MyHousing Self-Service

MyHousing Self-Service is your online personal hub to:

You will need your Guilford Network Login (which is different from your email login and your Banner PIN). New students should receive an email with this information once your deposit is received and Guilford email is set up from If you need assistance with resetting your password, contact the IT&S Help Desk at (336)316-2020 or

TROUBLESHOOTING in MyHousing Self-Service

If you are experiencing errors in the MyHousing Self-Service application, try troubleshooting through these suggested solutions.

  1. Try completing the process on a computer as opposed to a mobile device (if you're not already doing this).
  2. Try a different browser. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for MyHousing Self-Service.
  3. If you have entered text in an "open response" portion of an application (a narrative response), there is a character limit. Try shortening your responses to less than 500 characters.
  4. If your process (like an application) does not appear, it may not be open yet. You may check the Housing Timeline or contact ResEd&Housing directly.

If you continue to experience errors, please take a screenshot of a.) where you are in the process that you're experiencing the error message and b.) the error message itself and email this to

For Guilford Network login issues from the page that looks like this... the IT&S Help Desk: (336)316-2020 or