Arcane Warrior

You have learned a potent mix of magic and melee skills.

Class: Mage
Requirement: Intelligence and Dexterity 3 or higher 

Novice:You learn a new weapon group of your choice, and you can use Willpower to satisfy the minimum Strength requirement of weapons.

You can also enter Sage Stance by taking an activate action. While in this stance, you add Intelligence instead of Fighting to your attack with melee weapons.

However, any spell you cast in Sage Stance has its mana point cost increased by 2. You can end Sage Stance with another activate action.

Journeyman: You reduce the strain of any armor you wear by 3 You are also allowed to take the Armor Training talent, which is normally restricted to warriors.

Master: When you are in Sage Stance, you can spend 5 MP to shift yourself so you exist partly in the real world and partly in the Umbra. 
This is called Umbra Shroud and it gives you a ghostly countenance that is obvious and unsettling to many. 
A Umbra Shroud increases your Defense by 3 but you must pay 3 mana points per round (at the start of your turn) to maintain it. If you do not, the effect ends immediately