Themed Living Communities

In Fall 2019, Guilford College Residential Education & Housing launches a comprehensive programming and housing model called Themed Living Communities (TLCs). Through various residential initiatives, TLCs are multi-layered programs aiming to connect students more profoundly with Guilford's closely held values, with students' own self-identified interests, and with one another in community.

In addition to Residential Education & Housing’s mission, Themed Living Communities will offer:

  1. Opportunities to live in community with shared missions which synthesize with Guilford's values and priorities,
  2. Personal and leadership development experiences, and
  3. Events and initiatives specifically designed for that respective community.

Explore the 2019-2020 Themed Living Communities

and their respective application processes through the links below.

Ethical Leaders in Action

For: First Year StudentsLocation: Sections of Binford and Milner Halls
This TLC engages first year students in creating and sustaining a culture of lifelong leadership development, training, and education. The program seeks to empower students to become everyday leaders by providing the foundation necessary to for students to seek out and participate in opportunities for co-curricular learning, intentional engagement, self-reflection, and skill development. This emerging leaders program believes in developing visionary, goal-driven, and action-oriented student leaders.

Global Learning & Academic Leadership

For: Sophomores, Juniors, and SeniorsLocation: Part or all of English Hall, depending on the number of applications
This TLC will provide a supportive space for students who have demonstrated a commitment to achieving academic excellence and a desire to learn about the world beyond U.S. borders. Students are encouraged to bring what they are learning in the classroom, through their research projects, internships, and study abroad experiences into the residence hall to create a holistic academic/living experience that encourages students to become independent, critical-thinkers and global citizens.

Service, Social Justice, Sustainability

For: Sophomores, Juniors, and SeniorsLocation: South Apartments
These TLCS will establish a community of folks committed to investing time and energy towards educating themselves and others on the important issues attached to the topic of their respective building. These communities are focused on understanding ways to give back to Guilford and beyond through service; living in ecologically, socially, and economically healthy environments; and a commitment to being in a space that promotes a socially just and conscientious world.

Women's Empowerment

For: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior WomenLocation: Mary Hobbs Hall
This TLC will establish a community of women commonly invested in engaging with the themes of womanism, intersecting identities, feminist theory and empowerment in the academic, social, and professional worlds. The members of the community are cooperatively committed to exploring their identities individually and collectively, will enhance leadership skills through understanding and practice, and are devoted to contributing to the empowerment of women and girls in the community.

Communal Queer Living

For: Sophomores, Juniors, and SeniorsLocation: Part or all of Shore Hall, depending on the number of applications
This TLC is a gender inclusive and affirming housing option that provides space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer students, and affirming friends to build community. Individuals interested in being a part of this Queer and Trans affirming community are expected to work to recognize their varying positions of privilege, and prioritize the lives of marginalized folks. This community is committed to creating an anti-racist, class conscious, queer affirming space; that centers femmes, trans folks, people of color, indigenous folks, undocumented students, people with disabilities, and those embodying the spaces in-between and beyond. Hall programming and communal living expectations will reflect these principles and values.

While we hope all residential students will engage in the TLCs in their halls and nearby, the programming and initiative are provided as opportunities, not requirements.