Asociación de Musulmanes HOmosexuales LGTB

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Given our unique situations as homosexual muslims, in this section, we aim to strengthen intercultural strategies in fully educating others about sexuality, as well as promoting sexual health.

Our program includes the HIV and STD prevention information geared toward our community to complement the efforts made by the health authorities and the Gay and Lesbian Community. Our goal is to encouraging safe sexual practices through education awareness.

A holistic integral education must be based on Human Rights, as well as respecting the values of the plural and democratic society which are fully developed by families and communities. We are constantly aware that this type of education must take into consideration several aspects (ethnic, biological, emotional, social, cultural and gender), as well as issues that refer to the diversity found with sexuality (sexual orientation, sexual identity) in order to appreciate diversity, to reject all forms of discrimination and to promote among muslims to make responsible and informed decision about their sexual relations.