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Packing List

Don't know what to bring to the residence halls and what to leave at home? Check out our suggested packing list. Reading more about your assigned residence hall may be helpful as well, find your hall's page under the Housing Options page.

Snail Mail and Proper Address Formatting

Students are assigned a mailbox in the lowest level of Founders Hall, between the Bookstore and the Grill. Snail mail can be addressed here. Students will be notified to pick up larger parcels up in the Mail Services Building.

Proper Address Formatting

Snail Mail.pdf

Login to MyHousing Self-Service to find your mailbox number and combination on the Home page. Contact the Registrar's Office if you're unable to find it: or (336)316-2121.

Residence Halls and Insurance

It is highly recommended that you have insurance coverage in the residence halls. Often, this is covered by renters or homeowners insurance policies and you can check with your provider, but separate policies are also available.

TV in the residence halls

Due to incredibly low usage, Guilford dissolved its contracts with Cable TV providers in all residence halls in either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019. Instead, Guilford has invested in strengthening WiFi connectivity since students have shared that they greatly prefer streamed content. Streaming devices will be provided for the common lounge TVs in the residence halls, though students must use their own accounts to access content.

Recycling in the residence halls

At Guilford, we aim to be good stewards of our home and environment. Recycling is part of this effort and you'll see receptacles all around campus. For residential students and others, here are few important guidelines.

  • Abide by the City of Greensboro's recycling standards. As of July, 2019, there are significant changes to the recycling program and they offer great resources for self-education!
    • View the new City of Greensboro Recycling Guide.
    • Download GSO Collects from your App Store and use the "Waste Wizard" to search for specific items to see whether or not they are recyclable. Or find the "Waste Wizard" online here.
  • Recycled materials must be CLEAN and DRY.
  • Glass can no longer go into recycling.
  • Recyclable items should go into the recycling dumpster loose (NOT in a plastic bag which is not recyclable).

It is critical that we, as a community, avoid extraneous contaminants in our recycling receptacles!

Laundry 101

No quarters required! Residential students have access to laundry facilities nearby or within each hall at no additional charge.


    1. Read the care instructions on your garments.
    2. Separate loads by color and/or washing requirements.


    1. Add detergent - you do NOT need much, especially in our HE (high efficiency) washers.
    2. Do not overfill the machine.
    3. Close door.
    4. Select a cycle.
    5. Do not try to open a locked washer door, wait for the cycle to finish.
    6. Leave door open when finished.


    1. Clean lint tray.
    2. 1 wash load = 1 dryer load
    3. Select appropriate cycle.
    4. Don't dry rubber, plastic, wool, or items containing other chemicals.


CSC_ServiceWorks_AcademicDivision_Guilford LaundryView Presentation as of 8-15-18.pptx

Laundry Maintenance

Guilford College contracts with CSC ServiceWorks to provide and maintain our on-campus laundry appliances.

BROKEN MACHINE? Enter a maintenance report through the service App or through the CSC ServiceWorks website.