Check-in & Check-out

ARRIVAL & Check-in

Check-in periods are strictly enforced - check your email for your respective schedule and plan travel accordingly. If a "hold" is placed on your student account for any reason, you must clear the hold before checking in; you are encouraged to check Banner Web for any holds and try to clear them before arriving on-campus for check-in.

Late Arrivals: If you arrive late to campus and miss your scheduled check-in, contact Public Safety (336)316-2909 to be let into your room temporarily. Then check-in at the next earliest opportunity.

All residential students must officially check-in and be issued a room key within 48 hours of arriving on-campus.

Early Arrival Requests

Returning and readmitted students may request to move in one day early. To make a request, please review the details outlined on the Early Arrival Request Form, including applicable fees and restrictions, and submit the form no later than July 31 for Fall requests or December 15 for Spring.

This option does not apply to students entering their first semester.

Getting ready for move-in? Check out our suggested packing list...

Packing List (updated 2.19.19).pdf

Room Condition Report Forms (RCRs)

Within 48 hours of moving in, you are required to complete the RCR for your respective building. Once you move out, out staff will compare the condition of the room and furnishings to what is recorded on your RCR to assess for any charges.

Departure & Check-out

Check-out Procedures

When you move out and check-out of a room, you are expected to:

1.) Vacate and clear your room in a timely manner and by the deadline established by Residential Education & Housing. Failure to vacate by the established deadline will result in fines of $50 per hour or part thereof that you or your belongings remain in the residence halls past said deadline.

    • This includes removing all personal belongings from the space, ensuring that all college-owned furniture and property is in its original location, cleaning, and locking doors and windows. Trash and recycling should be deposited directly in the respective, nearby dumpster, not left in the residence halls.

2.) Complete a Check-out Form and return your key to:

    • Residential Education & Housing (210 Founders Hall) during regular business hours OR
    • The Key Drop Box any time of day, located inside the side/ramp entrance of Founders Hall.

You do not need to meet with your RA prior to checking out. Your residence hall space will be inspected once vacated. See below for damage assessments and fines.

See also procedures and policies as outlined in the Guilford College Student Handbook and the Residential Contract.

Damage Billing & Appeals

Charges or fines for damages, missing items, or cleaning will be applied to the student’s account and the student will be notified by email. Students should not be charged for normal wear and tear at the discretion of ResEd&Housing. Any appeals must be submitted in writing through the Fines Appeal Form and within 10 business days from when the email notification is sent to the student.

Communal Responsibility

When unable to determine the responsible party, charges may be divided by those responsible for shared or common areas. As roommates depart at different times, please be aware that all students sharing a space are responsible for the state of that area. If the state of a common area results in charges, the total amount will be divided among all the residents unless someone comes forward to accept responsibility.

Not returning to Guilford next semester?... If this is the case (other than graduating seniors), you must go through an official withdrawal or leave of absence process with the College. For more information, contact the Academic & Student Affairs Office: (336)316-2186 or