Fundamentals of CNC Programming

A Practical Approach

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This course is designed to be a part of a series of training courses titled “Manufacturing Power” which will address different manufacturing techniques from a practical prospective. Moreover, this course is an introductory level course to CNC programming that will be followed by a more advanced second course discussing “Programming CNC Lathe and Milling Machine”.

Course Objectives:

Upon the completion of this training course which is titled “Fundamentals of CNC Programming- Practical Approach”, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand basics of machining processes and parameters, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), CNC machine elements, and Direct Numerical Control (DNC).
  2. Understand and interpret blueprints and production drawings,
  3. Define the machining sequences,
  4. Develop CNC codes according to the blueprint given, and
  5. Simulate and test G-code using CNC Simulator.

Who should attend:

1- Engineers,

2- Machinist,

3- Mechanical Engineering students, and

4- Students of technical Institutes and schools.

For best benefit from the course, you need to bring your Laptop


(More than 50% of the course time will be hands-on experience programming CNC simulator)

  • Introduction to machining, CNC, and CNC Machines.
  • Interpretation of blueprints, Measurements, and Coordinate systems.
  • Introduction to G and M codes, and Preparatory and miscellaneous codes.
  • Introduction to the CNC simulation software.
  • Set the machining parameters, Tool motion parameters, and Workpiece setting.
  • Absolute and incremental Coordinates, Understanding interpolation, Circular interpolations, and other interpolation types.
  • Special G-codes, Hints for programming, Program layout, and CNC Drilling and Milling machines.
  • Programming the CNC simulator to develop challenging profiles and parts.

Fees: LE1500 (10% discount for early registration)

Schedule: Friday and Saturday, 16:00 to 22:00 (12 hours)

Class Size: MAX 15 learners


  • Attending the course
  • Course Material
  • Coffee breaks with refreshments and snacks
  • Certificate of attendance from the Academy Of Knowledge

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