Per the Residential Contract, Guilford College requires all students to live on-campus and have a meal plan but for those exclusions listed to the right.

You may apply for an off-campus release through the Off-Campus Release Application Form below, demonstrating that you meet one or more of the criteria for consideration. Approval is not guaranteed and you should not secure off-campus housing unless/until you receive official approval.

You may be required to submit DOCUMENTATION IN ADDITION TO THIS FORM depending on the criteria you selected. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

For Continuing Students: There is a $500 late application fine if submitted after the deadline of 5PM on FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019 and approved.


There are a few exceptions which EXCLUDE a student from the Residential Contract and requirements:
a.) Early College student status
b.) Continuing Education student status
c.) Age 15 or younger
d.) Age 23 or older*
e.) Enrolled part-time* (11 or fewer credit hours)
f.) those already approved by Residential Education & Housing for an off-campus release.
*For examples d.) and e.), a student may petition to live or remain in on-campus housing through the Request to Stay in Housing Form which can be found on our ResEd&Housing Home page.


Criteria: LIVE AT HOME - You will be residing with your parent or legal guardian at their permanent, primary residence within 30 miles of Guilford’s campus.

Required documentation: Residency Verification Form. The address on this form should match your address on record.

Criteria: FINANCIAL EXIGENCY - You or your family have experienced extenuating changes in your financial circumstances since you enrolled at Guilford College, such as loss of income, employment, or significant medical expenses.

Required documentation: Any documentation of your or your family's change in financial circumstances can be provided. Examples might include unemployment benefits documentation, copies of recent pay stubs, or medical bills. Email information to and include your name, student ID number, and "Off-Campus Application" in the subject of the email.

Criteria: PARENT - You are the custodial parent of a child who lives with you.

Required documentation: Documentation verifying your custodial/parental status.

Criteria: A.D.A. ACCOMMODATION - An off-campus release is a necessary accommodation for a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Required documentation: Contact Accessibility Resource Center immediately for further instructions:, (336)316-2837 or (336)316-2879. Additional documentation IS required.

Criteria: COMPLETED 4 YEARS ON-CAMPUS - You have already completed four academic years (eight full Fall or Spring semesters) as a residential student at Guilford College.

Required documentation: None, we will verify in our records.

Criteria: MARRIED - You are legally married and living with your spouse.

Required documentation: None as long as your marital status is recorded with the Registrar's Office.

Because Guilford College is a residential campus, we do not promote nor endorse off-campus housing options. Students must independently find resources and secure off-campus housing once approved for an off-campus release.