Gender Inclusive Housing

A student’s “home away from home” and “family away from family” are essential components to the overall college experience and can greatly influence academic and social success. To that end and with our commitment to a strong community based on diversity, equality, and inclusion, Guilford College offers gender inclusive housing options and policies which acknowledge, affirm, and respect the diversity of our students including those for whom "same-sex" roommate assignments are neither ideal nor appropriate. With more options to find roommates who are truly compatible, students will have greater opportunities to create more comfortable and safe environments for themselves.

Any Residence hall SPACE...

...can be gender inclusive: Binford, Bryan, English, Shore, Milner or Apartments. The only exceptions are spaces that are specifically designated as all-women (Mary Hobbs, one wing of Milner Hall) or all-men (one wing of Milner Hall) which are options for any student who self-identifies as a woman or man, respectively. Read more below.

SHORE HALL: Communal Queer Living

Students may apply to this Themed Living Community, a gender inclusive and affirming housing option that provides space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer students, and affirming friends to build community. Read more here.

Guilford's Answers about Gender Inclusive Housing...


Explore the following resources to learn more about gender identity and expression:
Bayard Rustin Center for LGBTQA Activism, Awareness and Reconciliation: (336)316-2374bayardrustincenter@guilford.edu128E King Hall on the Guilford College campus
Gender Spectrum
Definition of Terms from the Gender Equity Resource Center, University of California Berkeley
Campus Pride