Winter League

During the winter indoor season the club runs an indoor league, which all members are eligable to take part in.

The league requires all members, taking part, to submit one score every month. The round to be shot is a Portsmouth. The members can shoot as many Portsmouth rounds as they like during the month and then submit their highest score at the end.

The winner of the league is determined by adding the three highest monthly scores of each member together, the one with the highest accumulated total is the winner.

Below are tables showing the results for each month, followed by a league table showing the current overall placings.

All the tables can be filtered by Gender, Age Group and/or Bow Type. To do this click on the "+" located on the right of the filter boxes, which are above the table, then select the Gender, Age Group &/or Bow Type(s) you want to filter on. Alternatively, if you just want to browse click on the ">" at the top right of the table to scroll through all the records.

To clear any filter click on the "x" to the left of the one you wish to remove.






League Table