Summer Housing

For the ten weeks of Summer Sessions, a limited number of spaces will be available in the South Apartments to continuing, traditional students who are enrolled in at least one summer course. Unlike fall and spring terms, students are not required nor guaranteed to live on-campus during the summer term. Students are therefore housed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

NOTE: Students may NOT remain in on-campus housing between Spring Term check-out and Summer Term check-in nor between Summer Term check-out and Fall Term check-in. Be sure to check the Residence Halls Opening & Closing Schedule and plan your travel accordingly.

How to Apply...

  1. Summer 2019 Housing Application is now open! Apply as soon as possible for best consideration.
  2. Follow the basic steps 1-5 on the Online Housing Application page to complete the online Summer Housing Application for Continuing Students.
  3. There is no room self-selection process for Summer Term housing. You will be assigned to a room by ResEd&Housing staff once applications are received. Room and roommate requests will be honored if possible, but cannot be guaranteed, and should be recorded on your Summer Housing Application.

Summer 2019 Room Rates

  • $2,200 for 10-week summer session
  • $1,100 for 5-week summer session

For those participating in Summer Edge, the cost of housing is NOT covered by the program.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are NOT available during the Summer Term. Summer housing is placed in apartments, each unit has a full kitchen.

The Dining Hall may be open for limited hours during the summer for other events during which you may pay at the door to dine; check the Dining Services website.


On-campus storage options may be available between the Spring Term check-out and Summer Term check-in but is not guaranteed. Please contact Residential Education & Housing directly to inquire, (you will need to set up an appointment). Even if storage can be arranged, students themselves may not remain on campus for this span of time between terms.

On-campus storage is NOT available between Summer Term check-out and Fall Term check-in.

When is CHECK-IN for Summer Housing?...

Check the Residence Halls Opening & Closing Schedule!