Mind Mapping and Memory

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Over the last few years Mind Mapping has been recognized by companies as an effective communication tool that improves brainstorming and collaboration sessions. By visualizing concepts and connections in a Mind Map, people can follow conversations better and contribute more during meetings. Mind Mapping is often seen as an alternative to traditional linear presentations such as PowerPoint or flip charts. The business users of Mind Mapping believe their productivity has increased on average by 50%.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Practice Mind Mapping technique confidently to everyday process
  • Improve their organizational skills - rather than writing copious pages of notes they’ll be able to present information in an organized and easy to follow format
  • Enhance creativity – promote free thinking and become more creative
  • Improves memory – the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for them to remember more and better
  • Aids problem solving – by bringing all of the information together from differing sources to one page
  • Save time – Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective
  • Using iMindMap software to generate more professional Mind Maps

Course Outlines:

  • The power Cultures and Mental set!
  • Understanding the two halves of the brain
  • What is memory?
  • How to memorize words, numbers and dates
  • Thinking Process and styles
  • What is Mind Mapping?
  • How the structure and functions of the brain is mirrored by the design of a Mind Map
  • How to read and produce a Mind Map
  • How to use mind maps to brainstorm new ideas, make decisions, plan and priorities, solve problems, take notes in meetings, make notes from printed materials, prepare and present information
  • Imindmap Software

Instructor: Sahar Samy

Fees: LE2250 (10% discount for early registration before 4th of July)

Schedule: 4 days, 17:00 to 22:00 (20 hours)

Class Size: MAX 19 learners


  • Attending the course
  • Course Material
  • Coffee breaks with refreshments and snacks
  • Certificate of attendance the Academy Of Knowledge and InnoFinity

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