Members Achievements

Below is a table of achievements gained by members of the club, both past and present. Only awards not administered by the club are recorded, so for examample only MB and GMB classifications are shown, not 3rd, 2nd, 1st & Bowman which are awarded by the club.

The number of different achievements available, are such, that to view them all for any one member, you will need to scroll the table to the right.

If you wish to look for a particular record, you can either type a name into the "Members Name" box, and/or, click on the "+" located on the right of the filter boxes, which are above the table, then select the Age Group(s) &/or Bow Type(s) you want to filter on. Alternatively, if you just want to browse click on the ">" at the top right of the table to scroll through all the records.

To clear any filter click on the "x" to the left of the one you wish to remove.

You can also sort the records on any column by clicking on the header, this will toggle between sorting the column via ascending or decending values.

If you are a past member who gained awards and achievements during your membership, but your name is not listed above, please use the contact details to get in touch with the club. If your membership can be verified, you will be given the pass code allowing you to enter your details using the link below.