The Art of Sales

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Course Description:

Do you like to make lots of money in short period of time ? And how far are you willing to give, learn or change to do so ?

A great sales man ... Is he born or made ? And what's the relation between sales & Art ? And how can you be a sales Artist ?

What do you know about real estate game ? And do you have what it takes to join it ?

In 2 days course, Ahmed Gamal with his long experience in real estate locally & regionally alongside his training experience corporately & academically takes the attendees into a thrilling ride where in day 1 will be exploring the sales process by success stories, lessons learned from it and competencies required to Join any sales force,

While during day 2 discovering the real estate game with definitions, overview in the market locally & internationally leading to the highlight of the course : studying the life cycle of a lead whether you'll work for a developer or a broker.

Intended Audience

  • All real-estate employees with 0 to 6 yrs. experience working in Brokerage & Primary sales companies, Specially Whom are working in Sales, Operations, CRM


By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the nature of the Real-Estate business
  • Assess Product & market knowledge & how to nurture it
  • Improve communication, influence and negotiation skills of participants
  • Practice all steps of the life cycle of a Lead

Instructor: Ahmed Gamal

Fees: LE1500 (Get 10% discount for registration)

Schedule: Fridays and Saturdays, 16:00 to 22:00 (Total 12 hours)

Class Size: MAX 19 learners


  • Attending the course
  • Course Material - Electronic
  • Coffee breaks with refreshments and snacks
  • Certificate of attendance by the Academy Of Knowledge

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