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    Use of FG Channels

    Use of Fireground channels in Boston Mass area Mon, Jan 21, 2013

    Use of fireground radio channels in Boston Mass area

    (FG = discrete channel for firescene ops)

    (direct = operating on output side of the main repeater channel)

    Arlington - stay on Ch 1 - 460.60R - rarely use direct anymore

    Belmont - stay on Ch 1 - 482.775R

    Boston - go to Ch 2 483.1875R, Ch 3 483.2125R, or Ch 4 483.2375R for FG - also rarely use direct

    Braintree - ? use Norfolk County FG channels

    Brookline - stay on Ch 1 483.4375R - also seem to use direct of Ch 1 - (confirmed via scanner 1/24/2013)

    Burlington - ? stay on Ch 1 483.3625R

    Cambridge - use Ch 16 854.4875R or Ch 14 855.5625R for FG

    Chelsea - go to FG channel

    Dedham - stay on Ch 1? 453.6875R

    Everett - go to FG channel?

    Lexington - stay on Ch 1 482.0875R

    Lincoln - stay on Ch 1? 470.85R

    Lynn - use Ch 2 (482.1625R) for FG

    Newton - stay on Ch1 483.4625R for FG - have 482.9625R also available

    Malden - go to FG channel

    MassPort - stay on FG channel - which they use as their main channel essentially

    Medford - go to FG or stay on Ch 1 - discretion of IC apparently

    Melrose - go to FG channel

    Milton - use Norfolk County FG channels

    Needham - stay on Ch 1? 453.075R

    Quincy - stay on Ch 1 483.5375R (but they have Ch2 484.80R? and Ch3 451.55R available)

    Randolph - use Norfolk Co FG channels

    Reading - stay on Ch 1? 483.4125R or use direct ?

    Revere - stay on Ch 1 470.0625R (1/25/2013) for most incidents - [ go to FG North for major incidents (per Radio Ref forums Jan 2013) ]

    Saugus - stay on Ch 1?

    Somerville - use Ch 2 483.2625R

    Stoneham - stay on Ch 1? 460.625R or use direct or have own FG channel maybe (458.175M)

    Wakefield - stay on Ch 1 483.4375R and use direct also?

    Waltham - stay on Ch 1 470.1125R - also have 482 Mhz repeater available

    Watertown - stay on Ch 1 483.7125R - use direct also

    Weston - stay on Ch 1? ?470.1625R

    Weymouth - ? use Norfolk County FG channels

    Winthrop - stay on Ch 1 483.6375R

    Woburn - stay on Ch 1 483.6125R

    One factor that does not appear here are the co channel and adjacent channel users of the various channels. For instance - both Wakefield
    and Brookline use 483.4375 as their main channel and as their FG channel. And they are not very far apart. Newton FD and Salem FD both
    use 483.4625R. Both Winthrop FD and Salem FD use 483.6375R. Both Reading FD and Wayland FD use 483.4125R. Both Quincy FD and Concord FD
    use 483.5375R. Both Watertown FD, Tewksbury FD, and possibly Concord FD uses 483.7125R. Etc.