From time to time both new and old members will ask a question regarding either the clubs rules and regulations or the rules of shooting of the sport, which they have either forgotten or are not quite sure about.

While quite a number of these will be covered in the clubs handbook not all members will know where their copy is, so this page is meant to be a quick reference to those important questions.

How do I Claim a Master Bowman Award?

One of our club members has recently changed from recurve to longbow and is an absolute natural it would seem. He has attained his three MB scores at open tournaments and is now wondering how he claims this award. Does he take copies of the score sheets to the clubs redords officer and have him fill in a form and send it off to Archery GB, or do AGB do it automatically ?

The answer is, the archer has to claim the award using the approprate form, downloaded from the AGB website. The form together with results sheets from the tournaments have to be posted to AGB, so it would be wise to make copies of everything, just incase the letter goes missing in the post.


4. Claims for Grand Master and Master, Junior and Senior, All Disciplines

  • Archers achieving the performances required for Grand Master and Master, both Junior and Senior deserve widespread recognition of their achievements. Additionally, these performances need to be highlighted to Archery GB. Therefore, claims for these awards are co-ordinated by Archery GB.
  • Claims for the title of Grand Master and Master both Junior and Senior in all disciplines as appropriate shall be submitted on the appropriate form to Membership Services, as soon as possible after the achievement each year and in any case to be received by 31st December. Membership Services GB will:
    • Confirm the validity of the claim.
    • Notify the claimant and send him the appropriate badge, provided that an identical badge has not previously been issued to that archer for the same archery discipline and bowstyle.
    • Publicise the award.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the archer concerned to submit the claim together with the official Result Sheets sent out by the Organisers of the Meetings.
  • The claim shall include a certificate defining the style of bow the archer was shooting.
Download Target MB Claim Form

Target Grand Master & Master Bowman Claim Form

Download Field MB Claim Form

Field Grand Master & Master Bowman Claim Form

Can I Claim a Record for an Element of a Larger Round?

The question was recently asked by a member, if any of the individual elements in a WA 1440 count towards record scores. For example the 50 30 element on the small face or individual 3 dozen distances.

Rule 308 b (v) states:

  • Distance records may be claimed when shot during the following complete rounds subject to conditions given in Rule 308(b)(iv): WA 1440 (Gentlemen), WA1440 (Ladies), Metrics I, II, III , IV and V.

This means you can claim records for 90m, 70m etc, within a WA 1440 round, however part of rule 308 b (v) c, states the following:

  • Claims will not be accepted for a shorter round shot by an archer within a longer round on the same day

This means that If you shoot a WA 1440, you can not claim a record for the Long Metric or Short Metric rounds, and similary if you shoot a York, Hereford or Bristol you can not claim the National round the last two distance equate to.

Further to claiming records, it should be noted that the AGB rule regarding only the first round of a day being eligible for a record claim was removed, as from 1st October 2016, which means the 2nd, 3rd etc round shot on the same day, even if its part of a double round, can now be claimed for a record, this rule also applies to Clout rounds.

How do I Work Out the Draw Weight of my Recurve?

First you will need to look on the inside of the lower limb, on the end that fits into the riser, for the weight of the limbs, there should be either one, two or several lines of numbers, depending on Manufacturer, printed there.

The first number is the length of the bow and the second number is the weight of the limbs for a 28 inch draw length.

There can be several rows of numbers because risers come in a number of lengths, 23 inches, 25 inches and occasionally 27 inches long. Limbs also can come in three lengths, short, medium or long, so you will need to determine which riser and which limbs you have, or simply take a tape measure and measure the distance from the string nock of one limb to the string nock of the other, along the back of the bow, to give you the length.

Now you will need to know your draw length, which is the length of arrow you pull measured to the front of the bow at full draw, you may need a friend to help you for this.

A rule of thumb for recurves regarding poundage and draw lengths is to knock off 2lbs for each inch short of 28 inches and conversely add on 2lbs for each inch over 28 inches.

Therefore is your bow is 24 lbs @ 28” and you draw 26” your draw weight would be

24 – (28 - 26) x 2) = 20 lbs.

And if your draw length is 29” your draw weight would be

24 + (29 – 28) x 2) = 26 lbs.

Disabled Use of a Stool or Wheelchair to Shoot From?

What are the specific rules on what type of stool can be used for shooting? Or can I combine a stool and wheelchair by using a small stroller/roller?



    • All parts of the chair shall be at least 110mm below the athlete's armpit while shooting at any distance.
    • For W1 sport class athletes, if there is a medical reason for the back of chair height to be less than 110mm below the armpit, the additional height may be approved by classifiers and noted on the athlete's classification card.
    • The body support protruding forward from the main vertical frame of the chair back shall not be longer than 100mm and shall be at least 110mm below the athlete's armpit.
    • The wheelchair shall not exceed 1.25m in length.
    • The use of anti-roll devices is allowed.


    • A stool of any type may be used provided it subscribes to the accepted principle and meaning of the word stool.
    • No part of the stool may support the bow arm while shooting.
    • No part of the stool may be in contact with the trunk of the athlete. (This means the athlete cannot lean against the back of the stool).
    • The area of contact with the ground, framed by the legs of the stool and the feet of the athlete shall not exceed the width of 60cm x 80cm along the shooting line.

How do I fill in a Score Sheet?

While this question may be asked it’s usually in a form similar to what do I have to fill in on the score sheet, to which the basic answer is EVERYTHING!

All the information is relevant and necessary as it is used by the Tournament Organiser or the Clubs Records Office.

At first glance the sheets can be a bit daunting, but once you know the sequence it will become easy.

Scores are placed in the boxes, one arrow value per box, working from left to right, top to bottom. The number of hits for the dozen together with Golds, X (ring), the score for the dozen and the running total are recorded at the end of each line. All misses are to be recorded on the score sheet with an 'M'.

Only a blue or black pen should be used when filling out the sheets. If you make a mistake when writing down the arrow values you should call for a judge (if you are at an open tournament) or bring it to the attention of your fellow target companions if at the club.


When signing the sheet you are signing to say you agree that the score is correct, and if there is a mistake you should find it before you sign.

It is not up to the tournament organiser or records officer start correcting mistakes, they just do not have the time.

Below are examples of both the English and Metric score sheets used at the club and the information you need to fill in, dependant on the round shot.

Metric Round Score Sheet

English Round Score Sheet

What am I Allowed to Wear at a Tournament?

A question which is perennially asked both by newer members as well as some older ones. Is what can I wear when attending tournaments where the AGB dress regulations apply?

Below is the rule from the current “Rules of Shooting”.

307. Dress Regulations

    • The recognised dress of Archery GB is plain dark green and/or white.
    • Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting.
    • Members of Archery GB shooting and officiating at tournaments granted UK or World Record Status by Archery GB are required to wear clothing that is appropriate, clean, in good condition (i.e. not frayed or worn, either deliberately or by use) and conventional in style and appearance. In particular:
      • Tops or shirts must cover the front and back of the body (including the midriff when at full draw), they must not be strapless and, for gentlemen, must include sleeves.
      • Any colour garments may be worn with the exception of blue denim, olive drab and camouflage pattern.
      • Badges, Logos and Wording.
        • Clothing manufacturers’ trade marks are allowed. The wearer’s name is allowed.
        • Individuals, and members of clubs and other archery organisations that are commercially sponsored may wear sponsors’ logos and names during the sponsorship period only.
        • Other wording or badges on clothing must represent archery organisations.
    • Members of Archery GB who are officiating as the Chairman of Judges, Judge or Director of Shooting at a UK or World Record Status tournament shall wear Archery GB recognised Judges official dress.
    • A member of Archery GB who has represented Great Britain (GBR) as an archer at an international tournament may wear their international shooting uniform for the remainder of that season and the following one.

Target Face Scoring

A question has been asked about scoring zones for compound archers for both Indoors & Outdoors rounds on all target faces.

Target Archery Face


ArcheryGB Rule 306. Scoring (Outdoors)

  • For all bowstyles the scoring points for hits on the target face for Archery GB Imperial Rounds are: Gold 9, Red 7, Blue 5, Black 3, White 1.
  • For all bowstyles, the scoring points for hits on the target face for Archery GB Metric Rounds are:

ArcheryGB Rule 404. Scoring (Indoor)

  • The scoring points for hits on the target face are: