Residential Education & Housing

Guilford College


Current Student Housing Selection for Fall 2021:

Residence Halls Open and Close Schedule:

  • APR 10: Deadline to vacate the residence halls for students not enrolled in 3-week session @3:00pm.
  • MAY 6: Residence halls CLOSE @3:00pm, ALL STUDENTS must vacate except for graduating seniors.
  • MAY 8: Commencement. Residence halls CLOSE @8:00pm to all remaining students.

Incoming New and Transfer Students Housing Selection for Fall 2021:

  • APR 2: New and Transfer Student Housing Applications open to those attending admitted student events.
  • MAY 1: DEADLINE for New and Transfer Student Online Housing Applications for best consideration.
  • MAY 31: Housing assignments completed for New and Transfer students who applied by May 1

Housing Announcements for 2021-2022

The 4-Year Residential Requirement

Yes. Guilford requires students to live on-campus for four years per the Residential Contract. You may ask ... why? Between schoolwork and getting enough sleep, the last thing to worry about is hustling through a commute to get to class on time. But consider more closely the value of a Guilford education. Community is central to the Guilford experience. Many students form their closest, lasting friendships outside of the classroom.

Living in such a tight-knit, diverse, dynamic group of people can expand your social circle, life experiences, and your world perspective — and it’s integral to a true liberal arts education. Through community living, students gain such transferable experiences and skills as self-advocacy, communication, conflict resolution, independence, accountability, decision-making, and respect. And as residential students you also have direct access to on-campus resources and support.

Guilford offers a variety of types of housing to accommodate students’ changing needs year-to-year. We hope you’ll make the most of them! Limited exceptions are made to this 4-year residential requirement, but if you believe that you meet these criteria, please read more about how to request an off-campus release.


There are a few exceptions which EXCLUDE a student from the residential requirement and on-campus housing options:
a.) Early College student status
b.) Continuing Education student status
c.) Age 15 or younger
d.) Age 23 or older*
e.) Enrolled part-time* (11 or fewer credit hours - these students must still submit an off-campus release application but will be approved)
f.) Those already with a standing approval by Residential Education & Housing for an off-campus release
*For examples d.) and e.), a student may petition to live or remain in on-campus housing through the Request to Stay in Housing Form linked below, which requires the support of the student's Academic Advisor or an Academic Dean.


Students must be enrolled in concurrent coursework full-time to maintain their on-campus living arrangements. During the fall and spring terms, full-time is 12 or more credits total: at least 8 credits during the 12-week session and at least 1 credit during the 3-week session.