Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety Resources for Parents

This page is a resource for parents and families. Links and videos provide information and helpful tips on how parents can help their child be safer online.

Parent and Family Resources

NetSmartz Tip Sheets

Topics cover a variety of issues facing parents and children regarding the use of the internet, cell phone and computers.

NetSmartz Parent Videos

Parents will find videos that can be used with their child of any age to answer questions and identify ways to be safer. Videos are designed for a targeted audience.

Ages 5-10

Basic internet concepts intended for the younger audience.

Ages 8-12

Tween audience is the focus with more info about protecting private material.

Ages 8-17

Informal videos of teens discussing their experiences online.

Ages 11-17

Real online experiences from teens and ways for the viewer to recognize and avoid these dangers.

Common Sense Media

Parents have many concerns regarding technology. Common Sense Media provides suggestions, cautions, and talking points about various concerns.

How to talk with children about bullying online and what parents can do to start the conversation.

Tips for parents to help their child post, share, and chat responsibly.

Illustrates ways to stay safe online and how parents can use tools to protect child's privacy.

How to help children moderate their screen time.

Resources: NetSmartz, Common Sense Media, Google Images