Duties of Committee Positions


  • To preside over all committee meetings in a fair and impartial manner.
  • To act as mediator in any dispute that involves any contravention or misunderstanding of the clubs constitution or rules.
  • To act as Host at all official club events.
  • To present awards, Trophies etc., at club Tournaments and Championships.
  • To delegate duties and responsibilities to the Vice Chairman as circumstances dictate.


  • To undertake the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman in the event he/she is unavailable.
  • To undertake duties as delegated by the Chairman.


  • To keep orderly accounts of the clubs finances.
  • The keeping of income and expenditure accounts.
  • The keeping of Balance sheets.
  • The preparation and presentation of financial reports at all committee meeting.
  • The preparation and presentation of an annual report detailing the clubs income and expenditure throughout the year at the AGM.
  • Payment of members affiliation fees to the relevant governing bodies.
  • Payment of all costs incurred in the running of the club, i.e. Rates, Insurance, Ground rent etc.
  • Setting membership fee's annually, to reflect the financial position of the club.
  • Produce and circulate to all members, via hand, post or emai, membership renewal forms before the 31st of June of the current year.
  • Collection of membership fee's.
  • Collection of beginners fee's.


  • Recording and producing accurate minutes of all committee meetings including the A.G.M. and any E.G.M.s which make take place. The minutes are to be stored for future reference as part of the clubs records.
  • Circulate minutes of the previous months meeting, including officers reports, via email, to all senior members of the club prior to the next monthly meeting, A.G.M or E.G.M.
  • Reporting at committee meetings on any events, issues or general news which could effect or be of interest to the club members.
  • Circulate a list of all known events and fixtures for the coming year, the date of the A.G.M. or any E.G.M's including all proposals to be raised which would effect the constitution of the club.
  • Collection of details of new members, and maintaining an up to date record of the details of all current members. Relevant details to record are:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Postcode
      • Telephone Number
      • Gender
      • Age Group
      • D.O.B. (if Junior)
      • Membership Category
      • AGB Number
  • Communicating with other clubs, associations and organisations to promote and protect the future well being of the club.
  • Taking bookings for beginners courses and issuing information regarding the course and general information about the club.
  • Compiling a list of all known events and fixtures for the coming year, and producing a fact sheet containing this information for circulation to all members.


  • Produce a calendar of club tournaments for the coming year.
  • Select and purchase suitable trophies.
  • Produce target lists.
  • Act as or nominate a field captain during all events.
  • Work out results at end of events.
  • Produce results sheet for notice board and club records.
    • (All the above items can be delegated as necessary to members of the Tournament committee)


  • Collect all score sheets from the box provided, in the club house, on a regular basis.
  • Check all score sheets have been filled in correctly, including name, date and round, and have been signed by the archer and target captain.
  • Check all claims for classifications and club records.
  • Enter details of round shot, including handicap and classification, into the record book under the name of the relevant member.
  • Re calculate the current handicap of members as required and determine classification level achieved.
  • Update classification board, located in the club house, on a regular basis and prior to any club competitions.
  • Update as required club and open records, including copies kept in club house.
  • Present a report at the monthly committee meetings giving details of classifications achieved by members, open tournament results when available, new records achieved, and any claims for six gold badges, FITA stars or Rose awards.
  • Present a report at the AGM summarising classifications achieved by members, open tournament results, new records achieved, and awards claimed, including six gold badges, FITA stars and Rose awards.
  • Calculate rankings for club members over the previous year and present at the AGM.
  • Complete and return to County records officer team, County team selection forms for all members who have attained the relevant level.
  • Recalculate members handicaps at start of calendar year.
  • Determine the winner of the AGB handicap improvement medal, using the criteria laid down in the AGB rule book.
  • Return all score sheets to members at start of Calendar year.


  • To organise social events of a varied and interesting nature through out the calendar year. Events can be proposed either by club members or by the social secretary.
  • To purchase refreshments (Food and beverages etc.) and utensils for club events including Have-a-goes .
  • To maintain an up to date list of all current members email addresses, which is to be supplied by either the club Secretary or Treasurer.
  • Email news of upcoming events, tournaments, results, committee minutes and anything that is deemed news worthy or important, to all current club members and the Website administrator.
  • Keep the events board list up to date, i.e. add new events and remove past events.


  • To monitor the clubs stock of all consumable items. This ranges from face pins to gas bottles.
  • To order replacement equipment as required, and before stocks run out, either through the Treasurer or directly with the suppliers.
  • To monitor condition of grounds, buildings and equipment and to ascertain if any maintenance is required.
  • Organise members in to work groups to carry out both general and specific maintenance tasks as required.


  • To ensure that the clubs rules of shooting, as stated in the members handbook, are adhered to on all club Tournament days..
  • To act as arbitrator and make the final decision on all matters connected with shooting on all club Tournament days.
  • To act as the members representative, on any matters connected with shooting, at all open Tournaments attended.
  • To award the Captains Trophy annually, at the A.G.M., to a club member who has accomplished something within Archery which deserve recognition.


  • To abide by the clubs constitution and the rules of shooting as laid down by ArcheryGB.
  • To attend the annual maintenance day at the end of March and assisting in a manner suited to your abilities.
  • To assist in maintaining and repairing club equipment, grounds and buildings
  • To attend, as and when possible, fund raising events that might be organised during the year.