Club Merchandise


The club has an account with a manufacturer to produce bespoke clothing, all of which is branded with the clubs badge, and can be further customised with the individual members name if required. All items of clothing conform to the current AGB clothing rules and are thus suitable to wear at all tournaments either club based or open.

Below is a list of the current items available. If you wish to place an order please follow the instructions below.

Important Note

The online shop is only open for order taking during specific periods, so please check to make sure it is open before trying to place an order.

The Ordering window is now CLOSED

Short Sleeved Polo Shirt

Left/Right Handed

Price: £21.60 per item

Short Sleeved T Shirt

Left/Right Handed

Price: £21.60 per item

Long Sleeved MidLayer

Left/Right Handed

Price: £25.20 per item


  • Clicking on the Button above will take you to the ordering page, as shown below.

All items are shown together with the prices, which are inclusive of VAT. Select the item with the badge on the side you require, this will take you to a new page where you can select the size and number of items required. once you have done this click on "Add to Basket".

There is a sizing Chart, as shown below, but sizes are are generous so don't overestimate to much or you might end up with a tent.

When you have made your selection proceed to Checkout

Payment is via WorldPay. Complete the personal details for the Billing Address. The delivery charge is £6.00 to your home address, but there is an automatic default to Bulk Delivery to Club which is £6.00 for the full order and will be delivered to Mayers Opticians. If this is your choice make sure to tick the box to clarify that the Billing information is not the delivery address. When you have authorised payment and gone to the confirmation page, It is at this stage that you can insert any customisation, regarding having your name added to the front, back or both, in the comments box on the top right. Having your name added is £2.40 per garment, whether this is just on the front, back or both. Please make your instructions as clear as possible.

When you approve payment, you will receive an acknowledgement and confirmation order number.

Delivery is 4-6 weeks from the date the ordering window closes.