The club runs beginner’s courses for people who wish to experience this ancient and noble sport. Courses are held on a weekday evening, usually a Monday, depending on the time of year and the availability of the instructors.

Course Information

Each course consists of 4 lessons, run on consecutive weeks.

Each lesson is approximately 2 hours long, starting at 7:00pm prompt.

The current fee for the course is £70


The club will provide all the Archery equipment you will require for the duration of the course.

During the course your instructors will be assessing you for the type of equipment that will suit you should you be invited to join the club at the end of the course.

Each beginner will be given a list at the end of the course giving recommendations on the type of equipment suitable for them. This list is intended to be used as a guide when buying your equipment, which you can do either on your own, or you can arrange to go with your instructors on a mutually convenient date (This is the recommended approach).

WARNING - Do not purchase any archery equipment UNTIL you have taken a beginners course !!!


All clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions on the day.

Clothing will need to be relatively close fitting, baggy jumpers or sweatshirts etc. are not suitable, as these will foul the string.

You will find that it is warmer to wear a number of thin layers of clothing rather than a couple of thick layers.

Thermal underwear and/or ski pants are recommended if you have them during the winter months, together with a cap or hat of a warm/water proof nature which is a necessity. It is also advisable to bring a coat.


Footwear should be comfortable and enclose the front and sides of the foot, open toed shoes, sandals, flip flops etc. are NOT allowed to be worn.

In cold or wet weather they should also be warm and water proof, either hiking type boots or Wellington’s are commonly worn.


Parents are advised that throughout the duration of the course all juniors, 17 and under, must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. This is for both legal and insurance reasons.

The junior club has a restricted membership of approximately 30 places, which means juniors completing the beginners courses are not automatically invited to apply for membership. They are however invited to add their names to the waiting list, which the club maintains when membership is full.

All names on the list will be invited to apply for membership in strict order of application, as and when a place becomes available.

The current status of the junior club membership is OPEN new applicants are welcome to apply.

Course Completion

At the end of the course beginners may be invited to apply for full membership of the club.

All applications have to be submitted to the committee for approval before membership can be granted.

On approval of membership, the individual is invited to join the club, all current membership and affiliation fees now becomes payable.

The applicant will be advised of the amount payable prior to the Committee Meeting.

Individuals joining the club will receive 2 further lessons to help integrate them into the club, they also have to purchase their own equipment, costs of which can vary considerably, dependent upon the quality and type of equipment the individual wishes to purchase. As a guideline, a basic package containing all the equipment a new member needs to start shooting cost’s approximately £150 for juniors & £250 for seniors.

Waiting List

The club runs a waiting list for the beginner’s courses with all applicants being added to it in the order they are received. Courses are scheduled on a regular basis and beginners allocated to them in strict order of their position on the waiting list. If for any reason a person is unavailable to attend or cannot commit to the defined four week period of the course, then the next name on the list is invited.

The length of the waiting list varies, depending on the time of year and the availability of the instructors, but as a general rule the average waiting time is approximately 3 months from date of application.

Membership Fees

All persons becoming members of the club will have to pay a joining fee plus their membership. The membership includes both a club fee as well as affiliation fees for the sport’s national, regional and county bodies.

The tables below show the current fees, for both the club and the external bodies it is affiliated to. The fees for the club, for new members, are payable on a pro-rata basis depending on which quarter of the membership year you join. The fees for the national body (Archery GB) are pro-rated on a half yearly basis, but the regional association (Northern Counties Archery Society) and the county association (Cheshire Archery Association) are just a single payment irrespective of the time of year you join.

Stalybridge Archery Club

* Seniors only (18+). This fee is refundable if you return the fob when you cancel your membership

ArcheryGB (National Governing Body)

Northern Counties Archery Society (Regional Society)

Cheshire Archery Association (County Association)

Senior (18+) £ 5.00

Junior (Under 18): £ 2.50

All fees become payable in May each year, so that all affiliations can be paid to the governing bodies prior to the start of the membership year, which is the 1st October, This is for insurance purposes. This means which ever month you join the club you will have the current year’s fees to pay, but between May & September you will also have to pay for the coming year too.



Course Organiser:

Paul Carney

Beginners Course Aplication Form

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