Indoor Rules


      • All rules as laid down in the member’s handbook relating to outdoor shooting safety requirements and conduct will be applied, as far as possible, to indoor shooting.


      • The emergency exit door at the end of the club house MUST be secured from the inside so as to prevent persons from entering the building whilst shooting is taking place.
      • The maximum number of members to shoot at any one session is 8. These will shoot in two details, 4 per detail.
      • All bows are to be placed behind the shooting line while shooting is taking place.
      • No overhead draws are allowed.
      • Individuals shooting by themselves do so entirely at their own risk in respect of personal injuries.


      • Fees for indoor shooting are included in the general membership fee.


      • Postal Leagues will be entered dependent upon numbers wishing to participate in the events, and will run between November and March
      • The leagues will consist of shooting a minimum of 1 round per month, of the designated round by the league organisers.
      • Dates will be as specified either by the organiser or by mutual agreement between members dependant upon the league rules.
      • Sighters for competitions shall be at as specified for each event.
      • Members arriving late may shoot, but they will not be allowed to make up any ends they have missed.