North Apartments


The North Apartments are a set of six buildings, surrounding a central, wooded area. Each building has four, four-bedroom, co-ed apartment units, housing approximately 96 upper-class students.

North Apartments Facts

  • Common area furnished with: dining table and chairs, loveseat and two armchairs, coffee table, end table, light fixture
  • Standard apartment kitchen: refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, kitchen sink, cupboards/drawers (cooking and dining supplies not included)
  • Carpeted floor except for the kitchen area which is tiled
  • Front porch area on each floor
  • Four single bedrooms per apartment
  • One shared bathroom per apartment
  • Community laundry facilities are located centrally in the complex
  • Wireless internet available throughout
  • Located on the north end of campus
  • Staffed by three resident advisors and a community director

North Apartments Bedroom Facts

  • All single rooms
  • Carpeted
  • Trash and recycling bins provided
  • Air conditioned
  • Typical bedroom furnishings: desk, desk chair, extra-long twin bed frame and mattress, dresser and closet.
North Apartments Building 71 physical address: 710 Elizabeth Fry RoadNorth Apartments Building 72 physical address: 720 Elizabeth Fry RoadNorth Apartments Building 73 physical address: 730 Elizabeth Fry RoadNorth Apartments Building 74 physical address: 740 Elizabeth Fry RoadNorth Apartments Building 75 physical address: 750 Elizabeth Fry RoadNorth Apartments Building 76 physical address: 760 Elizabeth Fry Road


including floor plans and images are available in this folder.

How to apply for North Apartments....

  1. Submit the Apartment Group Application along with your proposed roommates. Yes, it is a long and wordy but very important, please read it in full! Complete it neatly and carefully and by the deadline! Apartment Group Applications are prioritized by the size of the group (largest to smallest) then by combined earned credit hours (highest to lowest).
  2. Each group member must ALSO complete the Online Housing Application by the deadline.

Continuing Students: Both applications are due by 5:00pm on March 25th.

If you do not have a proposed group of roommates, there are still options. 1.) You may still submit a partial Apartment Group Application. 2.) Depending on the number of Apartment Group Applicants, there may be rooms in apartments available during Room Self-Selection. 3.) You may register for an apartment space on the waitlist, though you would need to secure housing elsewhere unless/until we are able to offer you an apartment room.

Submitting your application does NOT guarantee placement.

TRANSFER, VISITING, and READMITTED STUDENTS: You may be eligible to be housed here, placement will depend on vacancies since continuing students will be housed first. If you are interested in the East Apartments, submit your Online Housing Application by June 21st and indicate North Apartments as a hall preference. Your housing assignment will be determined based on your indicated preferences, you will NOT follow the process outlined above.