Complete Archer


The Complete archer is open to all members of the club irrespective of Age, Gender or Bow type. There shall be separate trophies for the various bow types, both Senior and Junior, provided there are at least three competitors in each bow class.


All members are eligible for inclusion in the Complete Archer, the usual minimum criteria is that a member shoot four of the disciplines listed below, if no archer shoots four disciplines in a division then three disciplines will be used. The rounds can be shot at either at an Open tournament, a Club tournament or on a Sunday Tournament day. The rounds have to be shot between 1st January – 31st December. The highest score for the individual rounds, whether this shot at the Club or away at an Open tournament needs to be submitted on the CA Form before 31st January of the following year.


  • Target Outdoor - York / Hereford / Bristol I-V
  • Target Outdoor – WA 1440
  • Clout - AGB or Metric
  • Field - WA Marked / Un-Marked / Combined/ Club Rudolf
  • Target Indoor – Portsmouth

Rounds and Distances shot for the Target and Clout disciplines have to be appropriate for your age and gender


Field rounds are for a single days shooting, so if you shoot a two day tournament you can enter the score from the day with the highest total.


The scores achieved at the club tournaments or submitted from open tournaments will be converted to a handicap for the round shot. The four lowest handicaps are then added together and converted to a percentage. The individual member who has the highest percentage will be the winner in each bow class. The Trophies will be awarded annually at the A.G.M.

For the Clout round a score for both an AGB and a Metric Clout can be entered, the one which has the lowest handicap rating will automatically be used when working out the four lowest handicaps.

Submitting Scores

Please use the online form below to submit your scores, using this method allows you to fill in any section of the form once you have shot that discipline and submit it. When you do this you will be given a unique link that will allow you to return to the form and add or update information as you shoot a different discipline or improve on an existing score.

Please make sure you copy this link *

*If you do forget, the Webmaster can email you a copy

The form is password protected so you will need to contact either the Webmaster or Coms officer to request the password.

If you shoot more than one bow type, submit a seperate entry for bow each type.


As an alternative to using the online form, you can download a PDF copy and submit this to the Tournament Officer

Below is a table listing all the Archers and their scores for the various rounds which have been submitted or achieved at club tournaments.

The table can be filtered by Archer, Bow type or Age Group. To do this either start typing in the archers name in the Archer box and/or click on the "+" located on the right of the filter boxes, which are above the table, then select the Bow Type and/or Age Group you want to filter on. Alternatively, if you just want to browse click on the ">" at the top right of the table to scroll through all the records.

Each of the columns can be sorted by clicking on the header, this will swop between ascending and descending.

To clear any filter click on the "x" to the left of the one you wish to remove.