Dr. Nader Farag

Dr. Nader Farag is a physician with a long experience working in many positions in multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare companies as a Medical Representative, Hospital Coordinator, Assistant Medical Services Manager, Product Manager and Training Manager.

His experience is extended to the MENA region, where he has worked as Regional Product and Training Manager responsible for 14 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

During his career, he has held numerous senior positions such as: Regional Product & Training Manager in Middle East & North Africa at COLOPLAST A/S - a leading multinational Danish company; Training Manager at SERVIER-EGYPT SCIENTIFIC OFFICE, AMOUN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY and GLOBE INTERNATIONAL PHARMACUTICALS.

In addition, he held the position of General Manager of Assiut Burns Program (ABP); and Hospital Administration Manager at Cairo Evangelical Medical Center;

Currently, Dr. Nader is a Freelance Trainer working with corporate training and consultations firms, and MBA Instructor, specialized in Sales Management, and Advanced Business Skills.