Mary Hobbs Hall


Mary Hobbs Hall is an all-women's hall. This unique building is the oldest residential facility on-campus and underwent renovations in 2015. It is the home to the Women's Empowerment TLC.

Mary Hobbs Hall Facts

  • Houses approximately 54 sophomore, junior, and senior women
  • Two floors of residences
  • Central bathroom facilities on each wing
  • Community lounges on the first and second floors
  • Kitchen on the first floor
  • Shared laundry facilities on the first and second floors
  • Wireless internet available throughout
  • Located near Founders Hall and the center Quad
  • Staffed by two Resident Advisors, an Assistant Community Director, and a Community Director

Mary Hobbs Hall Bedroom Facts

  • Heat and air conditioning
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Almost all double-occupancy bedrooms
  • Average room dimensions: 13 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft.
  • Typical bedroom furnishings: for each resident a desk; desk chair; loftable, extra-long twin bed frame and mattress; dresser; and closet/wardrobe
  • Trash and recycling bins provided
  • 1 mini-fridge provided
Mary Hobbs Hall physical address: 5703 George Fox Road


including floor plans and images are available in this folder.

How to apply for Mary Hobbs Hall 2019-2020....

Pay attention to pending deadlines!


  1. Complete the Online Housing Application by 5pm on March 25th.
  2. You will receive further instructions for Roommate Selection which begins on March 26th. You must be mutually matched with a roommate through Roommate Selection to be eligible to select from the available double rooms in Mary Hobbs Hall in step 3 below. (Single rooms will not be available through General Room Self-Selection.)
  3. You will receive a General Room Self-Selection time for the evening of April 10th. These times are prioritized by class then randomly assigned. At your assigned time, this process will be open to you and you will be allowed into the system to select from available double rooms. You will receive further instructions.

For INCOMING TRANSFER, VISITING, and READMITTED STUDENTS (first-time first year students are NOT eligible for Mary Hobbs Hall):

  1. Complete the Online Housing Application by June 21st and indicate Mary Hobbs as a hall preference.
  2. If space is available, you would be manually housed in Mary Hobbs Hall based on your preferences.

Submitting your Online Housing Application does NOT guarantee placement.

All students who are housed in Mary Hobbs will be included in the Women's Empowerment TLC; there is no separate application process for this TLC.