Club Awards


Members can achieve 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Bowman classifications at club target days and tournaments, members will awarded with a lapel badge and certificate by the clubs Records Officer.

Classifications are gained by shooting three scores equal to, or greater than, the score listed in the classification tables for the round shot.

For full details refer to the Open Awards page.


To gain a classification an Archer must shoot three rounds of, or better than, the qualifying scores as laid down by the NCAS. Claims for Bowmen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class in all disciplines will be administered by the club. A lapel badge and certificate will be awarded to those Archers who achieve a given classification by the clubs Records Officer.

For full details refer to the Open Awards page.

Score Award Scheme (252 Badge)

The award scheme is designed to encourage members to improve their shooting by attaining, or bettering, a set score at a given distance.

There are several different distances to shoot, but the score remains the same, only the colour of the badge varies to signify a greater distance shot.

Members can either shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face, Imperial (5 zone) scoring, at one of the prescribed distances or claim the first three dozen of a longer Imperial round to gain the awards. All shooting MUST be inaccordance with the AGB rules of shooting.

One end of sighters is allowed, as per the AGB rules.

To make a claim the score should be recorded, in Black or Blue ink, on a score sheet. The sheet must be signed by both the Archer and the Target Captain, or a Witness (non shooting archer), in the appropriate boxes.

The score sheet MUST be filled in correctly with the Archer's Full Name, Date of shoot, Distance totals etc. (Refer to Scoring for full details) and the Distance the Award is being claimed for.

The sheet should also be clearly marked with '252 Claim'

Awards can only be gained one at a time, i.e. you cannot shoot & claim more than one distance per day, and can only be claimed in ascending order (you can not claim a higher award then shoot for a lower award at a later date).

The scheme is open to both Junior and Senior members shooting Recurve, Compound, Longbow or Barebow.

The threshold scores for each bow type plus the distances and the colour of the award is shown in the tables below.