Who is Rob?

I enjoy smoked meats, science fiction, and amusing anecdotes, all of which can be found within the bounds of this site. So welcome weary traveler and pull up a virtual seat, for you, the journey has just begun.

What does Rob do?

I eat things that were once alive, preferring to season them with smoke. My personal palate tends more to the vinegar side of the flavor spectrum, but I do like me some sweet heat too.

How does Rob do what he does?

Equal parts handsomeness, intelligence, talent, and joie de vivre make for a powerful and potent combination that I have truly endeavored to embrace. My mind is a fertile ground from which humor and inspiration spring eternal, my hands were built to bend the earth itself to my will! Truly, there is little this self proclaimed Emperor of the Antarctica can't accomplish!

Does Rob have delusions of grandeur?

Almost certainly my friend!

This little gem was created almost 6 years ago. Although regarded by some as one of the finest examples of stop motion animation ever created, it has found a surprisingly small audience. Please feel free to watch as many times as you wish, I would never dream of depriving humanity from the arts.