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Team Four is a Year 5-6 team at Pt England School, which is located in Glen Innes, East Auckland, New Zealand. The school is made up of 600 learners, the majority of which are Māori and Pasifika,

As a team we have the privilege of teaching in 2 brand new ILEs - one three classroom space for the year 6s and one two classroom space for the year 5s. All our learners use Google Chromebooks 1-to-1 for their learning.

Feel free to 'borrow' anything from our site anytime you like. We love to share and have you teach and learn along with us! We are also available at the below email addresses.

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Kent Somerville - Team Leader
Professional learning blog

"Feel free to borrow any ideas and resources from any of our teachers. Don't hesitate to contact us, we love hearing from other teachers and educators."

 Sharisse Scanlan - Room 6    Matt Goodwin - Room 7    Kelsey Parrant - Room 8    Jackie Buchanan - Room 9    Hannah West - Room 10


Sign up to the Summer Learning Journey here

Hello and welcome to the Summer Learning Journey programme for 2017 - 2018. Together, we will travel back in time to learn all about history, people and events that have shaped our beautiful country of Aotearoa throughout the past two centuries (200 years).
The journey will take approximately four weeks. Each day you can choose from three different 
activities - two main tasks and a special bonus activity. You can choose to complete one, two or all three activities, and then write a blog post about them. Each activity is worth points, and at the end of the summer the three most active bloggers from each school will be rewarded with great prizes! To learn more about how the points work, click here.