Maintenance, Keys, Pest Control

work requests

Facilities Work Requests

You may submit a Facilities Work Request for maintenance for your residence hall spaces via the link below. Some examples of why you might do this: your desk drawer won't open, you noticed ants in your room, your sink is backed up, or your smoke detector is chirping. Call Facilities with questions: (336)316-2800.

For EMERGENCY REPAIRS (like water leaks, power outages, major outages with heat or air conditioning) contact Facilities directly at (336)316-2800 during regular business hours or Public Safety at (336)316-2909 after-hours and on weekends.

IT&S Help Tickets

You may submit an IT&S Help Ticket (Information Technology & Services) for technological needs. Some examples of why you might do this: you're experiencing issues with the WiFi connectivity or your ID card has stopped working to your residence hall. Log tickets by:

  1. Email to, or
  2. Phone call to the IT&S Help Desk at (336)316-2020.

Residence Hall Keys

You will be issued a room key when you check-in for housing at the start of the Term. You are responsible for this key and for returning it immediately upon moving out of a room (see Check-out Procedures). Duplicating College keys is strictly prohibited.

Lost your room key?...

If you have lost or misplaced your room key, contact ResEd&Housing immediately! Visit us in 210 Founders Hall and we can issue you a spare key until the lock can be changed. There is a $75 fee for a lost key. However do not delay reporting the lost key! Re-keying the room is for your and your roommates' safety and you would be charged the fee at the end of the semester anyway.

Locked out?...

If you are locked out of your room, contact Public Safety at (336)316-2909. They can let you into your room; you will be subject to Public Safety's unlock policies and fees.

Custodial Services

Guilford College contracts with WFF to provide housekeeping and custodial services across campus, including common areas of the residence halls. You may routinely encounter WFF staff as they work in the corridors, stairwells, lounges, kitchens, and bathrooms. Please be respectful of the scope of their work which should not include cleaning up after individuals' messes.

Custodial services DO NOT maintain common areas within Apartment suites. It is the responsibility of the residents to clean these areas regularly.

Custodial services can be contacted through the Facilities Work Request process outlined above.

Pest control

Guilford College contracts with McNeely Pest Control. They are on-campus weekly. However, if any areas in your residence hall need specific attention, do not hesitate to follow the Facilities Work Request process outlined above.