• The club shall be known as STALYBRIDGE ARCHERY CLUB and hereinafter be referred to as the club.
  • The club founded in 1958 changed its status from a private club to that of a community amateur sports club in April 2006, and is now officially registered as such (CASC Registration No. CASC 03905).
  • In this constitution the letters

AGB - Shall mean Archery GB.

NCAS - Shall mean Northern Counties Archery Society.

CAA - Shall mean Cheshire Archery Association.

  • The club shall be affiliated to the above mentioned bodies.
  • The object of the club shall be the promotion and encouragement of target archery, primarily along with other forms, but with the exception of BOW HUNTING.
  • The shooting of crossbows shall be prohibited at the Club and at any Club event.
  • Any Member choosing to shoot an unfamiliar category of bow, must first undergo a period of instruction by a Member experienced and competent in that bow type.
  • The shooting regulations as prescribed by the current AGB rules of shooting shall be accepted as governing the sport of archery practised by the club and its members.
  • Nothing in this constitution shall conflict with the constitutions of the AGB, NCAS and CAA
  • The postal address of the club will be that of the Secretary for the time being.
  • The constitution of the club shall not be altered or amended except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club. Members wishing to move a proposition designed to alter or amend the constitution shall submit such propositions to the Secretary 28 days before the meeting at which such propositions are to be considered. Notice of such propositions, which it is intended to move, will be sent to all members entitled to receive notice of such meetings.


  • The funds and properties of the club shall be vested in the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being.
  • All moneys and sums received on behalf of the club shall be the property of the club and there will be no distribution of such among the members.
  • It is envisaged that, from time to time, "Special Projects" may be financed by extra contributions from members. Moneys for such projects will be kept in separate funds and should the project fail to mature all moneys shall be returned to members as contributed.
  • The income and property of the club shall be used solely for promoting the club’s objectives as stated in this constitution and no part of these will be paid or transferred to any club member either directly or indirectly, except in recompense for purchases made by members on behalf of the club on production of a receipt.
  • If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, this will not be paid or distributed amongst the members but shall be given or transferred to any of the following approved sporting or charitable bodies, at the discretion of the clubs appointed Trustee’s.
    • A registered charitable organisation.
    • Another club which is CASC registered.
    • The CAA, NCAS or AGB, for use by them for related community sports.


  • Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than a necessary consequence of the requirements of Archery as a particular sport or on grounds of previous behaviour incompatible with the positive, social and reputable conduct expected of members and agreed by a Committee meeting. There will be no discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious, political or other beliefs.
  • The club may refuse or revoke membership or take other disciplinary action against a member only for good and sufficient cause, such as safety, conduct or character that is likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against such a decision may be made to the Club’s Management Committee, the decision to be decided by a majority vote. The Disciplinary and Appeal process is detailed in the Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy.
  • There shall be the following categories of club membership
      • Affiliated Member - Any person who pays the club membership fee plus ALL their affiliation fee's (CAA, NCAS and AGB) through the club. All such members are entitled to stand for committee positions and are allowed to vote on any proposals raised at either the AGM or any EGM's. They are eligible for all awards as detailed under section 11 (Club Championships) of the constitution and all equivalent awards for both the club Clout and Indoor championships.
      • Direct Member - Any person who ONLY pays the Club membership fee. Any affiliation fees (County, Regional or National) are paid directly to the relevant bodies. Such members are entitled to stand for committee positions, and will be allowed to vote on any proposals raised at any committee meeting, the AGM or any EGM's.
      • Associate Member - Any person who pays ANY of their affiliation fee's (County, Regional or National) direct to these bodies or through another club. Such members shall not be entitled to stand for positions on the club's committee and shall not be allowed to vote on any proposals raised at either the AGM or any EGM's. 3. Associate members will be allowed to participate in all club tournaments but will not be eligible for any awards as detailed in section 11 (Club Championships) of the constitution and all equivalent awards for both the club Clout and Indoor championships.
  • The following classes of membership are currently allowed in each category.

Senior Members

Junior Members.

Honorary Members.

  • Any person having completed an approved course of basic archery instruction shall be eligible for admittance to the club, subject to committee approval and appropriate evidence of the course having been taken and passed, plus an assessment of competence and safety where appropriate. Those classed as Senior’s are entitled to their own key to the clubhouse giving full access to all club facilities and amenities.
  • The Junior Club will meet on a Saturday from 9.30 am until 2.00 pm. They will have priority use of the archery facilities during that time. Shooting by Senior’s within that time, will only be with the express permission of the Junior Club Secretary, subject to the availability of space, and Senior’s adopting the same shooting regime as juniors.
  • In exceptional circumstances, with the agreement of the Management Committee, and by giving 21 days’ notice, a Junior Club session may be cancelled or postponed.
  • The minimum age for all juniors who have either a parent or guardian who is a current member of the club shall be 8, provided that the parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for them and accompanies them at all times.
  • The minimum age for all juniors who do not have a parent or guardian who is a current member of the club shall be 10.
  • Junior members may shoot without supervision of a parent or guardian at an allotted junior club session or training period provided that the parent or guardian adheres to the guidelines set down by the AGB and in the presence and agreement of two senior club members.
  • The parent or guardian of all junior members MUST complete parts A and B of the official AGB Junior Supervisory form.
  • Part A to be retained by the parent/guardian and part B to be retained by the club and be available when juniors are shooting.
  • Any member whom the club may wish to honour for distinguished service to the club may, at a general meeting, be elected as an Honorary Member for a specific period or for life.
  • All members shall accept the jurisdiction of the club and conform to such conditions, shooting rules and regulations as may be determined from time to time.
  • If, in the option of the committee, any person shall be guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable that such a person should remain a member, the committee may after affording such person a reasonable opportunity of a hearing expel such persons from membership, without being called upon to state the reason to anyone except the person concerned, and the committee's decision shall be final subject to any rights under the constitution of:





  • All members as defined in section 3 with the exception of Honorary Members shall pay an annual subscription to the club at a rate to be recommended by the Treasurer and approved by members at the AGM
  • Unless otherwise agreed, at the discretion of the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary (limited to those for confidential reasons), all subscriptions are to be paid by 1st August, to allow sufficient time for fees to be processed and enable affiliations to be paid to AGB, NCAS & CAA by 30th September.
  • Any member, who has not paid the subscriptions (Club fee’s) by the 30th September in any one year, shall cease to be a member and will thus be uninsured and ineligible to shoot, unless the committee consider there are extenuating circumstances.


  • The management of the clubs affairs shall be entrusted to the club committee.
  • The committee shall consist of:


Vice Chair

Secretary (Overall)

Secretary (Junior section)


Records Officer (Seniors)

Records Officer (Juniors)

Tournament Officer

Equipment & Maintenance Officer

Communications Officer

Club Captain

Senior Representatives - Six (6) Maximum

Junior Representative - One (1)

  • The Junior Representative is voted for only by junior members and maybe a junior, or a senior member who works with the juniors.
  • All members of the committee, except the junior representative, shall be elected in the Annual General Meeting, which shall determine the terms of their appointment from time to time.
  • The committee shall meet once per calendar month, the time and place to be decided to suit. All club members are welcome to attend committee meetings, however voting is limited to elected committee members only. All the above elected members will be eligible to one vote. Persons holding two offices will only be allowed one vote. The Junior Representative may only vote on matters pertaining to the Junior Club.
  • Any Member, who wishes the committee to consider any matter which will require a decision, must give 21 days’ notice in writing to the Secretary.
  • At meetings of the club committee the chairman, if necessary, is entitled to an additional deciding vote.
  • At meetings of the club committee a quorum shall consist of 50% of the committee members, plus one.
  • The club committee may appoint subcommittees and may delegate to such committees powers within defined limits.
  • No member shall hold the position of Chairman for more than THREE successive years.
  • In the event of an emergency, the Chairman, or Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall together have full powers to act.
  • The club shall appoint an auditor annually at General Meetings unless turnover is less than £20K, in which case a suitable person will be nominated at the AGM to scrutinise the accounts.
  • Before discussing and voting upon any particular matter, any Member of the Management Committee who believes that it represents a personal conflict of interest, must declare their interest immediately and absent themselves from both the discussion and vote. If it is subsequently discovered that a conflict of interest had not been declared, the outcome of that vote will be declared void and the matter will be re-considered at a subsequent meeting


  • The Trustees of the club (“the Trustees”) shall be appointed by the club committee. The present Trustees so appointed on 18th February 2018 are:
      1. Russell Lear
      2. Andrew Wardle
      3. Terence E Gregory
      4. Andrew Massey
  • The Trustees shall hold any property vested in them in such capacity for the benefit of the members and subject to the direction of the club committee. For the avoidance of doubt, the Trustees shall have (amongst others) the following powers:
  • To acquire or dispose of the land or property of the club as required for the running of the club
  • To grant security over the land or property of the club
  • To borrow any funds as required for the running of the club
  • The Trustees shall elect a chairman. The person so elected at the date hereof is Russell Lear, in respect of any decision to be taken by them, the Trustees shall act by majority vote. The chairman shall have an additional casting vote in addition to their own if necessary.
  • After dissolution of the club, the power of appointment of new Trustees shall be vested in the current Trustees at that time


  • The club shall cause to be prepared, and shall present at the Annual General Meeting, a balance sheet showing the financial position at the end of DECEMBER, together with an income and expenditure account for the 12 month period ending on that date.
  • A copy of the balance sheet also income and expenditure account signed by the Auditor shall be presented to each member.
  • A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the club.
  • All cheques and orders withdrawing moneys from the club's account shall be signed by any two of the following:




Club captain


  • The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of April, after the decisions of the AGB AGM are known, at a place and time to be determined by the club committee.
  • The club committee may, or at the request of not less than 50% of the members, call an extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Not less than 21 days’ notice of such meetings will be sent to each member.
  • Notice of any proposition it is intended to move at such meetings shall be sent to all members entitled to such notice.


  • At all General Meetings:
  • 20% of the current senior membership will form a quorum, 51% of votes, including any written proxy votes received by the Secretary prior to the meeting shall pass any proposal, once the meeting is quorate.
  • Each senior member is entitled to one vote.
  • The Chairman is, if required, entitled to one (1) additional deciding vote.


  • Each day of the year from 1st January to 31st December, for a period of 24 hours per day, shall be designated as a Target day.
  • Each Sunday from the first in April to the last in October is designated as a Tournament day and formal target rounds should be shot on these days.
  • Ideally, there will be two sessions during the day and all archers wishing to shoot in a particular session are encouraged to be on the shooting line for the stipulated times, these being:


Morning session - 10.00am Sighters

Afternoon session - 2.00pm Sighters

  • It is understood that these times can be restrictive and some flexibility needs to be exercised for archers that need to start shooting earlier or later than these times.
  • Any archer starting a round before these times needs to accommodate archers arriving to start shooting at these stipulated times. Archers that are arriving for the stipulated session times will be permitted to put out targets between 9.30am and 9.45am, or 1.30pm to 1.45pm, but only after an end of shooting is completed, with as little disruption to those already shooting. Back line shooting cannot continue beyond 1.30pm.
  • Any archer arriving after these times needs to avoid disrupting archers already shooting. Targets can be prepared and put out during natural breaks in shooting, which can be between ends, a change in distance or an agreed comfort break. It can also be by mutual agreement of the archers present.
  • If during the morning session of a tournament day it becomes apparent that it is impractical to start shooting at 2.00pm, due to the round being shot, then with the agreement of the members concerned, their restart time may be delayed to suit. Other members shooting on a tournament day in the afternoon only shall start at 2.00pm.
  • When shooting at bosses on the Target range, the direction of shooting will at all times be towards the South wall and shall be from one shooting line only at a time.
  • 100 yards and 90 metre shooting are not allowed on Sunday Tournament days during the afternoon session.
  • Tournament days will alternate on a monthly basis between Metric and English rounds, commencing in April with an English round.
  • The management committee annually review the Sunday Tournament day rules and occasional variations may be implemented.
  • Any two members, or more, shooting together can if required, nominate the shoot as a Tournament day for the purpose of classification up to Bowman class and for club records.
  • AGB rules of dress shall be applied at all organised Club Tournaments unless advised otherwise.
  • One evening, or other period of the day as decided by the committee, per week shall be set aside for beginner’s tuition.
  • One morning, or other period as decided by the committee, per week may be set aside for the conduct of ‘taster’ sessions.


  • The club championship shall be held once per year, the date and round to be decided at General Meeting. The following awards are to be made each year.
  • Prizes to be awarded in the above order of priority. No archer shall win more than one prize. Other trophies or prizes, as may be donated, may be awarded on the day at the discretion of the committee.


  • Beginners will be allowed an approved basic archery course of no more than eight (8) hours tuition, at a fee decided annually by the committee. After successful completion of the course they may join the club though the course tutors may agree that acceptance as members may occur up to 6 months after the course, or later in exceptional circumstances. They will not be allowed to extend the course of instruction.
  • Only after having been accepted as members, at a committee meeting, will New Members receive two outside lessons covering, the setting up and storing of targets, and shooting protocol.
  • Tutors on the Beginners’ Courses must have full DBS clearance and Beginners Sessions must take place under the direct supervision of a qualified AGB Coach.
  • A parent or guardian must be present at all times during the duration of the beginner’s course for a junior.


  • Once a year on a date to be set by the committee the Club may hold a novelty Field Shoot. The day before will be set aside for the setting up of the Field Shoot range.
  • All shooting, except as stated below, will be from the car park embankment DOWN into the dip located between the car park embankment and the target range field.
  • The 3D target is to be placed on the target range field at any distance up to a maximum of 60 yards from the front shooting line. All archers participating in the tournament will shoot this target together as a volley shot.
  • All targets are to be positioned so that when viewed from the shooting peg the height of the field visible above the boss is similar to that of the boss height.
  • Shooting at all times will be under the control of a field captain.
  • Shooting at any target will not commence until the field captain signals, by the use of a whistle or similar audible means, that it is safe to do so.
  • No archer will move to collect and score their arrows until the field captain signals, by the use of a whistle or similar audible means, that it is safe to do so.
  • Nets are to be placed as required to suit course layout and ground conditions on the day.