedelsheim to 0 in Ludwigshafen

A656 Mannheim - Heidelberg

Increasing from 1 at Mannheim to 13 in Heidelberg, continuing as B37 at both ends.

The road used to contue further into Mannheim, up to km 0.

A659 Weinheim - Viernheim

Decreasing from 14.5 at Kreuz Weinheim to 8 at Viernheimer Kreuz

The road runs east-west but the kilometerage is west-east.

A661 Bad Homburg - Egelsbach

Increasing from 300 at Oberursel-Nord to 337 at Egelsbach

A671 Wiesbaden - Mainspitzdreieck

Decreasing from 13 at exit Wiesbaden-Mainzer Straße of A66 to 1 at Mainspitzdreieck

Kilometer values start at 0 on the lane towards the A671 on the A60 which has km 10 here

A672 Zubringer Darmstadt

Decreasing from 2.5 at the A67 to 0 in Darmstadt

A831 Stuttgart - Böblingen

Increasing from 9.0 at Stuttgart-Vaihingen (contuation of B14) to 11 at Kreuz Stuttgart

A861 Dreieck Hochrhein - Rheinfelden

Decreasing from 4.2 at Dreieck Hochrhein to 0 at Border with Switzerland (A3a)

A864 Donaueschingen - Bad Dürrheim

Increasing from 84 at Donaueschingen to 90 at Dreieck Bad Dürrheim

A952 Zubringer Starnberg

Increasing from 0 at Dreieck Starnberg to 4.5 at Percha

A980-B12 Kempten - Isny

Increasing from 0 at Allgäu to 21 at Isny.

A980 up to km 5, then continues as motorway-like B12.

Bavarian ramp km sign on A980 exit 3

A995 München - Brunnthal

Increasing from 0 at München-Giesing to 10.5 at Kreuz München-Süd

B6 Bremen - Hannover

Two sections are motorway-like and have white km signs. Sections:

1 Bremen (B75) - Überseestadt

Increasing from 43.0 at junction with A281 to 49.2 at Exit Bremen-Überseestadt of the A27.

Continuation of the B75 with consistent kilometerage.

2 Hannover - Laatzen

Increasing from 4.5 at junction between B3, B6 and B65 in Hannover to 9.5 at Laatzen, continues as A37

B8n Südwesttangente Nürnberg

Increasing from 1 at Kreuz Nürnberg-Hafen to 12 at Fürth

B26 Darmstadt - Dieburg

Increasing from 1.8 at Darmstadt to 17.2 at Dieburg

The road used to be the A680 and it still had blue motorway km signs until around 2010.

B28 Ulm - Hittistetten

Decreasing from 11 at Ulm (continuation of B10) to -0.5 at Dreieck Hittistetten

B43a Hanau - Obertshausen

Increasing from 600 at Kreuz Hanau to 609.5 at Obertshausen

B45 Hanau - Dieburg

Increasing from 96 at Hanau to 122 at Dieburg.

Used to be the A683 and it still had blue motorway km signs.

B51a Zubringer Münster

Increasing from 0 at Kreuz Münster-Süd (continuation of A43) to 3 in Münster

B75 Delmenhorst - Bremen

Increasing from 34 at Dreieck Delmenhorst to 43 at junction with A281, continues as B6 with the same km values.

B236 Lünen - Schwerte

Increasing from 2.3 at the B54 south of Lünen to 19 at the A45

B402 Emmen - Meppen

Increasing from 9.0 at the border with the Netherlands to 15.6 at exit Meppen-Nord of the A31

B464 Böblingen - Sindelfingen

Increasing from 29.0 at Böblingen-Hulb to 32.1 at Sindelfingen-West.

Formerly A864, with yellow km signs.

Frankenschnellweg Nürnberg


1 Hafen - Stadtmitte

Increasing from 9.5 at Wiener Straße to 15.7 in An den Rampen

2 Stadtmitte - Fürth

Increasing from 16.7 at Gostenhof to 20 at exit Nürnberg/Fürth of the A73, continues as A73.

A5-A45 Gambacher Kreuz north

Ramp in Gambacher Kreuz increasing from 0 at A5 to 2.2 at A45 northbound

A45-A5 Gambacher Kreuz south

Ramp in Gambacher Kreuz increasing from 0 at A45 to 1.8 at A5 southbound

A99-A8 Allach - Eschenried

Decreasing from 104.4 at Dreieck München-Allach to 100.5 at Dreieck München-Eschenried

A8-A99 Eschenried - Allach

Increasing from 100 at Dreieck Eschenried to 104.6 at Dreieck München-Allach

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