News 2018

Caldy Indoor Results

For those members who competed in the Indoor Portsmouth Tournament at Caldy Bowmen on Sunday the 25th of November 2018 the results sheet is embeded below.

Stalybridge members have been highlighted in yellow for easy identification.

Caldy Bowmen Results.pdf

Target Faces

The committee requests that if the Portsmouth & Bray target faces are serviceable, members please re-use them where possible, as an increasing number of target faces are being discarded after very little use. Stick on centres have been ordered for both the Portsmouth & Bray faces and these will be made available as soon as they arrive.

Also, as it tends to get very busy within the club house, can members please remember the Archers Etiquette, especially with respect to talking while other members are shooting.

Thank you for your understanding and Cooperation

National Ranking

The National rankings for Recurve and Compound bow classes have now been published on the Archery GB website, and a number of the clubs members are amongst those listed.

In the Gents Compound class Andy Wardle is ranked 388th out off 405 archers listed.

In the Gents Recurve class Steve Watts was ranked 500, Andrew Massey 503, Brian Rosenberg 533 and Stephen Wilde 622. There were 681 archers listed in the Gents Recurve.

Congratulations to all of them for their achievements.

For the full ranking lists click on the links below.

For all the ranking lists, Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow, both Ladies and Gents, as well as an explanation of the rules, click on the following link.

National Rankings

Fun Trip

The movie "Robin Hood" will be released on Wednesday the 21st of November at Cineworld cinemas in Ashton-u-Lyne and being an Archery Club, it might be fitting for members to go and see the movie together on opening night!

As soon as the tickets are released, one member at least will be booking a seat for themselves and their plus one and are also happy to share their seat location, time and date so other members can be seated as close together as possible and heckle the poor Archmanship on screen as a chorus!

If you would like to join in, please go ahead and book your seats on the website or in person as soon as they go live. Members could also arrange to meet up before and after to discuss thoughts.

The movie is rated 12A, so if you know of any Junior members who might be interested, they are more than welcome to join (with parental supervision, of course!)

Important Notice

During the official indoor season, 1st November to the 31st March, the juniors will have exclusive use of the Clubhouse, from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm, on Saturdays whenever a junior club session is held .

National Rankings

ArcheryGB has recently published the National rankings for Longbows and Barebows for the 2018 outdoor season.

Three of the clubs members have made it into those rankings, these being Malcolm Winterbottom, in the Barebow class, who was ranked 95th out of 138, while in the Longbow class Brian Rosenberg was ranked 53rd and Steve Watts was 14th. There were 221 entries in the Longbow class.

The club extends its congratulations to all three.

For the full listings, click on the links below.

Indoor Season

The official Indoor Season begins on the 1st November 2018 and runs to the end of March 2019.

The most frequent Indoor rounds that members shoot at the club are:

  • Portsmouth - 5 dozen arrows on a 60 cm Target Face at 20 yards.
  • Bray I - 2½ dozen arrows on a 40 cm Target Face at 20 yards.

The Portsmouth is the round mostly shot at open tournaments, usually in Sports Halls.

Members shooting Bray rounds can enter their scores for inclusion in the CAA Winter league, which this year the club will be entering 3 teams for Recurve, 3 teams for Longbow, 1 team for Compound and 1 team for Barebow.

Members shooting Portsmouth rounds can submit their scores for inclusion in the Clubs own Winter league, click HERE for details, while juniors are also eligible to submit their scores for the inter-club Postal League.

New Storage Facility Ground Works

Saturday 28th September will see the start of the preparation works for the installation of additional storage facilities.

The new storage facility is to be sited to the left of the Shooting Range, in the vicinity of the telephone pole at the end of the gabion wall. A digger has been arranged to clear the land of vegetation and tree roots and to excavate a trench in which to bury an electricity cable which will be laid from the clubhouse to the new facility. The planned start time for the works is 8.30 am.

Sufficient netting will be erected around the area to be cleared, to protect the workers, and thus allow the junior club to meet as normal, however, shooting will be restricted to lanes 5 - 9, recurve and longbows only, NO COMPOUNDS will be allowed to shoot.

Upon the conclusion of the junior club at 1.00 am it is planned for the digger to come on to the range and dig a narrow trench along the side of the gabion wall towards the Shooting Area, when it meets the edge of the shooting area the digger will along the edging towards the clubhouse. This may take until mid-afternoon. Therefore all shooting will be suspended whilst this work is being carried out.

Any questions or clarification required, please contact Paul Carney.

Your patience while these works are undertaken would be much appreciated.

EAF Appeal

The following appeal has been forward from the Cheshire Secretary on behalf of the EAF

The English archery Federation (EAF) holds events and selects teams on behalf of English Archery.

Archers who are affiliated to any of the 5 English regions are eligible to shoot for team England in the Home Nations tournaments againt Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales as well as other Commonwealth Countries in the Commonweath/ Euronations tournaments. There are senior tournaments and junior tournaments.

In oder to beome a member of Team England, archers (Juniors and Seniors) have to submit 3 scores on line to the selection team. Events we need teams for are the Indoor and Outdoor National Championships and the Commonwealth/Euronations Games.

Information about what rounds you can submit scores for, deadline dates and any age criteria, can be found on the English Archery Federation website, see below.

The next events are the Junior and Senior Indoor championships and deadline dates for score submissions to the EAF selection committee are 3rd October (juniors) and 9th October (Seniors).

Many thanks

EAF Team selection committ

60th Anniversary Thank you

Last weekends 60th Anniversary Celebrations were a great success and we were delighted by the number of members and their families who turned up on Saturday evening to enjoy the BBQ & Pizza's.

On the Sunday, The Big Day, we had a record number of archers taking part in a full day of shooting. Thanks to Steve Mayer and Paul Carney for organising everything.

Also, thanks go to Margaret Shorrock, for organizing the Junior Day on 14th and Andy Wardle for organizing a senior day on 21st.

As with all these events a great deal of organisation goes on before hand so a BIG BIG thank to everyone involved.

Those members who shot during the weekend please make sure you get your special Anniversary Badge.

60th Anniversary Celebrations

This weekend is the start of the celebrations and it's the juniors who starting things off with their celebration shoot and BBQ.

The following weekend is the BIG weekend when everyone from the club is invited to take part in the shooting events and the 60th party on the Saturday (21st) evening from 5pm. Many members are involved in the planning/organising of this and we want to make the whole weekend as special as possible.

We aim to make the outside and the inside of the club look as festive as possible so if any members can help with setting up the gazebo's etc this Saturday 14th July and next Saturday 21st July it would be most appreciated. If members have any picnic tables and chairs we could borrow for both weekends please leave them in the club house.

For catering purposes if you are attending the party on 21st with your family please put your name down in the club house. Alternatively please let Kay know by email.

Bosses, Faces and Pins

Target Bosses

  • Lane 2 the target boss should always be left at 70 meters
  • Lane 3 should always be left at 60 yards
  • Lane 4 should always be left at 50 yards

The remaining target bosses on lanes 5, 6, 7 & 8 can be left at any distance.

Target faces

These should be remove from the bosses when shooting has finished and 'rolled up' in the storage bins just inside the club house (left hand side as you go in). An additional storage bin will be made and erected within the next week. Terry & Dave Hanki's handy work once again.

Target Pins

The committee has been made aware that target pins are being left in the bosses and many have ended up on the grass. This is becoming dangerous as we don't want anyone to find them in their foot. It has now become necessary to 'Insist' that they are removed at all times when shooting has finished and placed in the white plastic holders which will be fastened to various sites outside and inside the club house.


Members who shoot Compound Bow’s with a draw weight of 32lb or less, are now allowed to shoot in any lane.


The Cheshire County Coach, Joyce Harrison is coming to the club this coming Saturday, 7th July, to see and give a little coaching to the Junior Members.

She is very willing to stay on into the afternoon and also give coaching/help to ANY of our Senior members who want it.

60th Anniversary BBQ & Pizza evening celebration

This will be held at the club from 5:00 pm on Saturday 21st July and everyone, Seniors, Juniors, and their immediate family members, are welcome to attend. The club has a limited number of tables and chairs, which will be set up outside weather permitting.

The club will be providing

      • Meat (burgers, sausage & chicken kebabs) for the BBQ + a veggie option
      • Various Pizzas freshly baked on the premises in Andy Massey's Pizza Oven
      • Puddings/Dessert (any offers to make would be gratefully appreciated) - please let me know by email.
      • Paper Plates
      • Mellors Muffins

Members to bring

      • BYO what ever they want to drink (alcohol or non) + glasses
      • BYO whatever you want to accompany (food-wise) with your meat/pizza etc
      • Cutlery
      • Picnic tables and chairs if you have them

For catering purposes it would be appreciated if members will write their names down on the whiteboard, if you are attending this event.

Any questions, please forward them to Kay Simpson, by email.

Annual Open and Have-a-go Day

The Annual Open and Have-a-Go on day took place on Sunday 24th June. The income from last year's event was a record and pretty special. Well despite England playing, another sport called Football, during the afternoon, the club managed to break the previous years takings. There weren’t any queues down Mottram Road, but there was a very steady influx of members of the public from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm. Members who have attended these events know how hot it can get on the range in full sunshine, so working from 8.00 am until clearing finishes at 5.30 pm makes it a long and tiring day. Therefore a very big thank you is extended to all the Members who worked so hard and helped to make the day such a success.

However, a few members deserve a special mention. Ian Walton and Chris Holmes worked all day, without a break, on the Arrow distribution table, and were able to ensure a very efficient flow of arrows to our visitors. Mark and Daniel Barton who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone was fitted with armguards and finger tabs, and ensured they were all collected ready for re-distribution. Daniel Penkett acted as the gatekeeper to the shooting area, ensuring that it didn't get too congested and that the visitors where quickly directed to instructors when they became available. A special thanks also to the Juniors who played a very important role, both maintaining the field, collecting the arrows when necessary and instructing, Alex, Thomas, Claire, Fearne, Harry, Riley and Josh. To the silver tongued Mark Spiller, walking the shooting area all day and persuading 186 visitors to part with £1 for a raffle ticket. And finally to Margaret, who spends the weeks before the event baking a range of wonderful cakes, and without whom it wouldn't be quite the same.

This is a very important event in the Club's calendar. It's not about just turning up and having a bit of fun. It's hard work. It's about securing extra income to pay for improvements without having to increase Members Annual Club Fees. Though there were enough Members to run the event this year, just, demand was such that there was no spare capacity to allow for everyone to have a rest break or for a rotation of duties. So the next time the call is put out for volunteers, please give it serious thought, and try and find the time, even if it is a few hours, to support the Club and your fellow Members.

Anniversary polo shirts

The Clubs 60th Anniversary polo shirt is now available to order from Kay Simpson. If you would like one they costs £20 (cash payment please) which includes VAT.

Please let Kay know which size and how many you require by the 27th May, at the latest.

The colour is of the shirt is 'Kellie Green' and slightly brighter than the photos show.

To email your order please click on the following link. ORDER

EGM Date

Notice to all Members that the Management Committee have agreed to hold an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on Thursday 7th June 2018. It will begin at 7.30 pm and is intended to precede the normal monthly Management Meeting.

The purpose of this EGM is to discuss a revised Constitution. Though there is nothing major, the Annual General Meeting in February agreed that some revision is required to bring it up to date, and to better reflect how we now conduct the business of the Club.

A copy of the draft revised Constitution will be sent to all Members nearer the time.

Also to be discussed at the meeting is how the club intends to implement the recently announced increase in Archerygb affiliation fees. Again, more information will be sent out nearer the time.

Corporate Have-a-go

A very big thank you to all the members who supported Friday’s corporate event at the club, especially those who took a day’s leave from work to take part. It is very much appreciated.

Despite the weather, all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and have already booked again for next year. Archery is a very levelling sport. Guests and members all managed to look like drowned rats by the end of the day!

The set-up in the morning and close down at night were carried out with a minimum of fuss, bacon and sausage sandwiches together with lunchtime catering and Margaret's cakes were all up to their usual excellent standard.

The equipment got so wet however that much of it, the gazebos and bows in particular needed to be left drying in various locations, including the Ladies loo!, before it could be checked and put away. Your patience is much appreciated until we can get everything stored in the correct place.

Finally, a special thanks to Andy Wardle the Club Captain for arranging this event. The income received makes an important contribution towards the clubs maintenance and improvement costs, as well as helping to keep membership fees down.

So the next time the club runs a similar event, why don't you come down and help out.

Boss Delivery

Either next Thursday or Friday, the club is expecting a delivery of several new Egertec bosses. Due to the number being delivered volunteers are required to help with the unloading and storing.

Kay Simpson is co-ordinating with the suppliers to confirm which day/time delivery will take place.

Any members who are able to help either on the Thursday or Friday, or both, can you please email Kay, using the address. Please include your mobile number so that she can contact once the day/time is known.

Junior Clout Training

During the morning of Saturday the 28th April, the junior club members will be having instruction on how to shoot CLOUT. All practice will be from the back shooting line which means there will be no target shooting allowed while this is taking place.

If any members who are experienced at clout shooting are able to attend and help with the instructing of the juniors, it would be greatly appreciated.

Junior Field Training

On Saturday morning, 5th May, the junior club members will be having instruction on how to shoot FIELD. This is in preparation for their forthcoming coach trip to New Century Bowmen at Macclesfield.

If any members who are experienced at field shooting are able to attend and help with the instructing of the juniors, it would be greatly appreciated.

Permanent Targets

Some members of the club do not yet seem to have grasped the concept behind the use of the permanent target butts, which is that they may be moved to a new distance, if required, as long as it is within the same lane and that it is returned to its original distance when shooting has finished.

As a reminder the target butts have got to be on lanes 2, 3 & 4 and set at 70 metres, 60 yards and 50 yards. They can be moved to other distances but they must stay in their lanes and be returned to the distance originally set once shooting has finished.

This system was introduced to help all members, but if certain members are unable to comply then the butts will be removed and members will have to revert back to putting out targets and returning them to the target shed every time they shoot.

Please don’t let your thoughtlessness spoil this idea.

Corporate Have-a-go

This Friday, 27th April, the club will be holding its first Corporate Have-a-go of the year.

The club will be unavailable to members for casual shooting from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm.

Thank you to those members who have volunteered to help on the day. We look forward to seeing you from 8:00 am onwards. Paul Carney will be the organiser for outside activities and Kay Simpson will be organising inside activities, including the catering.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all the helpers.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The club has recently purchased an AED, which will be mounted to the inside of the club house, hopefully within the next few weeks.

A training course on how to administer CPR and use the Defibrillator will be held in the club on Thursday 10th May, 7:00 pm start.

All members are encouraged to attend, as you never know when such lifesaving skills may be needed.

Permanent Targets

It is hoped in the next few weeks that the club will have 3 permanent outdoor butts on the target range.

These will be:

      • Lane 2 70m
      • Lane 3 60 yards
      • Lane 4 50 yards

Recurve, Longbow and Barebow’s are allowed to shoot on Lanes 1 - 9

Compounds are only allowed to shoot on Lanes 1 - 4

The above permanent butts maybe moved to another distance, to suit the round you are shooting, BUT, once you have finished they MUST be moved back to the original distance as listed above.

If the target has a green cover over it then the target face may be left on. If the target has no cover, please remove the target face and put back into the target shed.

Bosses must be taken out of the target shed when shooting on Lanes 5 - 9. Please don't move the permanent butts sideways into other lanes.

The permanent butts are very heavy, by design, so please use extreme caution when moving them.

Indoor rounds

In light of the question that was raised at the April committee meeting and an indoor score being submitted, as it breaks a club record.

The indoor shoots do run from July to June, so can be shot all year round, and any scores that do break a current club record will be recognized and put on to the record sheets pinned up in the club house, but any indoor sheet placed into the score sheet box, that are shot between the first day of April and the last day of October, will not be entered onto the computer system by the records officer unless they are a record breaking score.

Outdoor Season

From the 1st April until the 31st October is the 'Outdoor Shooting Season' and therefore the following applies on all Sunday’s throughout the season.

Sunday’s during the outdoor season regularly means members shoot from the back line, morning session only, and would prefer not to be interrupted while doing so. It is not a day for general practice or bow tuning, but for shooting recognised rounds under tournament conditions to gain classifications, handicaps and break records. Back line shooting takes precedence during the morning session and all archers wishing to shoot rounds at shorter distances during that time must also shoot from the 'Back Line'.

Members are requested to familiarise themselves with the safety rules regarding back line shooting:

  • If shooting is taking place from the back line, members MUST NOT go into the club house or use the toilets whilst shooting is taking place, this is because they are effectively walking in front of the Shooting Line (which is not allowed at any time).
  • Once the whistle has gone or the designated field captain says 'all shot' then members may go into the club house, use the toilets or go to their car in the car park.
  • If members are IN the club house whilst other members are shooting they MUST stay within the club house until archers have completed their end and are proceeding to retrieve their arrows (this also means not using the toilets or returning to your vehicle in the car park)
  • If members arrive whilst an end is being shot, they may only open the gate and enter the grounds when that end of shooting has been completed by all archers.
  • Once members are in the car park they must wait with their vehicle until all archers have completed shooting their end.
  • Please be aware that the rear HANDRAIL is the only part that is behind the Back Line and NOT the side part of the handrail adjacent to the toilets.

Sunday Shooting rules

  • Each Sunday from the first in April to the last in October is designated as a Tournament day and formal target rounds should be shot on these days.
  • Ideally, there will be two sessions during the day and all archers wishing to shoot in a particular session are encouraged to be on the shooting line for the stipulated times, these being:


Morning session

10.00am Sighters

Afternoon session

2.00pm Sighters

  • It is understood that these times can be restrictive and some flexibility needs to be exercised for archers that need to start shooting earlier or later than these times.
  • Any archer starting a round before these times needs to accommodate archers arriving to start shooting at these stipulated times. Archers that are arriving for the stipulated session times will be permitted to put out targets between 9.30am and 9.45am, or 1.30pm to 1.45pm, but only after an end of shooting is completed, with as little disruption to those already shooting. Back line shooting cannot continue beyond 1.30pm.
  • Any archer arriving after these times needs to avoid disrupting archers already shooting. Targets can be put out when there is a natural break in shooting, which can be a change of distance or an agreed “comfort break”. It can also be by mutual agreement of the archers present.

Some degree of understanding and cooperation is required by all archers, whether shooting early, “on time” or late. The aim of these rules is to ensure that archers are able to complete rounds without unnecessary disturbance.

On days when there is an official club shoot, early round are not permitted unless the field is made available to the tournament organiser when requested. This is normally about 1 hour before sighters.

Please note any shooting, other than official sighters, before a club tournament will invalidate you for any awards or records connected to the tournament.

If you wish to discuss any of the above please speak to the Club Captain Andy Wardle.

Maintenance Weekend

This coming weekend (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March) is the club’s annual Maintenance Weekend. It is expected that every member participates in some way to help clean and tidy the club house, target shed and grounds. Also required, is help in repairing any equipment that may be damaged along with any other tasks that are noted on the work to do list, which can be found on the notice board in the club house.

Members are requested to arrive from 8.30 am onwards. Seniors, juniors and their parents are all welcome. Lunch will be provided, by the club, for everyone who helps out and is there at lunch time on the Saturday.

Start time on the Sunday will be from 9:00 am onwards.

Drainage Works

On Saturday 17th March, the contractors are due to return to the Club and will hopefully complete the drainage works to the top of the field.


On Saturday 17th March, from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, a further Induction and measuring up session is due to take place. This is for the Beginner's Course due to start in mid-April. There will be no indoor shooting between these times.

Drainage Works

Groundworks to try and improve the drainage on the field were due to begin on Saturday, 10th March. The contractor however has begun to deliver materials and he and his team are hoping to start work immediately.

Access to the field will be down the soil ramp from the car park.

Obviously the duration of the works will be subject to weather conditions.

As there will be digging and earth moving equipment operating within the car park and field area, please take extra care, and keep off the field all together until the works have been completed.

The works will not affect the hosting of the Junior Club on Saturday morning, which will go ahead as usual.

AGM and Committee Update – 18th February 2018

The Annual General Meeting of Stalybridge Archery Club was held in the Clubhouse on Sunday 18th February 2018. This was followed by a short Management Committee Meeting.

AGM Summary

  1. All Members who were proposed to stand as Committee Members were approved. An amended list of Committee Officers will be prepared and exhibited in the Clubhouse. Thanks to those who have stood down, and welcome to Mark Spiller as a new Senior Representative.
  2. After some discussion it was agreed to increase the Club fees with effect from 1st October 2018 for seniors only. There will be no change to the Junior Fees. This is to reflect the increased cost of gas.
  3. The Club Championship rounds were agreed as an Imperial Round for the Clout and a WA 1440 for the Target. As is usual with the Target Championships, shorter metric rounds will be available to encourage the less experienced and novice archers to take part.
  4. The Captain's Trophy for 2018 was awarded to Margaret Shorrock. This is to reflect the enormous contribution she has made over many, many, many years to both the Beginner's Courses and the Junior Club.
  5. Discussion took place regarding Sunday Shooting Rules. These were amended during 2017 in an effort to encourage more Members to shoot on a Sunday. As this change was introduced late in the season, there is insufficient information available to assess whether it has resulted in any improvement. It was agreed to continue with the changes for the full 2018 outdoor season then re-assess. Members will be reminded of the current rules before the season starts on 1st April 2018.
  6. After the resignation of Neil Foden as a Trustee of the Club (mentioned in previous updates), the Secretary, Andy Massey was proposed and approved to take up the vacant position.
  7. The 60th Anniversary Logo was voted upon during January / February. The winning entry was No. 7 by Neil Foden. It is now exhibited on the notice board in the Clubhouse. How and where we display this logo will be discussed and agreed by a future Committee.
  8. All the end of year reports by the Club Officers were accepted. Points to note for action during the coming year are,
      1. The Club must develop a Consent Form for the retention of personal data. This form must be signed by every Member to indicate that they agree for this to be done, and will ensure we maintain information on our current Membership.
      2. To review the current Club Constitution. This is to ensure that either the conduct of the Club's affairs conform to the present Constitution, or where appropriate amend it to reflect our current practices. The review and recommendations will be passed to Members for consultation. The results will then be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
      3. All Members are reminded to inform Kay Simpson of any changes to their email address. This is to ensure that Members continue to receive information and updates from the Club.
  9. There were a couple of matters raised under Any Other Business
      1. Issues relating to matters of etiquette - particularly indoors. It was felt that standards of conduct were deteriorating. For example the need for quiet when archers are on the line, and for non-shooting archers or spectators not to crowd or distract those who are. It was agreed to review the Standards of Shooting, Safety and Etiquette that were agreed and published some years ago. Unless experienced Members conduct themselves in accordance with those standards, it should come as no surprise that new / novice archers may follow their example leading to conflict which could be so easily avoided.
      2. During the Indoor Season, the Junior Club meets in the Clubhouse on a Saturday morning. The juniors are split into 2 groups and shoot either between 10:00 – 11:30 am or 12:00 – 1:30 pm. This gives them only enough time to shoot in the region of 30 arrows per group session. Those involved with the juniors all agree that this is not sufficient. After consultation with Margaret, other seniors involved, parents and the juniors themselves, it was agreed that for the next Indoor Season we would still retain the 2 groups, but each group would meet on alternate Saturdays only. This would give each of them a full 3 hour session in which they could practice / shoot a scored round.

Committee Meeting Summary

  1. The committee agreed
      1. To support a fundraising event by our neighbours, the Priory Tennis Club by offering a Voucher for a Taster Session for two, which they could either auction or raffle.
      2. To submit a bid to the Police Mutual Local Community Fund for the purchase of 4 complete Recurve Archery Packages. These would be made available to new members / novice archers for hire, prior to them eventually purchasing their own equipment.
  2. Committee were advised that further to our successful bid to the Hamer trust, 17 embroidered gilets / body warmers had been ordered for Members of the Junior Club, from Design Plus. It is hoped that they will be delivered in time for them to be worn at the Club Indoor Championships on 25th February. UPDATE: They were!
  3. As usual, any comments or suggestions should be directed to Paul Carney via email, phone or text.

Committee Update January 2018

  1. The Committee agreed to enter into an agreement with Concept Hygiene for the installation of a Defibrillator Unit to be installed in the Club House.
      1. UPDATE Unit delivered on 1st February and will be installed as soon as the mounting bracket arrives!
  2. So that we can begin the process of considering the options and costs for a bespoke Club livery, Russell Lear has left a catalogue in the Clubhouse of the types, designs and colour combinations for Polo shirts. Steve Mayer also has information from an alternative supplier. Those of us who attend external competitions are now beginning to look like the poor relations in the light of the professional appearance presented by many other Clubs. Perhaps it is time for us to do the same.
  3. This is not to be confused with the T / Polo shirt we hope to produce to celebrate our 60th Anniversary later in the year. The choices for the anniversary logo will be distributed soon and Members will be able to vote on-line.
      1. UPDATE Voting has not been an unparalleled success. To date we have only received 28 votes. There is still plenty of time to vote using the revised information I sent out on 14 January, and remember to spell the code as Labor NOT Labour. Alternatively if you would find it easier, go to the Club website and view the choices available by clicking on the Commemorative Logo Survey icon on the Home page. This gives the choices, follow the instructions to vote using the same pass code as sent to you earlier, or just text me on with up to 3 choices and I will input them for you.
  4. We have received a very competitive quote from a local groundwork contractor to undertake drainage improvement works to the shooting range. Committee agreed to approve the quote and request that work begins as soon as practicable. The contractor also indicated that he could undertake any other works we may require. To that end it was also agreed to request that he prepares the foundations for the storage container we hope to site to the left of the field, and for a clear and more substantial path from the Clubhouse to the Target Shed.
  5. A reminder that nominations for the Club Officers and members of the Committee for 2018 are now requested. The form is on the notice board by the kitchen. These will be voted upon at the AGM on 18th February. The Committee also agreed to accept the resignation, as a Trustee, from Neil Foden. For those who don't know Neil, he has, for over 30 years, been a highly valued Member of the Club, an exceptional ambassador for SAC and for the sport of archery. He was an International Judge and officiated at the 2012 London Olympics. Committee expressed their heartfelt thanks for his contributions to date, and relief that he has agreed to remain a Member and continue with the vital work of maintaining and updating the website and photo gallery, and providing advice and guidance whenever it is needed (which is perhaps more often than many of you realise!) This is purely a practical solution to him now being domiciled in the tropical paradise of Thailand - never to feel the cold, scrape ice off his windscreen or see a snowflake ever again. Therefore Nominations are also being sought for a suitable replacement to fill the vacancy of Trustee.
  6. Members will also notice that the space and target lighting is being upgraded from florescent / halogen to LED. There are 2 advantages, the first being much lower running costs, the second, the lighting is instant. This will be a real improvement particularly with the target lights, for anyone who has had the lights go off and had to wait 10 minutes for them to come back on again.
  7. Beginners Courses begin again on Mondays from 22nd January from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm. So no Member shooting on Mondays between those times until further notice.
  8. We still haven't had any suggestions as to how best to implement the 'Buddy' initiative mentioned in the last Committee update. Just to be clear we are not talking about coaching. It is about introducing new Members to the Club, giving them a welcome, some company while shooting, support, explaining where things are e.g. targets, pins, lighting, heating, water heater, refreshments, toilet keys, gate, padlock and general etiquette and safety. Rather than come up with something you may be reluctant to support, much better for us to receive your suggestions as to how we could introduce this initiative with a greater chance of success. So come on and give it some thought, particularly how you thought when you first started, coming to a strange place, full of even stranger people, anxious about making a mistake.
  9. Dates for February
      1. 18th February 1.30pm Clubhouse Annual General Meeting All Members welcome
      2. 24th February 10.30am sighters Longdendale High School Junior / Senior Indoor Championships
      3. Further details on both events to follow soon.

Commemorative Logo

All members were invited to submit designs for a logo to commemorate the clubs Diamond jubilee year, 60 years, at the latter end of last year.

The committee was delighted to receive a considerable number of designs before the deadline of the December committee meeting.

Because of the number of designs involved the committee has decided to invite all members to vote for the design of their choice.

The vote is in the form of an online survey, which can be accessed either by clicking on the link at the bottom of this item, clicking on the link on the home page, or by using the link sent to you via email.

Whichever method you use you will need to enter a passcode (this will be sent to you via email) to verify you are a club member and thus be able to complete the survey. You will also need to enter your AGB membership number, so make sure you have it to hand.

New members who currently have not received an AGM membership number will also be allowed to vote by completing the appropriate question.

Members are only allowed one vote, but you may go back and change your selection if you change your mind.

Closing date for the survey is midnight of Friday 11th February.

The results of the survey will be announced at the AGM on Sunday 18th February.

Access Logo Survey

Logo Designs

Click on logo to enlarge view

Complete Archer Trophies

All members are reminded that they are eligible for the Trophy irrespective of Age, Gender or Bow class and that there are separate trophies for the various bow types as well as for Seniors & Juniors.

All that is required to be eligible is that you have shot a minimum of four of the disciplines listed below during the previous year.

Target Outdoor: York / Hereford / Bristol

Target Outdoor: WA 1440

Clout: AGB or Metric

Field: WA Marked / Un-Marked / Club Rudolf

Target Indoor: Portsmouth

All rounds can have been shot at either at an Open tournament or a Club tournament or on a Sunday Tournament day. The rounds have to have been shot between 1st January & 31st December 2017. The highest score for the individual rounds, whether this is shot at the Club or away at an Open tournament needs to be submitted on the CA Form to Steve Mayer before 12th February.

Download Complete Archer Form

Excel Spreadsheet

Complete Archer Form.xls

PDF Document

Complete Archer Form.pdf

Committee Positions

The Committee Nomination form for 2018 is now posted in the club house. If you would like to consider playing a more active part in the Club, why not put yourself forward? The election of the Club's Officers will be made at the AGM on Sunday 18 February.

Junior Club

The Junior Club sessions start again this coming Saturday, which means Seniors wishing to shoot will not be able to do so until about 2.00pm.