Indoor Target Championships

All Members, Junior and Senior, are invited to take part in the Club's Annual Indoor Championships.

These will be held in the sports hall at Longdendale High School in Hollingworth on Sunday 24th February 2019. The competition is open to all bow types and will commence with sighters at 10.30 am. The round to be shot is a Portsmouth, 5 dozen arrows at 20 yards on a 60cm target face.

If you are planning on attending please give yourselves plenty of time, at least 30 minutes, to set-up your equipment, register with the Tournament Officer and allow yourself to settle down and prepare for the competition.

As this venue requires the club to transport all the equipment - safety nets, stands and targets, then set-up the shooting range within the sports hall, as many Senior Members as possible are required to assist with loading the vans at the Club from about 8.00 am, unloading at the school and then returning everything to the Club when finished.

Any refreshments you require during the event you will need to bring with you, as well as a folding chair if you wish to sit down when not shooting, as seating in the hall is limited.

There will be an award ceremony at the conclusion of the event, which will include the Indoor awards as well as outher annual trophies awarded to Members for achievements during the previous year.

So come on, have a go and give it your best shot.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Sunday 17th February in the club house starting at 1.30pm. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.

The Club Officers give their reports on the previous years activities, the members of the Management Committee are elected, any resolution that has been proposed and circulated prior to the meeting will be discussed and voted on (Senior members only) and members may raise items for consideration under the 'Any Other business' section of the agenda .

The winners of the Handicap Improvement medals, Captains Trophy and the Complete Archer Trophies are all announced during the meeting and a vote is taken on the round to be shot at the club's senior target champships.

Committee Positions

      • Chairman
      • Vice chairman
      • Secretary (senior club)
      • Secretary (junior club)
      • Treasurer
      • Records officer (senior)
      • Records officer (junior)
      • Tournament secretary
      • Equipment/maintenance officer
      • Communications & social officer
      • Senior representatives
      • Club captain
      • Child protection officers
      • Junior representative

If you would like to nominate yourself for any of these positions please email the club secretary at, with your application.

Committee Meetings

The first committee meeting of the new year will take place in the clubhouse on Thursday 10th January, starting at 7.30 pm.

Committee meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every month, but there are exceptions so please make sure you check the Calender. All members are welcome to attend these meeting and express their point of view on any subject raised, but only committee members are elegible to vote on any proposals raised.