Annual General Meeting

The agenda for 2019 meeting has been slightly revised, a copy of which can be accessed via the link below.

The meeting normally takes about an hour, and it is important that you take this opportunity to come along and comment on the past year, and contribute your ideas for the year ahead. Remember it is your Club, so please take part.

The nomination form for Committee Members is on the notice board within the Clubhouse. If you feel you have the time and inclination to participate more fully in the management of the Club, please feel free to add your name to the list.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Stalybridge Archery Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Sunday 17th February 2019, commencing at 1:30 pm.

Below are links to the Agenda and the proposal for a minor amendment to the Club's Constitution.

The minutes of the AGM held in February 2018 will be posted when available.

All Members of the club are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting.

Complete Archer Trophies

All members are reminded that they are eligible for the Trophy irrespective of Age, Gender or Bow class and that there are separate trophies for the various bow types as well as for Seniors & Juniors.

All that is required to be eligible is that you have shot a minimum of four of the disciplines listed below during the previous year.

Target Outdoor: York / Hereford / Bristol

Target Outdoor: WA 1440

Clout: AGB or Metric

Field: WA Marked / Un-Marked / Club Rudolf

Target Indoor: Portsmouth

All rounds can have been shot at either at an Open tournament or a Club tournament or on a Sunday Tournament day. The rounds have to have been shot between 1st January & 31st December 2018. The highest score for the individual rounds, whether this is shot at the Club or away at an Open tournament needs to be submitted on the CA Form to Tournament Officer before the 31st January.

If you have shot any of the qualifing club tournaments these scores will have already been entered, so all you need to do is enter the scores for any open tournaments.

For full details and how to submit your scores click on the following link Complete Archer