The Artist

No visitors to the club, could possibly miss the work of one our members.

You can see them wondering…..

    • Who painted the green outdoor seating bench with the swirly white images?
    • Who painted the large bench green, with the clubs name on it and that swirly image, again all in white?
    • Whose are the hand prints on the bench?
    • Who painted the emergency services number and our address on the wall above the large window on your left, just as you enter the clubhouse, in the seating area.

The Answer

Our very own talented amateur artist and swirly image fixated member, Catherine Ridehalgh.

The white hand prints on the bench belong to Margaret Shorrock, right hand side pair, our oldest member at the time, while the two sets on the left hand side belong to Harry Wardel and Clare Conduit, who were the clubs youngest members.

As a besides, this bench was originally being thrown out (mid 1980’s) by the local RSPB reserve, which used to be sited next to us at the bottom of the hill down from the target shed. It was spotted by and rescued by John Shelton and Terry Gregory and rebuilt by Clive Stewart-Milner. It was later rebuilt again, around 2012, by David Littlejohn and Terry Gregory, and was them painted by Catherine.