Mohamed Abo El-Enin

Mohamed Abo El-Enin is a Project Manager at Zewail City of Science and Technology, where he also worked as a Business Developer in the TICO office (Technology Innovation & Commercialization Office) and where he was nurtured mentally and educationally in the field of Nanotechnology Engineering, as well.

M. Abo El-Enin is highly interested in business, social media marketing, employability skills and entrepreneurship. Since he thinks that "Those who can, also teach", he was not merely satisfied with working in these fields, but also decided to freelance as a lecturer and a trainer as well. His 4 years training experience started from his belief that he must pass the knowledge bestowed upon him. He conducted workshops with different entities such as the American Embassy, League of Arab States and P&G Corporate. He decided to make a training initiative "Scholarships" in 2015 to help in conducting trainings to corporate and individuals and trained more than 2000 young people in his areas of expertise mentioned earlier.